Looking to Volunteer in Sydney, Australia?

By Shannon Gurnee
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June 28, 2013
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Bridge, Sydney, Australia.

Research shows that volunteering has significant health benefits over time.  Making a difference in the world by giving back can improve a person’s health.  According to research, a person can improve their emotional well-being and overall health when they volunteer.  

Discover the Health Benefits of Volunteering

A study showed that people who volunteered after having a heart attack improved their mood through volunteering.  They also experienced less depression symptoms.  Multiple reports showed that people are happier and report a much higher level of satisfaction with their life when actively volunteering.  Higher self-esteem and improved physical health are also benefits to giving back.  People experiencing chronic report less intensity in pain symptoms from actively volunteering.

How Can Volunteers Become Involved?

Literacy is important in helping young children break the cycle of poverty.  Volunteers passionate about education work with children, teaching them how to read.  The gift of literacy is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving for generations to come.  War-torn, impoverished areas can have a lasting impact on the youth.  Many children have no knowledge of what it’s like to truly have a childhood.  Volunteers can work abroad with initiatives designed to create a supportive, nurturing environment for children to thrive.  Volunteers participate in numerous fundraising activities, providing funds to many causes to assist in the rebuilding efforts and other humanitarian projects.  

Child labor is another important cause the organization supports.  From a very young age, children can begin working in inhumane, work conditions.  At such a young age, this causes a child to miss out on their childhood and educational opportunities.  

While there have been significant strides made in reversing the disturbing trend, there is so much more work that can be done.  Many countries are so far removed from polio.  While many countries have eradicated the disease through vaccinations, other countries struggle with them still.  UNICEF Sydney is committed to playing a pivotal role in eliminating diseases like polio through increasing the availability of these vaccinations.  With the help of many volunteers, children are able to get the vaccinations they need to have a normal childhood.  

Participating with volunteer work Sydney is a great way to really make a difference in the world.  Organizations like UNICEF Sydney have been very active in causes and events to increase awareness.  Volunteers serve at important grassroots level projects, participating in fundraising, emergency relief, campaigns, drives, humanitarian relief and other initiatives.

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  1. Jennifer Young says:

    I did a lot of local volunteer work while in college, I really miss it! I focused on a different volunteer experience each semester. My favorite by far was volunteering as a mentor/tutor to boys in a juvenile detention facility. It is such a different culture than what I am used to and I learned so much from the experience! My sister wanted to volunteer abroad, but decided to take a year volunteering through Americorps. She loved it so much that she took another year volunteering at another Americorps program helping 8th graders with math homework. Through her 2 years volunteering with Americorps she also was able to pay off her student loans, something that even though I’m older than her by 4 years, I still haven’t been able to do, lol!

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