Taking the Finish Rise and Shine Challenge + Breakfast Casserole Recipe

By Shannon Gosney
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May 29, 2013


This is a sponsored opportunity with our friends at Finish Quantum. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

Finish Rise and Shine Challenge

I love to eat and a hearty breakfast is one of my favorites! While it is filling and delicious, it can often times be especially hard to clean off the dishes. So, when I was given the chance to participate in the Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel Rise & Shine Challenge, I eagerly jumped on board! I was provided with a #FinishRiseandShine Challenge Pack, which included a gift card, mug, spoon, and recipe cards so that I could assemble everything I needed for the challenge. This was gonna be fun!

I decided to make a Breakfast Casserole and Belgian Waffles. They were a hit!  Here is the recipe for the Breakfast Casserole:

Breakfast Casserole



– 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
– 4 cups grated cheddar cheese
– 1 package (22.5 ounces) frozen hash browns
– 1 package of cream cheese (8 oz.), softened
– 16 eggs
– 1/3 teaspoon ground pepper
– 12 ounces thick deli sliced ham
– 6 strips cooked bacon
– 5 green onions with tops, chopped
– 3 Roma tomatoes, chopped


1. Preheat your oven to 450˚F. Brush the oil on a 9×13 Pyrex dish.

2. Crumble the hash browns over the bottom of the pan and spread evenly. Sprinkle half the cheese over the hash browns. Bake for 17 minutes or until the crust starts to brown and the cheese melts.

3. In a bowl, whisk together the softened cream cheese. Gradually add the eggs and black pepper. Whisk the mixture until it is smooth.

4. Chop the ham and cooked bacon (and any other meat you’d like to use), as well as the green onions. Set aside ¼ of the green onions to be used as a garnish. Cook the ham and green onions in a small sauté pan for 3 minutes or until hot. Stir the ham mixture into the egg mixture.

5. Once the crust is cooked, remove the Pyrex dish from the oven and pour the egg mixture over the crust.

6. Place the dish back in the oven and bake for 12 minutes or until the center is set.

7. Cut the tomatoes in half and scrape out the seeds. Then proceed to chop them.

8. Remove the dish from the oven and top with the remaining cheese, tomatoes and green onions. Sprinkle with additional pepper. Cut and serve!

Finish Rise & Shine Challenge

Once we all enjoyed our breakfast, it was time to do the unthinkable. I actually had a harder time with this part than I did making the meal. You see, when I wash dishes, I basically wash them with dish soap, rinse them and then put them in the dishwasher. I’m not really the type that just sticks the dirty dish into the dishwasher, but I did this time – since that was a part of the challenge.

Finish Rise and Shine Challenge 2


Finish Rise and Shine Challenge 4

So, we loaded up the dishwasher with our dirty dishes and left them in all day – no pre-washing, rinsing, or anything like that! We couldn’t run the dishwasher until right before bedtime! I felt so much relief when I pushed those silly NORMAL WASH and START buttons. It was time to see how well the FINISH® Quantum® with New Power Gel worked on our dirty, sticky dishes.

Finish Rise and Shine Challenge

In the morning, the first thing I did was go to my dishwasher. I was nervous about opening it up and finding a sticky and dirty mess inside, but it was actually very much the opposite! I mean, I love using Finish® products, but like I said, I always pre-wash my dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. I found that I did rise to not only clean, but a new level of shine on our dishes, thanks to Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel!


ABOUT THE NEW FINISH® Quantum® with New Power Gel

Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel delivers ultimate clean and amazing shine – without having to pre-rinse! Its breakthrough multi-chamber technology activates each cleaning ingredient when it’s needed during the cycle, so all you have to do is sit back and relax. Who knew so much cleaning power could fit into a tiny capsule?

– Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel is voted Product of the Year, Home Care, in a consumer survey of more than 50,000 people by TNS

– Quick dissolving Power Gel washes away residue for an amazing shine, even in the hardest water conditions.

– Pre-soaking Powerball® penetrates, breaks down, and lifts away even 24-hour dried on food.

– Advanced powder with bleach seeks out and cleans tough stains like tea and coffee.

– Available in the following scents: Original, Lemon Sparkle, and Baking Soda – Try them all!

Do you want to know where to buy Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel?  Click HERE.  For information on other great Finish® products, including dishwasher enhancers, please visit Finish.  Also, learn more about dishwashing and debunk myths at Dishwashing Expert.com, which is powered by Finish.

Have you take the Finish Rise and Shine Challenge?  What dish did you prepare?  Be sure to share it on Facebook.

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9 Responses to “Taking the Finish Rise and Shine Challenge + Breakfast Casserole Recipe”

  1. Ashleigh says:

    First that recipe look soo yummy! We don’t have a dishwasher yet but after seeing how many times I have to do dishes and how much time out of my day it takes we are looking into getting one. Thanks for sharing how the Finish works, and even showing me how to use it 🙂

  2. I’ve heard fabulous things about Finish Quantum! If I ever get a dishwasher, it’s the brand I’ll be choosing first!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love using Finish products! Like you, I soak/wash my dishes before washing them (mostly out of habit, I think). Having a product that cuts out having to do that would be an awesome time saver!

  4. Tiffany C. says:

    Your breakfast casserole sounds and looks delicious. We use FINISE rise in our dishwasher, it’s the best.

  5. Staci says:

    I have not yet tried the Finish products but it looks like I should. When we make baked ziti it leaves quite a mess behind. This looks like it would definitely do the trick.

  6. Stacy Alfano says:

    I seriously want to make this casserole for breakfast tomorrow! I think my picky kids would even eat it! And I really need to get my dishwasher fixed so I can try the Finish!

  7. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Finish does work pretty darn good. I have just tried it within the past month and like it. But that recipe…I want that…it looks amazing

  8. Sandy VanHoey says:

    We have been trying the Finish products recently when I used my coupon to check it out. Seems to work great. We bought both the powerball and the gel ones.
    Your recipe sounds amazing! I use to make a breakfast casserole using the hashbrowns but I lost the recipe and could never find it. First I’ve seen one similar so I am so excited. Yours sounds even better than the one i had…thanks!

  9. heather says:

    Its been years since i have a breakfast cassarole and i really want to make another one thanks for the recipe it looks so yummy and breakfast is my fav meal of the day.

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