Harness Your Social Power and Make Change Happen! #SocialPower

By Shannon Gosney
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May 29, 2013

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Social Power for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Social Power is the platform that harnesses the untapped power of social media to resolve everyday issues, both big and small.  If you sit back and really think about it – what is social media? 

Social media is a platform that enables individuals to connect and share photos, feelings, and ideas.  Social Power takes social media one huge step further by harnessing the power-of-the-people to create meaningful long-term sustainable change.  It’s simple – as individuals, our ability to impact is limited; collectively it’s enormously powerful – powerful enough to change the game.

A single thread has limited strength, yet a million threads spun together – think shipyard rope – has unbelievable strength.  The rope exists; it’s just not being used.  Social Power gives every individual the power to resolve issues that an individual they never could have achieved alone.  These resolutions can come in the form of a price reduction, a better product, service, or experience.

The Social Power Process

Issue – First you think of the most important, resolvable issues that affect not only you, but others as well.  Once you share that issue on Social Power, we work together to raise awareness for it in our social network, while you do the same in yours.

Initiative – Once 1,000 people agree that your issue also affects them, Social Power turns that issue into an initiative.  This is when it gets exciting.  Since every Social Power initiative is potentially resolvable, there will always be a person, board or governing body capable of creating a resolution.  We call those people Agents of Change, and once an initiative is formed, those Agents of Change are notified of the initiative they are capable of resolving.

Resolution – Once the Agent of Change proposes an acceptable resolution, it is offered back to the Social Power user base.  These resolutions often come in the form of a price reduction, a better product, service or experience.

The Social Power Manifesto – The power of social networking in 2013 is undeniably staggering.  With its size and scope, global networks can topple governments, reconnect kindergarten besties and raise awareness for numerous life altering ideas.  Assembling a mass of people to rally for something doesn’t require a bull-horn and a soap box anymore.  All it takes is an internet connection and the desire to create change.  Big change!

We’ve reached a point where leveraging social media means shifting tides of human behavior, upending cultural trends and mobilizing millions to redesign an unchecked, unbalanced occurrence – be it a corporate / consumer relationship that needs fixing, or a social issue whose moment of reckoning has come.

Social Power will be the vanguard of this change.  They didn’t invent the phrase, “power to the people” but they sure will raise their flag with that on it.  Their reason for being is to give us the tools we need to effect change.  If you’re ever felt like the voiceless victim of consumer injustice, now, through the ripple effects caused by social power, you’ll have the power to be heard.

Social Power.  Issues Solved Socially.

I went and created my own Initiative on Social Power.  I said that there should be “Better Customer Service at Airports.”  In our recent travels, I found that at larger airports, customer service was in serious need of help!  It was funny, because when getting on the plane, I watched the welcome video and everyone was happy and had the goal of making you feel welcome.  However, on the plane and at the gate check, that was hardly the case.  In fact, it was a few times that I actually heard the employees making snide comments or raising their voice at customers when it was unnecessary.  This is an issue that I wanted to raise – especially with the price people pay now to fly in a plane. 

Will you make a difference today with Social Power?  Be sure to head over to socialpower.com and watch the intro video (found below), so that you can start supporting, commenting on, and sharing issues you back within your social networks!

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3 Responses to “Harness Your Social Power and Make Change Happen! #SocialPower”

  1. Anne says:

    Interesting. Sounds like a cross between thunderclap and Reddit. I like it!

  2. Social media is simply incredible; it’s hard explaining to people who don’t know just the EXTENT of what social media is capable of!

  3. caroline schaffer says:

    I thought that was explained very well. As a newbie to the social movement, I was still having difficulty wrapping my head around the concept. Thanks!

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