Creating Warm & Lasting Memories with Bigelow Tea

By Shannon Gosney
In Food
April 4, 2013

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All my life, I’ve had fond memories of tea.  I remember getting ready for school in the morning and watching my mom as she completed her morning ritual.  She would heat water in a kettle on the stove, pop two pieces of bread in for toast, and then prepare her cup of tea.  I would watch her as she would rip her tea package open and place it in her mug.  Then she would add the steaming hot water and let the tea bag steep for a few minutes.  Once the tea was dark in color, she would remove the tea bag to a small bowl and then add milk and sugar.  I remember watching her as she took that first sip of her warm and sweet tea, with steam rising from the mug.  There was such a look of gratification and contentment on her face as she started her morning with that delicious cup of tea.  Now as a mother, I find myself preparing that very same morning cup of tea.

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I plug in the electric tea kettle and pick out the flavor of tea I want to drink that morning.  Most often, I start with Bigelow Tea’s Earl Grey.  It’s my favorite!  I tear open the package and immediately the aroma of the tea wakes me up.  I slide the tea bag out and place it into my mug.  Then comes the steaming hot water.  I let it steep for a few minutes and then remove the tea bag to a small bowl, just like my mom did.  I add some dairy-free creamer and sugar and my morning starts.  I pick up my mug and as the steam lifts from the mug, I can smell the delicious aroma of the tea.  It’s heavenly!

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I have created many memories within the past year and Bigelow Tea has been a part of many of them.  I have enjoyed different varieties of tea with my girlfriends.  I have hosted a Grammy’s Party, in which we routed for Life of Pi and made Mar-tea-nis!  I have sent my guests home with awesome swag featuring Bigelow Tea.  I even treated a lingering cough with Bigelow Tea (a mixture of Cozy Chamomile and honey) and it helped tremendously!  I have taken Bigelow Tea on family camping trips, as well as enjoyed it in a variety of hotels during our travels.  Bigelow Tea has become an important part of my daily routine and life.

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There are so many things I love about Bigelow Tea!  I love the variety of teas available to choose from, as well as the enjoyment that comes from tearing open each of those foil packets when preparing a cup of tea.  I love that Bigelow Tea is a family-owned company and that so much thought goes into making the best tea possible.  David Bigelow (owner) says, “Because we’re a family owned company we put lots of time and attention into each every tea we make.  Our goal is to make sure you get the best tasting cup of tea possible.  Because we think flavor is so important, we overwrap and seal each and every tea bag in a stay fresh foil packet so that all the goodness stays in until you get ready to have a cup of tea.”  I love Bigelow Tea!

What do you love about Bigelow Tea?  What is your favorite flavor?

This post was written and serves as an entry for a chance to win a trip to the Charleston, SC Tea Garden, courtesy of Bigelow Tea and Social Fabric.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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17 Responses to “Creating Warm & Lasting Memories with Bigelow Tea”

  1. Its been years since I’ve had this tea, I need to pick some up again. Great price on it too!

  2. I love how you described watching your mom enjoying her cup of tea and now as a mom yourself enjoying it too. I can relate to these memories as well! Great post.

  3. Janel C says:

    What a great way to connect and socialize!

  4. I am a fan. I use their green teas almost everyday 🙂
    I need to try chamomile next.

  5. Crissy says:

    I loved this post, I’m a big time tea drinker!

  6. michelle says:

    Yummy I love tea, especially flavored tea. And to think I never look at walmart for a good tea.

  7. The Mom Jen says:

    It’s in the rooms at the Legoland Hotel! I could use a cup right now! 😉

  8. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I have never been a tea drinker but maybe if I tried different varieties I would enjoy it. I do have to have my coffee first thing in the morning though

  9. […] The Mommy-Files – Shannon Gosney’s morning tea ritual was inspired by her mom. She prepares a cup of her favorite flavor, Earl Grey, and moves the tea bag to a small bowl after steeping. “I pick up my mug and as the steam lifts from the mug, I can smell the delicious aroma of the tea. It’s heavenly!” […]

  10. heather says:

    I love bigelow teas and i have started drinking more tea than coffee these days love earl grey too.

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