Central Coast Spotlight – Christmas Light Show, Arroyo Grande, California

By Shannon Gosney
In California
December 23, 2011

Tonight, a friend came over to visit and pick up some goodies.  We started talking about Christmas and a holiday light show she recently saw in Arroyo Grande, only 15 minutes away.  I spontaneously said that we should go check it out!  So, we loaded up the boys in the car and drove in search of the Christmas Light Show in Arroyo Grande.

We turned onto Farroll Avenue (right before the elementary school) and looked up and down the streets, searching for the house with blinking lights.  We turned on two different streets but didn’t find what we were looking for.  We noticed a couple on the street who were out walking their dog and asked them if they knew where the house was that had the light show in sync with the radio station.  They indicated it was only one more street up.  We thanked them and drove on.  We were super excited to find the house!

As we were sitting in front of the house (with my foot OFF the brake – no brake lights – and my headlights turned off), we noticed the very same couple walking up to the house.  My first thought was that they knew the owners and were letting them know that people were looking for their house.  But then they opened the garage door!  They were the OWNERS!  Tina and I looked at each other and gasped, followed by laughter.

If you know me, you know that I always have a video camera or camera on hand – and I just happened to have my FLIP camera in my purse.  I walked up to her and introduced myself.  I told her about my blog and that I was one of the few Central Coast bloggers.  I told her we loved the light show and asked her if I could interview her.  She agreed.

She was super sweet and fun to talk to.  Her name is Denise and her husband’s name is Sean.  Sean puts up all the lights every year and then a company comes out and sets the lights to the music.  This year they had 42,850 light synchronized to 13 different songs – wow!!  When you pull up to the front of the house, be sure to tune your radio to 106.9 FM.  This way, you can watch the light show to the music in the comfort of your own car.  How awesome is that??!!!

On many occasions, the family has been offered donations to help pay for the electric bill, but have opted instead to give spectators the opportunity to donate to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County.  That is truly the Christmas spirit in action!  Be sure to check out the light show when you get a chance and make a donation if you feel the desire to.

Located at 517 Starlight Lane, Arroyo Grande, California.  Check out the videos below for a sneak peek!

I received no compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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2 Responses to “Central Coast Spotlight – Christmas Light Show, Arroyo Grande, California”

  1. What a beautiful display – and you picked one of my favorite songs to video, too.
    I think they are a wonderful family to take donations for Big Brothers Big Sisters.
    We have a family in our town that does a beautiful display like that also and takes donations for the local women’s shelter.
    The true Christmas spirit in action.
    I’ve been thinking of you today and wishing you the very best holiday. Much love and hugs to you, your boys and your parents.

  2. Amy B says:

    I love that they donate to BB/BS – that is an amazing organization! What a beautiful display and spirit!

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