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June 8, 2011

Since my boys were infants, I’ve trusted and used TYLENOL.  It was the craziest thing when I went to the store one day to find that all of the TYLENOL products had been pulled from the shelves.  I felt a sense of panic overcome me.  What had happened to the product that I used and trusted for years?

As parents, we do our best to keep our children safe and healthy.  When our kids get sick, we want to give them the best care and medicines possible.  Although Children’s TYLENOL is on store shelves today in limited quantities, the people at McNeil Consumer Healthcare (the makers of TYLENOL) understand that the absence of Infants’ TYLENOL may be difficult for those of you who rely on the product.  There will be updates to both Infants’ and Children’s TYLENOL products, including packaging enhancements and a change to the concentration of the Infants’ product. These changes will be implemented as early as this upcoming cold and flu season.


As early as the upcoming and flu season, Infants’ TYLENOL will include a new, enhanced bottle with a protective opening and push-in syringe which will:

– Provide even better dosing accuracy and ease of administration to infants

– Allow for better control when dispensing the medication and reduce spillage

– Further reduce the risk of children being able to get to the medicine in the bottle.

Soon, TYLENOL will be introducing enhanced bottles with the protective opening on Children’s TYLENOL prodcuts.


There will be new dosing directions related to the change in concentration on infant’ TYLENOL as early as this upcoming cold and flu season.

– Infants’ TYLENOL will have the same concentration of the active ingredient., acetaminophen, as Children’s TYLENOL, which will standardize dosing across our products and age groups.

– We have been working closely with other manufacturers of pediatric acetaminophen products to encourage an industry wide transition to one concentration across infants’ and children’s acetaminophen products.  (There will be a time period when more than one concentration of infants’ acetaminophen products will be available in stores and parents and caregivers might have both in their medicine cabinets.  Caregivers should be mindful to always read and follow the dosing directions on the package that is being used.)

– When Infants’ TYLENOL products return to store shelves, they will include these changes.

– As always, Infants’ and Children’s TYLENOL products will continue to include specially designed dosing devices appropriate to the age of the child.

– Parents and caregivers should contact their child’s healthcare provider if they have questions about dosing instructions.

Here are some helpful tips for giving medicines to infants and children:

Simply Remember to NURSE

Never give adult medicines to children.

Use the measuring device (syringe, dropper, dosage cup) that comes with the medicine every time you use it.  Don’t use kitchen spoons (teaspoons or tablespoons).

Read and follow instructions on the label.  Never give more than the recommended dose and do not give the medication more frequently than recommended.

Store all medicines out of the reach of children.  Immediately following use, always restore the child resistant cap and put the medicine back into a high and out of sight location.

Every child grows.  Know the infant’s or child’s weight and/or age to help determine the appropriate dosage.

Be sure to look for these changes when TYLENOL returns to store shelves as a new and improved product!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Tylenol and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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