Tell Your Good News Tuesday

By Shannon Gosney
In Lifestyle
November 23, 2009

I don’t know about you, but I think there is too much BAD NEWS in the world. I’d like to explore a new possibility on The Mommy-Files – TELL YOUR GOOD NEWS TUESDAY!

Whether it has to do with work, your kids, your spouse, your parents, something you saw, etc., etc., etc., post your GOOD NEWS here and let’s talk about the good things in our lives!

What is your good news for the week?

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11 Responses to “Tell Your Good News Tuesday”

  1. Shannon says:

    My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary on Thanksgiving. He’s surprising me with dinner reservations on Wednesday night! I don’t even know where it will be or what to expect!

    Plus my oldest son turns 6 later this week! And we are all in good health – knock on wood!!!

  2. Angel says:

    I found a way to keep animals out from under myhouse, well dogs and cats anyway.. Let the big outside dog scare the smell out of about a 25 lb skunk who then hides UNDER the house spraying during hisentire stay.. Unfortunately this also works at clearing the house as well when the smell permeates the heating system …

  3. Lin says:

    My in-laws are visiting us for Thanksgiving. We haven’t seen them since March & my husband is really happy that he’ll get to spend the holday with his parents. We’re excited!

  4. The Worthys says:

    Thanksgiving is Coming….and I can’t wait to get “Stuffed”!! 🙂 Its time to start Birthday Shopping and Christmas Shopping. My Little Bubby is turning 1 on Dec. 14th…Time flies!!

  5. Lauralee Hensley says:

    My good news is just called my husband on the phone at work and he’s hanging in there after having to leave for work at 2am for mandatory overtime. He got home about 6:20pm and told me. He didn’t get to bed until about 10:15pm because he really wanted to watch the football game. So even though he didn’t have much sleep, he’s doing find he said. I hope they’ll let him come home early otherwise he’ll be home again about 6:20pm.
    Good news is his diet is working and he’s lost over 12 pounds in less than a month, so I’m sure we’ll get his prediabetic condition under control. Good news is I’m really learning how to cook right too.
    Hey Shannon, your Anniversary is the same as me and my husbands.
    They reason we choice the 26th of November had to do with college holiday break time, was that the same reason for the two of you?

  6. gosfam says:

    I just won a giveaway this morning–WOOHOO!! I won a Square Meal Kit from CitizenPip. Really excited for it 🙂

  7. mytwogirls says:

    The good news is that we are all starting to feel halfway normal again after being under the weather for weeks and we are going out of town tomorrow to visit family for Thanksgiving!

    Also, I organized a PTA event that all came together today with flying colors. What a relief!

  8. My good news is that my son is home from college!!! it is good to see him – I have missed him!

  9. Only nine more days until my youngest son, Alexander comes for a visit… he will be here for my birthday!!! I cannot wait because I haven’t seen him since August 2008 and I have missed him so much.

  10. Badger Momma says:

    My good news is that I’ve lost 15 pounds now and am still going strong!

  11. Kayla says:

    Hm. I know this is like seriously late, but better late then never right!? Lol
    Let’s see-Happy news….I have some really good blogging plans for the next few weeks! I don’t have to wing it day by day 🙂
    Speaking of, I really need to get started on that!!

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