I Have One Word – Duh!!!

By Shannon Gosney
In Blogging Randomness
October 9, 2009

Alabama Woman

I just recently heard about a woman in Alabama who was arrested for having a cardboard box on top of her van while driving along the highway.  This was no ordinary cardboard box!  It was tied to the roof with a clothes hanger and had her 13 year old daughter in it.  Yeah!!!  Real safe and smart.  It’s times like these when I can’t even began to imagine how somebody with a brain could rationalize that this is okay?  I mean, was the box so important that a mother would risk her teenage daughter’s life – using her daughter to hold the box down so they didn’t lose it?  Are you friggin kidding me? 

Alabama Van

After being questioned, they said that they were participating in a fast for their church that was going to last for 3 days.  They were going to be sleeping outside in boxes and they already had 2 boxes in the van and couldn’t fit a 3rd one inside.  So the mother put the box, with the daughter in it, on the roof.  My first thought was “Why didn’t she just break the boxes down and then tape them together at the event? DUH!!!” 

Albertville Police Officer Jamie Smith said,  “It’s one of those things when you’ve been doing this awhile.. you think you’ve seen everything. And then there’s something new and then you go – ‘haven’t seen that one!'” 

Moral of the story:  Do not put your child in a box on the roof of your car or you might be arrested and look like an idiot on  national news or worse – YOUR CHILD COULD FALL OFF AND DIE!

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10 Responses to “I Have One Word – Duh!!!”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Just…Wow. I really don’t know what else to say.

  2. denise says:

    That is so sad. I really do not know what to say either.


  3. While I definitely do not agree with what the woman did, sometimes I think some people just do not comprehend the danger of some of the things they choose to do. I tend to wonder if this ladies daughter was all for it or if her mom made her do it. I do have to give this woman credit in once sense though because the cause (fasting) is great, but to put a child in harms way was not smart. And I’m sure she was trusting on faith to keep her daughter safe but yet she didn’t take the law of the lands into account. I don’t know.

  4. Melissa C says:

    Oh I saw this one online somewhere and was just dumbfounded! I’m in AL and my sister lives in the same town as this woman (not sure if she knows her or not.) What kind of idiot puts her child on TOP of the car? Ugh. People just don’t think anymore.

  5. OMG!!
    That is odd, strange, disturbing….wow….

    In shock….

  6. LT says:

    That is just awful! I hate seeing people do dumb things like that, especially when it involves a car!

  7. The Gosfam says:

    Um Seriously? I hadn’t even heard this–so so RIDICULOUS!! Common sense should have come into play here. The 13 yr old should have spoke up to crazy mom too 🙂 WOW!!

  8. Doreen says:

    This just sounds utterly stupid to me!!! Some parents just SHOULDN’T be!!!

  9. Kayla says:

    I can honestly say I can’t say anything to that….
    I’m speechless.

  10. When I heard this story on the news, I just looked at the TV with my mouth open in shock. It is utterly STUPID for anyone (NO matter the reason, Melissa @Mel4Him) to think that it is safe to put your child on the roof of your car (even relying on FAITH to protect the child) and drive down the street.
    You need a license to drive that car, but any idiot can have a child!!

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