Why the Drama?

By Shannon Gosney
In Blogging Randomness
September 25, 2009

So, I was thinking about this topic as I was waiting to pick up my son from Kindergarten.  A woman was parked in the middle of the street blocking traffic.  A man was parked next to the sidewalk by a “No Parking” sign.  He said she needed to move because she was blocking the road.  She proceeded to tell him to “F… off” – in front of little kids and a school no less.  Real classy lady!!!  He replied “Oh, that’s real nice.”  She proceeded to say “Yeah, why don’t you just F… off..F… you!”  I couldn’t believe it!  Everyone was watching what was happening but nobody was saying a word.  I didn’t say anything, because who knows if she has a gun or a knife or is on the brink of going postal on everybody?


It instantly caused me to reflect back on my high school days.  Fights most often occured between women and involved yelling, swearing, earring yanking, clawing, and of course, pulling hair (sometimes literally out of the other person’s head).  Most of the students would run to the fight and just stand there like a bunch of ancient cavemen yelling “Fight, fight, fight, fight….get her!”  I was usually standing there while students were flying by me, on the brink of tears, saying, “Why doesn’t somebody stop them?  Somebody’s gonna get hurt!”

So, why are we (men and women) drawn to drama?  I thought about it for a second and my initial thought is that it takes people away from thinking about their own lives.  They are so engulfed in the drama of somebody else that they stop thinking about themselves.  What are your thoughts?  Why are men and women so drawn to drama?  If you see a fight breaking out, what do you do?

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9 Responses to “Why the Drama?”

  1. Lori Z. says:

    What about boxing? Yet another form of physical violence I just don’t get. I was reading something a few weeks ago about a study showing that gossipers have less stress and are generally happier. Maybe people can achieve some sort of catharsis by watching others act and react in a way they would not themselves.

  2. I’ve actually been blessed enough to have never seen a fight like this. If I had been there, I would have been the one to walk over to the woman and ask her to watch her language. I do this often whenever my kids are around and someone is cursing. I’ve had people apologize, I have had people curse louder, but I’ve never had anyone start a fight with me – and no guns have been pulled on me so far, either. I just will not tolerate people behaving that way in front of kids – my kids, or anyone elses’.

    I think it’s ridiculous the way that some people act – men and women alike. They put their own selfish desires and opinions above everyone else around them. This woman should have thought about the fact that there were little kids around and her words could frighten or upset them. Of course, that would require having a brain, and it sounds to me like she didn’t have one of those.

  3. Kayla says:

    That is an extremely good question and one I have yet to figure out-I mean seriously, people SAY they don’t like drama, but most of the time those people are the one’s who are drama MAGNETS!
    I seriously HATE drama, but it seems to be happening everywhere, everyday whether in a big way or just a little way.
    So I wonder why? What is drama teaching us when it rears it’s ugly head? Is there really a lesson to be learned or is it just a cosmic joke?

  4. I never went to a school where there were fights in the halls or anything, thank goodness. My sister did however…though she only saw one or two. I don’t know why peoplet get so involved .The actual fighing is one thing…but to just watch it happen…I guess it’s exciting, it’s different from the mundane days, it’s amusing sometimes. I probably would be staring in shock, not sure what to do.

  5. I’m a call the police people. Now Rick on the other hand is pull up pants I’m walking over there and figure out what happened. I’m with you, there are crazies out there no way.

    I do have a way of stating my mind too often … LOL. I probably would have said something to the lady or find someone else.

  6. Jessica says:

    I think it’s an impulse control issue as far as anger issues and road rage go. As far as your typical drama kings and queens, I think there are a lot of people who thrive on confrontration. Personally, it looks exhausting to me.

  7. I’m a call the police kind of person also! I see no reason to put myself or my family in danger, because as you said, she may be on the brink or may have a weapon. But there is no need to be that way, ESPECIALLY in front of children. Years ago, when my kids were little, I would have said something to anyone using fowl language in front of them, and explained to my kids that it was inappropriate behavior on the adult’s part.
    We have a community forum that seems to thrive on drama, I am so sick of it that I am now just telling people to knock it off. One lady this morning was pumping the community for info about a young man arrested – under the guise of “protecting her daughter”. I finally said that she was just looking for fodder for gossip, and the topic should be dropped. She is one who CONSTANTLY goes on and on about the drama in the community.
    I walk away…

  8. Doreen says:

    Around here, sometimes there are fights or loud commotions going on. I’d rather stay out of it, have my family safe and just call the Police. Let them do THEIR job, it’s not mine to do. You never know if the person is a paranoid schzephrenic! That happened to me once. Long story and can’t go into. Very scary.

  9. Kelsey says:

    If i see someone fighting I’d rather stay out of it then jeopardize mine or my family’s safety

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