How Parents Can Prepare for Kindergarten

By Shannon Gosney
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September 9, 2009
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Today was my oldest’s first day of Kindergarten. I remember reading other blog posts about parents who had a hard time taking their children to school and how they felt happy and sad. My initial thoughts were, “he’s just going to Kindergarten. He is totally ready!”

Well, this part of the picture is true. What I wasn’t prepared for was how I would REALLY feel or how I would deal with dropping him off at school for 6 hours for the first time. So, I’ve compiled a few tips on how you as a parent can prepare for your child to going to Kindergarten! There are also some Preschool Teaching Strategies for Parents that could be helpful for parents of toddlers who will be starting school soon.

1) Get enough sleep the night before. When we are excited or nervous, it tends to be difficult to fall asleep at a decent hour. Sometimes, you may catch yourself thinking about all the things that need to be done before you take your child to preschool. Will there be parking? Do you remember where his classroom is? Does he have an outfit to wear tomorrow (even though you KNOW he does)?!!!

2) Get ready in the morning. You’ll feel much better if you are at your best. So get up before the kids (if your Kindergartener isn’t already awake) and take a shower. Put on your face (if you’re a female) and do your hair. You’ll feel better to have a good first appearance to the teachers, staff, and other parents. After that, it’s a free-for-all (this means no makeup, sweats, and hair in curlers – lol)! You can get ready every time if you really feel ambitious.

3) Get there early. If you want to avoid the lack of parking or your child walking into class late on his first day, be sure to get there early and don’t rush. When you rush, mistakes happen, things are forgotten, and stress builds. Get there with plenty of time in case you really need to use the extra time (i.e. sibling’s poopy diapers, traffic, hitting every red light, etc).

4) Walk your child to his classroom. Your child will probably literally sprint into the classroom, not even remembering you brought him. Chances are good he’ll do just fine and feel right at home with his new teacher and friends.

5) Take lots of pictures. If you’re worried about bursting into tears because you suddenly feel like your child is growing up too fast, hide behind your camera. Not only will the grandparents love all the pictures you’ve taken, you’ll have plenty to choose from for blogs and scrapbooks!

6) Don’t stress out! Remember, your child will only have his FIRST day of Kindergarten once, so try to make it a positive experience. If you are stressed out, chances are good that you’ll pass on the stress to your child.

7) Sit back and watch your child enter Kindergarten! You did it! You took your child to Kindergarten and you’re still standing. He’ll have a blast with coloring, singing, games, new friends, and a new school. Now, try and get as much done while he’s in school!

8) Blog about it! You didn’t think I would leave this step out did you? Share with your family and friends your child’s first day of Kindergarten. You’d be amazed how many moms and dads out there can identify with exactly how you were feeling!

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