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By Shannon Gosney
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February 7, 2009

I am participating in a contest at The Parent Bloggers Network. The topic is “How you and your family show how much you love each other.”

I show my love for my family by “trying” to maintain a clean home (i.e. doing laundry and putting it away, mopping floors, vacuuming). I also love to cook my family yummy meals. I try to avoid eating fast food too often and love to experiment with new recipes. I also show my love by creating scrapbooks. I may have a lot of catching up to do on them, but I put a lot of thought and effort into each page I create.

My husband shows his love for me and the family by being a hard worker. He gets the job done and gives 150% when doing it! I love that he mows the lawn, takes the garbage out, offers to help with the dishes or with dinner, and thanks me for the hard work I do. I love it when he surprises me with chocolates (I have to admit I’d take chocolates over flowers any day – I love chocolate that much)! He shows the kids how much he loves them by playing with them, laughing with them, and singing with them when he gets home from work. He’s not the type of dad that has to take a few minutes to himself. He puts his stuff away and heads straight over to the kids (if they’re not waiting for him at the door). He hugs and kisses them (after hugging and kissing me of course) and then gets down on the ground and wrestles with them! He’s a great dad!

My kids show me they love me and their dad in many ways. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE and CHERISH their never-ending hugs and kisses! My 2nd son comes up to me often and says, “Mommy… I love…. I love you so much.” Oh – it just melts my heart. My kids show me they love me when they draw me pictures or give me crafts they’ve made at church or school.

How do you and your family show your love for one another?


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