Snowing in Seattle

By Shannon Gosney
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December 16, 2008
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It snowed in Seattle at the end of this last weekend.

What happens when snow melts and it’s cold outside? That’s right, it turns to ice. How many Seattle residents know how to drive in the snow or on icy roads? That’s right, not enough! How many Seattle residents THINK they know how to drive in snowy, icy conditions? That’s right – a lot! LOL.

We drove to church on Sunday (were late) and saw a man in a Volvo driving down an icy hill while talking on the cell phone. I thought to myself, “really?” So here are a few rules for driving in icy road conditions:

Rule # 1: DON’T stop at the top of any icy hill. Anybody behind you is going down from there.

Rule # 2: DON’T talk on your cell phone while driving (especially with icy road conditions and especially driving down an icy hill).

Rule # 3: DON’T attempt to drive the speed limit with icy road conditions (drive way under it or whatever is safe for you AND everyone else).

Rule # 4: DON’T slam on your brakes on icy roads. However, you need to make sure that your brakes are working properly. Otherwise, you’ll need a brake services technician to inspect and repair your vehicle’s brake system.

Rule # 5: DON’T walk out in front of a moving vehicle on an icy road. You can put your hand up for them to stop, but it doesn’t mean the sliding 2 ton vehicle can do the same thing!

Rule # 6: DON’T wear church shoes on an icy road or sidewalk. You will slip and might even fall!

It is also advised to contact a snow management company if your driveway is covered in thick snow.

Due to the dangerous road conditions, I chose to stay at home all day yesterday – didn’t even take Brian to preschool. I attempted to get all sorts of baking done, but was only able to make muddy buddies and an unsuccessful batch of chocolate chip cookies πŸ™ I have to get some more baking done soon for the mail lady and the milk man.

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  1. Cristin says:

    Good tips! We are on our second snow day (school’s out) today. You think people don’t know how to handle it in WA?? Imagine Southern California!! They are awful winter drivers here.

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