To Send or Not to Send

By Shannon Gosney
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December 15, 2008

Every year, I usually send out Christmas cards to about 100 people. I include a card, family newsletter, and a picture of our family. With postage and the cost of picture prints, along with stationery and cards, that can add up to $60 or more.

This year, I’ve decided to cut the list short. I’ve decided that since we don’t even hear from 3/4 of the people we send cards to, I’m only going to send them to people we find especially important and to those who’ve sent us cards in the past.

If we happen to receive any in the mail from people not included in the list, I’ll send them one.

How do you decide who to send Christmas cards to?

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5 Responses to “To Send or Not to Send”

  1. Carrilyne says:

    Thats exactly what i do! i just send to close relatives and friends who send me cards. I always take the easy road when it comes to the holidays, that way i enjoy it more, instead of stressing over cards and gifts!

  2. Cristin says:

    Cards are a lot of money, and while I love getting them, we’ve decided to take the email route, IF we even send anything out. First, it’s cheaper. 2nd, with blogging it feels like people already have way too many updates on our lives, so the last thing they need is one more. 3rd, you don’t waste paper. Less clutter.

  3. Arizona Girl says:

    I never send out cards. Since I actually have things to talk about and they aren’t just from me now, I decided we would do cards, but mostly only to family (grandparents, godparents, and sibs). We are going to do an email card (as soon as I finish it) to our friends. I figured most of my friends are email and facebook people, email cards are just keeping with the times.

  4. Nance says:

    I love sending Christmas cards/letters. It’s just fun to be creative with it all. I seem to be on everyone’s list where they get a card from me, so they send one back. Not on their original list. But that works. Every year I say I’ll cut back, but I never really do.

  5. LeMira says:

    This year only family and one or two friends are getting cards because of cutting back. I am like Cristin in that I feel that many get updated with our blog, and the ones to which I will send cards will get a picture because they’re usually the ones that want them. I’m not even sending an update with the cards because I feel like I’m overdoing it.

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