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By Shannon Gosney
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September 22, 2008
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There are a few blogs I check on a regular basis.

My favorite is “Tales of an Ordinary Housewife.” If you want to click on it, you’ll have to find it in my blog list because I don’t know how to do a link to it in my post. She is a friend we met in Utah while attending BYU and her posts are true and funny! Way to go Cristin! Keep up the good work.

Another blog I check on a somewhat regular basis and haven’t quite figured it out is “Seriously So Blessed.” The spelling is appalling and I don’t know if the person is “all there,” but I have to give her kudos because she has the most comments I’ve ever seen of any blog I’ve read. I was reading her blog the other day (and spelling mistakes drive me crazy) and she had said she was so happy to be apparent. I congratulated her on her new pregnancy and kindly mentioned to her that it was “a parent” not “apparent” – lame, I know, but I did it anyways. Somebody wrote back on my blog and asked me if I was serious when I made that comment. This stranger said that the Seriously So Blessed Blog makes fun of Mormon Mommy blogs. I’ve seen a lot of Mormon Mommy Blogs and haven’t seen the ditsy attitude or tons of spelling mistakes like I have on this blog. So, I’m hoping it’s a joke (hopefully) and she’s getting paid a lot for it (i.e. AdSense).

The anonymous commenter than went through my blog and looked for spelling mistakes. I’m happy to say the person found one dated back to the mommy song. I spelled “hillarious” instead of “hilarious.” I immediately fixed the spelling and deleted the comment! Not too bad – one noticeable spelling mistake in my blog? LOL

I have also found other moms I’ve met via blog hopping (some are even kind enough to make comments on my blog – thanks Nance) – whether they have multiple children or enjoy cooking or talk about parenting.

Blogging is the best! Journaling via the internet.

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  1. Nance says:

    I have never been to Seriously So Blessed before but I saw a Utah news report online about how it’s all made up. They even interviewed the woman and had her in a shadow to protect her true identity… like she’s hiding from the mob. Pretty funny, but she’s becoming famous… at least her alter ego is.

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