Tips and Hacks for Students to Write a Winning Essay for the College and Get an A Without a Stress

By Shannon Gurnee
In College
November 16, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about how to write a winning essay.

write a winning essay

Your performance in college determines the size of your scholarship and the course of your future career. A significant percentage of academic success directly depends on excellent essay writing skills. Modern professors love assigning essays to students because writing assignments develop critical thinking and creative skills.

Many students are afraid to be once again faced with the need to write a creative essay on a free topic, so they try to avoid this prospect by all means. Some people prefer to turn to the experts from EssayShark to get high-quality academic papers on time. Turning to professional writing services is a great way to deal with academic debts, but personal essay writing skills will come in handy in the future. We bring to your attention some of the most useful hacks that can significantly improve your writing skills.

Hack #1: Start Writing Early and Understand the Assignment

The best advice we can give you is to start your essays as soon as possible, even if it seems cliche. Procrastinating till the last minute will guarantee a poorly written article. Considerable anxiety and extra work will be required to complete any writing at the last minute.

The first piece of advice is to end any delays. If you begin early enough, you should have no trouble writing an A+ paper. If you’re still putting things off, you can buy an essay online and hope for the best. You can guarantee success and ease the pressure by doing it this way.

Our second piece of advice for writing an essay is to grasp the question before writing entirely. When given an essay assignment, take some time to carefully read and reread the prompt your teacher has supplied for you. If you can get a handle on the question, you can handle the work.

Hack #2: Conduct Proper Research and Challenge All Your Ideas

When writing an essay, it might be tempting to skip the research phase if the topic appears obvious or uncomplicated. After all, why bother planning if you can write whatever comes to mind? However, the reality is that this method isn’t very effective.

Before starting to write, students should outline their essays and determine what they will focus on. The second tip is to be well-versed in your essay’s main argument and prepared to defend it. Spend as much time as necessary learning about the topic so that you can confidently argue your stance and provide supporting evidence.

When you research a topic, you will likely find a wide range of sources and perspectives. If you care about doing things well, you must challenge every suggestion. Feel free to think critically and to dispute anything unclear. Such a strategy will assist you in identifying the ideal ideas and arguments for your essay that will seem persuasive to your audience. Start outlining your essay, and include only crystal-clear theses in your paper. 

Hack #3: Be Precise with Your Sources 

Your credible sources are the foundation on which any quality essay stands. During research and outlining, you must identify the main theses, after which you should support each idea with reinforced concrete arguments. Always base your essay on more than irrefutable evidence and theories; then, the professor will not be able to reduce your grade for the wrong core idea.

In addition, you should list all the references and sources used in the essay on the last page. Firstly, this is a mandatory requirement of almost any popular academic format. Secondly, it will allow your professor to familiarize himself with your information base and thus avoid unnecessary discussions.

Hack #4: Use Google Scholar 

Use Google Scholar rather than the regular Google browser for research papers and school assignments. Google Scholar is an index of scientific and peer-reviewed articles. By restricting your search to academic works, you may save time by skipping over many links to sites irrelevant to your needs.

You may use Google Scholar to identify the names of articles and papers that will be relevant to your essay. Then, you can search for them in your university library, which unfortunately does not provide free access to many of the publications that are listed on Google Scholar.

Hack #5: Manage Your Time and Remove Distractions 

Don’t try to hammer out a lengthy paper in a single session. Not only is prolonged concentration on a single job very mind-numbing, but it also produces subpar results. Have a 25-minute timer ready. After 25 minutes, get up from your desk or book and walk around for five minutes, drink water, use the restroom, or prepare a snack. After five minutes, get back to work for a further 25 minutes. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to complete the essay.

Using an app that blocks your access to time-wasting sites like Facebook and Instagram might help you focus on your paper if you have trouble focusing on other tasks. Both ColdTurkey (for Windows) and SelfControl (for Mac) will automatically restrict access to the specified websites, removing any potential sources of distraction.

Hack #6: Work in the Cloud 

Finally, we want to remind you of the importance of choosing the right writing tools. Your primary word editor for any essay these days should be Google Docs or any alternative with cloud storage for every document.

Cloud servers will allow you not to lose progress on your essay and access the file from any device. Today’s world uses cloud apps; you should not be an exception because it’s incredibly convenient and simple!

The Verdict 

Essay writing is a valuable and significant skill that will be useful in the future. This activity stimulates creativity and critical thinking, improving vocabulary and basic literacy. Use our practical hacks to turn the process of writing college essays from a tedious task into a joyride!


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