What Supplies Are Necessary to Create Your Own DIY Hair Care?

By Shannon Gurnee
In Do-It-Yourself
June 1, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about the supplies necessary to create your own DIY hair care.

DIY hair care

Self-care regimens have been around forever, whether for skin, hair, or other parts of your body. While caring for your hair might seem like using a shampoo and conditioner and stopping for the day, the right kind of hair care regimen requires an in-depth understanding of the target hair type, texture, volume, and other considerations like hair fall. With so many products available in the market and online, choosing the right one for your hair can be a difficult decision. If you find yourself in such a position, you can create your products using supplies that you can easily purchase and combine in different proportions to make a personalized product. If you are looking for ways to create your routine to nourish and protect your hair, you might be overwhelmed with different options, particularly if you have no prior experience. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important DIY hair care supplies you will need.


Hair oils have been in use for centuries, with different origins, such as mustard, coconut, avocado, and castor oil. Organic oils contain all the essential nutrients that your hair needs to thrive. These oils can be used on their own as a pre-wash ritual or incorporated into your homemade hair care product to create the ideal balance of nourishment and protection. Oils are available on their own or as bases that can be used in hair for your head or beard care products. These are a great investment especially if you are getting tired of the shampoo products that are readily available in stores.


Surfactants are the main active ingredient in products designed to care for your hair. These substances are crucial to cleanse your hair thoroughly and clean it from impurities that can be encountered in daily routine, such as dust and dirt. A good surfactant will help create lather and give your shampoo the right kind of foaming properties it needs for action. Different recipes call for different quantities and types of surfactants, and it is important to choose the right one for your needs. Make sure to research which ones work best for your hair type and which ones you would enjoy the most.

Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils

Essential oils are organic extracts that carry healing and nourishing properties. They can be added to homemade hair products to moisturize your hair and provide them with the care they require. Depending on the type of essential oil, you might get different advantages by adding them to your products. Fragrance oils are like essential oils but are mainly used for their aromatic properties. Lavender, orange, tea tree, lemongrass, rosemary, tangerine, and patchouli are some of the most popular essential oils available online.


Taking complete control of your hair care means making your product and storing it safely. To do so, you will require packaging that keeps your product safe and dispenses it according to your needs. You can opt for glass bottles or jars with varied tops, including pumps, spray caps, simple lids, and more, depending on the type of product and its use. For example, a pump top bottle might be suitable for viscous shampoos and conditioners, whereas a spray top might be ideal for liquids. Having the ability to use these different packaging can help you get the most out of your natural products.


If you are tired of artificial products with harmful chemicals that might damage your hair, you can make your products at home using high-quality ingredients. These ingredients include oil bases, essential and fragrance oils, surfactants, and more. You can also choose the right kind of containers and packaging that would keep your product safe and ready for instant use. Sometimes using generic brands can be boring and they might not meet your hair’s specific needs. Creating your natural shampoo can alleviate your hair and bring you the confidence you need.Β 

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