How to Take Better Photos of Your Children 

By Shannon Gurnee
In Children
February 12, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about how to take better photos of your children.

take better photos of your children

Kids’ photographs keep precious memories of everyone’s childhood and adolescent years. As a parent, you want to make sure that your child has not only ordinary everyday photos but also something professional-looking, don’t you? If you’re on a tight budget for booking a professional photoshoot but still want to take good photos of your kids, organize and hold a photoshoot on your own. It may seem quite complicated and exhausting at first glance. To ensure it goes as smoothly as possible and everyone enjoys the process, check out some of the best tips below. 

Prepare Beforehand

It is important to plan everything to make your photoshoot a success. For instance, if you are planning it outdoors, decide on a place and check the weather forecast for that day. Plus, consider fun activities for the children to keep them busy and make the shots look more lifelike. Don’t forget about kids’ clothing. It can be something themed, dressy, or just a level above casual.

Find Good Lighting

If you want to ensure that your photos turn out great, good lighting is essential. To simplify this task, just use natural lighting. Arrange your photoshoot outside during golden hour either in the morning during sunrise or in the evening during sunset when the light is soft. The same timing rules suit for taking pictures indoors. Simply turn off the artificial light and get your kids entertained near the window. To avoid capturing unflattering images at noon, use the shadows from trees as diffusers of harsh light.

take better photos of your children

Get Down to Kids’ Level

In photography, interesting shots are always those that show the viewer something they haven’t seen before or something they wouldn’t normally see. So, try taking photos at your child’s eye level. To do this, squat or even lie down on the floor to enter their world and capture it better. This simple tip on changing the angle will instantly improve the shots of your children. 

Check the Background

Pay attention to your surroundings when you frame your shot. Try to keep all distracting elements out of the frame while you are taking photos. For example, check that there are no tree branches or electric poles “sticking out” of your child’s body or head in the background. Plus, kids’ clothing is typically very colorful and has patterns, so a simple and uncomplicated kid photo backdrop will work well.

take better photos of your children

Play With the Composition

You can either improve your shot or ruin it with the composition. To keep it simple here’s just one tip – follow the Rule of Thirds. Its idea is to make an off-center photo since such framing makes the image more visually appealing. To do that, imagine your frame is divided into 9 equal parts – 3 vertically and 3 horizontally. Just place your child’s body or face in any section of the frame other than the center ones. If it seems too complicated for you, you can always easily tweak the image during post-production with a photo editor.

Ban the Word “Cheese”

If your kid isn’t smiling when you’re ready to take the photo, don’t worry, and just take it anyway. After all, you want to capture the way they normally look, not with a fake smile, which is basically what the word “Cheese” is all about! If you want to get a smiling picture, you’ll have to make your kid smile by telling funny stories and talking about something fun or what they like. It’s not that tough, but you’ll end up with stunning and natural-looking photos.

Keep in mind these tips while handling a photoshoot on your own, and you’ll do just fine. If something has gone wrong, follow the link to check out how to enhance the photo quality. There you’ll find step-by-step guides on various improvement tricks.

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