Myths About Shapewear All Moms Know

By Shannon Gurnee
In Fashion
February 1, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about shapewear and the myths that all moms know.


In the past, shapewear has been viewed as something secretive or even embarrassing, but the modern acceptance of these garments has pushed us to ditch these outdated ways of thinking. Instead of being seen as something shameful, shapewear is now celebrated as a tool for helping women boost their confidence and try on the outfits they’ve always wanted to wear. 

More and more moms are embracing shapewear as a way to enhance their figures and love their post-pregnancy bodies. However, due to the persistent myths about shapewear, some moms are still hesitant to try it. If you’re still on the fence, here are some common misconceptions about shapewear and the real truth behind them.

“Shapewear is too tight and restrictive”

One of the most common misconceptions is that shapewear is too restrictive, making it dangerous to wear for long periods of time. While it’s true that some fashion trends of the past haven’t prioritized women’s health and comfort, such as super tight corsets, modern shape wear doesn’t fall into this category. The right shapewear should mold to your body perfectly to smooth and flatter your figure without applying unnecessary pressure. The stretchy material will also allow you to retain your full range of movement.

If you want to customize the amount of sculpting that your shapewear achieves, you can choose between light compression, medium compression and high compression shapewear. Light compression garments are perfect for beginners and will smooth out any bumps effortlessly. Pregnant women can also continue to safely enjoy the benefits of shapewear by wearing maternity shapewear, which provides light compression to avoid restriction and discomfort as your body grows.

“Shapewear is too uncomfortable”

Since shapewear is often falsely viewed as too restrictive, many women are still too nervous to try it because they think it’ll be too uncomfortable. However, as long as you pick your correct size, shapewear should always feel like a second skin and not cause any discomfort. The advice to pick a smaller size when choosing shapewear is false and contributes to this negative stereotype. 

“Shapewear is too expensive”

Thanks to the rising popularity of shapewear, it’s now easier than ever to find trendy and affordable options, even with maternity shapewear. There’s also much greater inclusivity in the market these days, which means that women of all shapes and sizes can find their perfect shapewear and boost their confidence when wearing their favorite outfits.

“Shapewear is only for special occasions”

Who says you can’t wear shapewear underneath your regular, everyday outfits? Although shapewear has traditionally been used to flatter figures in evening dresses, there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of this shaping and sculpting technology during your everyday life. Since the right shapewear for you should always be extremely comfortable and non-restrictive, it makes sense to use it whenever you feel like enhancing your figure or smoothing out any underwear lines. Whether you’re running errands, playing with your kids, or going on a date, you can confidently take on any task while wearing your shapewear.

“Shapewear isn’t body positive”

Anything that makes you feel good about your body is body positive. Choosing whether to wear shapewear or not is always a personal decision, but it’s important to remember that choosing to wear shapewear doesn’t mean you don’t like your body as a mom. Shapewear can simply give you a little confidence boost and encourage you to try on new clothing styles you may have been afraid to wear before. If this sounds good to you, why not try it out?

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