Living Room Layout Tips That are Perfect for Entertaining 

By Shannon Gurnee
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January 24, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about living room layout tips that are perfect for entertaining.

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Designing and laying out your living room can be incredibly tricky, especially if you are someone who loves having friends over and entertaining. It isn’t as easy as deciding what suits you and your needs. 

There are extra considerations you need to remember, everything from where you place tables to how the room functions when it has multiple people in it. You may work with a remodeling contractor or interior designer if you decide to renovate your living room. You may also partner with a home improvement company to help you achieve the results you want for your renovation project.

 Here are a few living room layout tips that will turn it into the best place to entertain. 

Have Sufficient Table Areas

A mistake many make, especially if they have a large or minimalist living room, is insufficient table space. Even if you have a coffee table, only some people can reach it to put their drinks down or reach for snacks. 

When you’re shopping RJ Living’s range of wood coffee tables, look for side tables that match the feel you are going for and dot a couple around the room. The goal is to have a table at arm’s length, no matter where you are sitting. 

Function over Form

If you want to avoid filling your living room with furniture that is purely there for when you have guests over, opt for furniture that is more functional over form. This means you should opt for an ottoman that can be used as a footrest and a stool if needed. 

These pieces can be laid across your living room and not really get in the way, but they can still serve a purpose if or when you need more seating. When you install Arizona Commercial Tints, your home can stay at a consistent temperature more easily. This also reduces your energy use, since you no longer need to run the air conditioner in certain rooms to keep your whole home comfortable.

You should take a trip to your attic now and then, especially before winter and during springtime, to examine the rafters. Although there are small holes that you can do a DIY job on, it would be best for roof repair contractors to do the job.

Maximize Seating

If you have a living room with an open-plan kitchen or dining room within the same room, layout both rooms so that you can have overflow seating if you have a lot of guests over.

This entails having a relatively clear divide between the two spaces, but that divide can be minimized by either turning chairs around or shifting the table. 

Reduce Clutter

If you have a smaller lounge, the first thing you need to do is to try and minimize clutter. Smaller lounges are already challenging to host more than a few people; therefore, you don’t want a lot of the fresh space taken up by stuff just for show.

If you still want decorations and sentimental pieces, choose artwork you can hang on the walls and place the rest of the pieces strategically around the room.

Downplay the TV

If the primary purpose of your living room is to entertain, leave it out in a way that makes the TV or TV unit the focal point. This also leads to your furniture being placed so that it all surrounds the TV and isn’t conducive to chatting and hanging out with friends.

Instead, opt to mount the TV to the wall or place it somewhere where a chair can be put in front of it and complete a circle of seating. Many customers have praised the TV mounting service Toronto offered by North Team, citing the knowledgeable and efficient technicians as the key reason.

And for the ultimate entertainment experience, you may consider installing ultra-fast fiber internet connection and getting a reliable streaming service.

Use All the Space

No matter the size of your room, maximize all of the space you have. Once again, there is no need to clutter and fill the room because you feel like you need to; instead, think about the space and how each inch of it can be utilized. 

A living room layout is all about balance, therefore, have a good mix of space for seating and places for people to walk or stand.

Choose Furniture Wisely for Smaller Rooms

When it comes to smaller rooms, finding the right pieces of furniture that will fit can be very difficult. While an oversized, L-shaped couch may sound fantastic, there’s a good chance it may not fit, and if it does, it could take up all the space. 

Use empty boxes or other furniture and a measuring tape to lay out and plan where the furniture will go and how it changes the feel of the room. You may realize that two smaller chairs work better than a couch. 

However, if you still want an oversized couch, like an L-shaped one, choose one at Calgary Interiors Corp that is sectional. This allows you to spread out the seating when needed without buying extra chairs. 

Create Paths

Don’t overlook the need to have functional paths in your living space. It should be easy to get from the couch to the TV, or from a chair to the coffee table, without being obstructed by other furniture. 

This also makes a room feel easier to navigate, even if there are a lot of people in it, which adds to the comfort of it. 

Go High Instead of Wide

A lounge can’t have zero storage, decorations, or personality. You get all of these things by adding touches such as shelving, a bookcase, or something similar. However, in some rooms, a bookcase or chest of drawers can end up being too big and taking up to much space. 

Opt for multiple shallow shelves on the wall to keep the room feeling big and airy. This allows you to have all the decorations and extras you may want while keeping the living space open.

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