5 Stunning Engagement Ring Designs For The Perfect Proposal

By Shannon Gurnee
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October 15, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about stunning engagement ring designs for the perfect proposal.

Engagement ring designs for the perfect proposal

You’ve got the girl. You have the perfect romantic proposal planned out. All that’s missing is the ring. These days, the process of buying an engagement ring can be overwhelming because there are so many ring designs to choose from.  

When looking for the best place to buy custom engagement rings, the most important thing to remember is to select a ring setting that matches and complements the personal taste of your significant other. You have consider which style you like and prioritize the style your girl likes. You’ll need to work with a trusted name like Zadok Jewelers, an engagement rings store in Houston, to help you come up with the perfect diamond engagement ring. 

Here are five diamond engagement rings that will never go out of style, and will ensure a resounding “Yes” once you pop the question. 

Diamond solitaire: the classic favorite

Simply put, there’s no reason to mess with perfection. Many engagement ring trends come and go, but the diamond solitaire is here to stay. This setting is simple yet timeless. There are no adornments like pavé or halo diamonds that will detract from the center stone, making the diamond the true star of the show.

Since there’s no way to hide flaws in this setting, the cut and clarity of the diamond are extremely important. When it comes to shape, the round diamond is the most popular choice, with the princess cut coming in at a close second. The solitaire diamond is mounted on a simple band using a prong setting.

Pavé setting: an endless sparkle

This setting features a row or multiple rows of diamonds paved on the shank of the ring, providing an endless view of glittering diamonds that sparkle from every vantage point. This type of ring keeps the focus on the central stone while adding extra brilliance.  

This is a great option if you want to save money by settling for a more modest stone without sacrificing the overall appearance of the ring. The pavé ring design is flexible so you can request for either a modern or vintage design depending on the preference of the wearer. Keep in mind that a pavé setting is not the most practical option for people with active lifestyles. For a more secure setting, check out bezel rings instead.   

Halo ring: a sparkling wonder 

This ring setting features a row of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone, making the latter appear larger and more brilliant. Just like the pavé style, you can go for a diamond with less than a carat when using a halo setting. The illusion of the larger stone, the additional sparkle provided by the smaller diamonds, and the light refracting from all angles make the halo a sentimental favorite when shopping for engagement rings.

The halo style also complements a variety of diamond shapes such as round, pear, and oval cuts. Another advantage for this ring style is that the halo of diamonds can serve as protection for the central stone, and will take the brunt of damage that comes from minor scratches and sudden impact.

Bezel setting: a sleek and modern look 

The bezel setting features a metal rim that holds the stone in place from all angles. This is the perfect ring setting for those who have very active lifestyles. The bezel protects the diamond from breakage and chipping. It also hides the inclusions or flaws located in the edges of the diamond.

This setting also works well if you’re working with gemstones that are on the lower range of Mohs Hardness scale. Unfortunately, a bezel will also hide some of the brilliance of the diamond and will make it look smaller than it really is. To compromise, you can request for a partial bezel setting instead of a full one when visiting the best engagement ring stores Houston has. A partial bezel provides more than adequate protection, while still allowing the light to shine though the diamond. 

Cathedral style: the sophisticated choice

What makes the cathedral different from others is on how the diamond is mounted above the shank using graceful arches that resemble a cathedral. The arches add extra height to the ring, making the stone more prominent and preventing the need for smaller stones on the side.

The possibilities are endless with the cathedral setting. It’s a blank canvas where you can add bold metalwork, decorate with filigree, or leave it empty for a minimalist look. The best diamond shapes for this setting are round, princess, and cushion cut.

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