5 Reasons Why Three-Way Car Accidents Occur

By Shannon Gurnee
In Cars
September 25, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about reasons why three-way car accidents occur.

Three-way car accidents driving

Philadelphia is a major US city. You’ll see large highways running through it, but you’ll also find narrow backstreets and alleys there. Driving presents some challenges, and it will test your skills if you live there and commute to work every day.

Even if you don’t commute to work in a car, you might drive on the weekends. Perhaps you’ll head to the grocery store, a bar, or a music venue. Wherever you’re headed, though, you should watch out for other drivers and try to stay safe.

Accident in personal car on company time can happen at any time, and sometimes, they involve multiple vehicles instead of just two. We’ll talk about some things you can do to avoid three-car accidents in Philadelphia right now. And if you unfortunately got involved in a vehicular accident, then you may consider hiring an auto and truck accident lawyer to help you get the right compensation you deserve.


Three-way car crashes in Philadelphia happen fairly often. When they do, you can often point to speeding as a cause.

Whether you’re on one of the narrow backstreets or a highway that carries you through the tourist areas, Philly drivers sometimes speed, and you need to watch out for them. If you see someone speeding, try to avoid them. If you get in their way, and they don’t see you in time, they might hit you.

You can spin out of control in that situation and strike another vehicle. Then, you’re dealing with a three-car collision, and you’ll have to explain the event sequence when the authorities show up. If three drivers don’t agree regarding what happened, you might all have to hire lawyers and battle it out in court.

Alcohol Consumption

If someone in Philly imbibes alcohol and tries to drive, they risk a two or three-car collision. You can’t control whether someone else chooses to drink and drive, but you can at least not do so yourself.

Some Philly residents or visitors like to think they’re great drivers and can avoid wrecks even if they’re over the legal limit. That’s dangerous thinking. Even if you have many years of experience as a driver, drinking and then operating a vehicle endangers you and everyone else around you.

If you consume alcohol at a bar or music venue in Philly, avoid two or three-car collisions by calling for an Uber or Lyft. You can also take public transportation. Philadelphia has trains and buses, and most of them will take you anywhere around the city you’d like to go.

Distracted Driving

Some drivers allow something to distract them at a crucial moment. That can easily cause a car accident.

You might let your kids in the backseat distract you. Maybe they’re arguing or throwing toys or food around. Try to keep your eyes on the road while you tell them to stop, or you can cause an accident.

You might look at a billboard or someone on the sidewalk and crash your car that way. Even if you see a pedestrian doing something strange, don’t let that distract you from the road ahead.

You may get a text message or try to send one while driving. People looking at their smartphones definitely cause plenty of car wrecks, whether of the two or three-car variety. It is best not to use your phone until you’ve parked the vehicle and turned off the engine.

Recreational Drugs

Some people use recreational drugs and then try to drive. Marijuana use is legal now in some states, though not yet in Pennsylvania. Legalization will probably come at some point, but for now, you can’t smoke or ingest it legally for recreational purposes.

Still, many people use it, and they might try to drive when they do. Don’t be one of these individuals. Marijuana does impair you, and you may cause a wreck when you’re under its influence.

You might also try to drive while on some other drug. If you choose to indulge, at least take public transportation or stay at home. Operating a vehicle while under the influence is always a mistake.

Aggressive Driving

Reckless or aggressive driving can also cause Philly three-car accidents. You might feel like the driver ahead of you should go faster. Maybe you start honking at them or tailgating them.

That kind of behavior can easily cause a three-car accident. The person ahead of you might slam on the brakes. You can hit their vehicle, and the car behind you can strike your bumper at the same time.

Driving defensively should help you avoid accidents. It’s a simple, easy thing you can do to keep yourself and other drivers safe.

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