Ten Reasons Why People Choose Diamond Engagement Rings

By Shannon Gurnee
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June 8, 2022

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diamond engagement ring

Engagement rings that are made with diamonds are far and away from the most popular engagement ring style in the world, but why do people choose diamond engagement rings for their fiancé? With so many options available these days, from white gold to yellow gold to platinum to colored stones, why is diamond engagement rings still considered the ultimate sign of love and commitment? Here are ten reasons why people choose a diamond engagement ring over other styles.

Diamonds Are Rare

Although diamonds are mined from deep within Earth, they are still rare. Around 130 million carats of diamond ore are processed every year. But only about 20 million carats of that turn into gem-quality diamonds. You can ask diamond experts the legitimacy of a stone. Because so few diamonds make it to market, they have become a rare symbol of true love and commitment; and if you can buy one at wholesale prices, why wouldn’t you?

They Are Symbolic of Love

Unlike most jewelry, diamond engagement rings are not worn regularly. Many people choose to leave their diamond ring at home when they travel or exercise. This is because diamonds are less practical than other kinds of jewelry, and your significant other needs to know that you don’t just want them for what they can do, but more importantly for what they mean. Diamonds represent love and commitment–both values that both partners in a relationship should strive to uphold throughout their lifetime together and the best way to make sure you do that is by getting a ring from a trusted Diamond Jewelry Dealer.

diamond engagement ring

They Are Precious

People are often surprised to learn that diamonds are not rare at all. On Earth, there are an estimated 161 million metric tons of diamonds, mostly located in South Africa and Russia. Still, most people see them as valuable, even precious. If you’re trying to surprise your fiancé with a proposal, buying a sparkling diamond may seem like a no-brainer (assuming she isn’t already on to you). 

They Are Attractive

Although men may see engagement rings as a symbol of purity and devotion, it’s important to note that women do too. For many years, diamonds have been considered one of the most precious gemstones on earth. They are also highly coveted because they have an extremely high value-to-weight ratio. In other words, diamond engagement rings look great.

They Are Durable

While it’s important to remember that not all diamonds are equal, experts say that for their hardness, they rank second only to quartz in terms of durability. You don’t need to worry about dropping your diamond or bending it out of shape (unless you just do it on purpose). 

A ring made from a precious metal like platinum can lose its shine over time if not properly cared for, but a diamond is one of nature’s hardest substances and will likely stay intact forever. If you plan on passing your engagement ring down through several generations as an heirloom, then you might want to stick with diamonds instead of other stones.

They Have Great Investment Value

As consumers become more and more financially savvy, there are two main advantages that a diamond has over any other ring. First, diamonds are a great investment. The demand for diamonds is growing while supplies have been tight in recent years, and they’re expected to continue increasing in value through 2018. Second, engagement rings aren’t taxed as an asset or property; it’s not considered income when it’s given. On the other hand, if you want to invest in gold, you must first decide which would yield the most returns. However, you also want to avoid receiving a hefty tax charge. It would be best if you considered gold’s tax treatment and categorization as mentioned from gold ira tax rules.

They Last Forever

Unlike a diamond necklace or earrings, a ring doesn’t run out of style. They are timeless pieces and will always look beautiful on your hand. You won’t have to worry about what rings you need to update when fashion changes. Instead, you can enjoy knowing that each piece is one of a kind and looks just as stunning today as it did when you first slipped it on your finger.

Their Appeal Is Universal

The appeal of diamonds has lasted for hundreds of years, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. In every corner of our world, men will continue to offer them as symbols of their love to their future wives. Whether they’re a single man looking for an investment or a married man looking to pay tribute to his wife, diamonds have a universal appeal that goes far beyond their monetary value. 

A diamond ring is a dream purchase for many people, no matter what stage in life they find themselves in. If you’re one of those people, there’s no need to fight it: treat yourself! Here are ten reasons why more and more people choose diamond engagement rings when they want to propose.

The Jewelry Market Provides Options For All Budgets

There are several great and affordable options for engagement rings. Those on a tight budget can purchase a simple diamond band to show their commitment to marriage, while those with more cash to burn can purchase highly valuable, impressive, handcrafted womens wedding rings that will reflect their fiancé’s unique taste. Buying an engagement ring is all about finding something special and memorable for your loved one that matches their style.

These Gems Convey Strength, Power, and Prestige

Few things say I love you as clearly and powerfully as a diamond engagement ring. From blue sapphires to pearls, diamonds are by far the most popular gem choice for engagement rings because they convey strength, power, and prestige. 

Few things have stood the test of time in quite the same way as diamonds have. It’s not surprising that people turn to diamonds when they want to make a long-lasting statement of their love and commitment. The resiliency of diamonds is linked directly to their popularity; few other stones can be passed down from generation to generation with such ease.


While it might not seem like there are many reasons to buy diamond engagement rings, once you start thinking about it there are many more benefits than you’d expect. Before buying a diamond ring for your future spouse or significant other, take some time to think through all of your options and keep these reasons in mind. You might be surprised by what they could mean for you, once you are ready to make the decision we suggest to try and find beautiful wedding bands here and be ready ahead of time. 

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