Five Of The Best Vehicles With 7 Seats

By Shannon Gurnee
In Car Review
May 28, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about five of the best vehicles with 7 seats.

Being part of a large family has its advantages, and you are never bored or alone. However, space might be a concern, particularly when planning a family vacation.

Fitting the entire family into one vehicle can be challenging, but car manufacturers that recognize this issue have several seven-seater cars available these days.

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Seven seaters are no longer just cars that families with more than 2.5 children have at home. 

The conventional multi-purpose vehicle rapidly lost favor to a seven-seater SUV as the rest of the world realized there was a vehicle that would provide you adequate packing room. The cars started appearing like big freight carriers. If you do invest in any of these vehicles, you may need to keep spare auto parts in your garage to maintain their safety and functionality. If you live or work in San Diego and have damaged your windshield, you can call a Trusted Auto Glass for Hassle-free Windshield repair and replacement

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Volvo XC90

Whether you are looking for an ambient cabin look & feel, a handsome exterior design, and some flexibility with the seven seats inside of your car, the Volvo XC90 seems to have it all. 

Regardless of the engine, the seating versatility does not change either. 

While the last row does not suit any child seats, these should generally only be installed in the middle row for parental accessibility purposes. The last row is also spacious enough to fit smaller adults or children, with better access than some other vehicle suppliers.

Mitsubishi Outlander 

Comparable with the likes of the Nissan X-trail, the Mitsubishi Outlander seven-seater got a major makeover for its 2022 version but came with the well-known comfort and safety that is to be expected from any Mitsubishi. 

It is no wonder that this car is one of Australia’s best-sellers, given that it offers many of the same characteristics as the other seven-seater cars discussed in this article but at a much lower price.

With a starting price of $34,990, the Mitsubishi Outlander cannot be ignored if you’re looking for a spacious car for you and your family. Look for a trusted mitsubishi dealership near me today.

Kia Sorento 

The current edition of the Sorento comes with a slew of stylish upgrades as standard, giving this classic big seven-seater an exquisite and fresh feel for a price that’s still competitive.

You can purchase all of the various engine types for around $40,000, and you won’t have to compromise any seats or room like you would with the Land Rover Discovery.

Because it is usually a bit of a scramble to get into them or sit appropriately if you have medium to tall adult-sized legs, they are best used by your children or smaller-sized people in your household.

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is a versatile and highly sought-after electric SUV, known for its impressive performance, sleek design, and commitment to sustainability. With its spacious and well-designed interior, the Model Y offers a comfortable and inviting cabin for drivers and passengers alike. The 7-seat configuration, although not intended for full-sized seating, provides ample space for younger passengers on shorter journeys. Additionally, the tesla model y interior offers a practical cargo capacity, especially when the second row is folded down, making it suitable for everyday needs. Equipped with advanced technology and a strong electric range, the Tesla Model Y exemplifies the brand’s dedication to innovation and redefines the driving experience in the electric vehicle market. Tesla car owners will surely love ev charger installation leeds.

Land Rover Discovery 

This Land Rover delivers on the promise of spaciousness, comfort, and a little additional luxury that one has come to expect from this manufacturer. 

The most luxurious aspect of Land Rover Discovery’s new five rear seating options is that they can be adjusted electronically and through an app on your smartphone. This effectively prevents you from messing with backrests and space while allowing you to alter seats based on persons in the vehicle simply remotely.

This feature, like everything Land Rover-related, is an expensive addition, and this car will probably only be attractive to you if you have spent the most of your life driving and purchasing these relatively high-end cars.

Skoda Kodiaq

The 2016 released seven-seater option from Skoda combines a spacious cabin as well as a boot for the price you can get these versions in.

Because the seat in the second row is a little bit too small and there is not enough room, there is a possibility that you will not be able to install three child safety seats next to each other in the centre of the vehicle.

In addition to this, one other thing to bear in mind is that the seats located in the far rear of the vehicle are not genuinely certified for use as safety belted seats based on the results of the crash tests (as with several seven-seaters, often the case).

In addition, getting into those seats is something you need to delegate to the more flexible and athletic members of your family or circle of friends.


As you can see, there is no longer any cause to stress out about the logistics of preparing a vacation for your family that involves numerous children or several of your children’s friends.

As a result of the expanding market for seven-seaters, which are available in a wide variety of body styles and engine capacities, with or without additional luxury features, there is unquestionably a car or truck available on the market that caters to every consumer’s preferences and requirements.

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