7 Great Ways for the Whole Family to Get Active Together

By Shannon Gurnee
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April 27, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about 7 great ways for the whole family to get active together.

Family Bike Ride

Getting active with your family is a fantastic bonding experience and it can give you a common interest too. Here are seven great ways for the whole family to get active together.

Go for a Bike Ride

A bike ride is an excellent adventure that will keep the whole family fit and healthy. You can get the whole family involved in choosing your destination and visit lots of interesting and educational places near where you live. Riding a traditional or electric bike will keep you fit and active. If you don’t have your own bike yet, try to check out this used bikes for sale.

Go to the Park

A trip to the park will help you to get active. The kids will have hours of fun running around and playing on the swing and slide. There are often tunnel-like activities where your kids can explore and use their imagination. Adults will be kept active running around after the kids and pushing them on the swings and roundabout. More adventurous adults might even want to have a go on the equipment themselves. 

Play Baseball

Find a large open space and have a game of baseball together. This is a great idea for bringing in extended family members too so that you have enough people to make up two teams. You may need to get some equipment such as a few bats and a ball. A pitching mound will come in handy too and there are three main types to choose from. Once you have the equipment you can use it regularly without having to spend any additional money.

If you want to make a whole day of your family activity, why not pack a picnic too? Then you can enjoy an al-fresco meal after your game.

Do Chores Together

This might not sound like the most exciting family activity, but all that dusting, hoovering, and tidying will certainly keep you all active. Best of all the kids can learn some new skills that will stay with them forever. There is a great sense of achievement in completing chores and it means that the adults are not stuck having to do all the work themselves. 

Go to the Zoo

There are a few family activities that you can do at a park or a zoo. You will be surprised at how much walking you do when you visit the zoo, and you can clock up a good few miles by the time you have seen all the animals. The whole family will enjoy looking at the different species. Kids will be enthralled by animals they have never seen before, and they will talk about their adventure for weeks.

Go Bowling

Bowling is great fun for all the family. Make it more of a challenge by dividing into teams or playing kids vs adults. This is a fantastic way of learning hand-eye coordination as well as teaching kids to enjoy winning but to be graceful in defeat. You can round this experience off with a trip to the local fast-food restaurant or diner that always seems to be located near bowling alleys like the Competitive Houston bowling spots are great when travelling in groups. 

Hold a Games Night

Get active by holding a games night and including active games such as tag, hula hooping, and twister. This will give you all a terrific workout and you will exercise parts of your body that you never knew you had. You will be laughing so hard that it will make your cheek and stomach muscles work hard too. If your kids are already teens or young adults, you may also look into Pool table delivery to play some good old billiards. This is the type of activity that both kids and adults will want to turn into a regular event. 

These are just seven great ways for the whole family to get active together and they are fantastic bonding exercises too. 

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