How to Help Your Teen Succeed in School

By Shannon Gurnee
In Kids
April 12, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about how to help your teen succeed in school.

Teen in School

We all want our children to do well in school. When they are younger, it’s easy to help them and they are keen for you to be involved. They talk about what they’ve done when they’re still at child care Elwood, who their friends are, and what they like and dislike. Unfortunately, in most cases, it doesn’t last. As our kids get older and find more independence, they stop talking to us so much, and it can be hard to know what is going on at school, never mind offering help and advice. However, teens that receive help and support from their parents, and those who involve their parents in their education, are more likely to be academically successful and happy in school. Here are some of the best ways that you can help your teen do well at school. 

Stay Engaged

Teenagers have more independence. They confide in us less, and they are perfectly capable of getting themselves to and from school, packing their bags, and doing their homework without our help. This can mean that we stop asking about school. If your teen thinks that you’ve lost interest, they’ll withdraw even more. Stay engaged with their education, asking how things are going, talking to them about their projects and friends, and generally taking an interest in their lives out of the home. If you feel like there are subjects they need to work on, you may consider letting them join a kids summer program.

Attend School Events

Attend as many school events as you can. Go to parent-teacher meetings, sports days, bake sales, and volunteer when possible. Spending time in school helps you to connect to your child’s community, but it also means that you can follow their stories more easily. 

Learn About School Policies

All schools have different rules and policies. If you want to support your teen, make sure you understand the rules that they are expected to follow especially if they attend a christian school. The last thing you want is to give them advice that contradicts what they are told at school or even gets them into trouble. 

Help with Homework

Your teen might be reluctant to ask for help with their homework, but you should still offer. Offer to read through essays and check them with a reliable online plagiarism detector. Ask them about their reading materials and how their math homework is going. If they need help with something that you aren’t sure about, spend time working through it together. When they have exams, spend time revising with them or quizzing them. Make sure they always know that you are there if they need help. 

Support Them with a Healthy Diet and Plenty of Sleep

Your teen will do better at school if they have a healthy lifestyle. Eat together as a family as much as you can and ban phones from the dinner table. Make sure there are healthy snacks that they can grab quickly and that they always have a bottle of water to hand. Then, encourage healthy sleep routines. 

Encourage Conversation

Teens don’t like to be questioned about their lives. They don’t want you to check upon them. This can make conversation difficult. Respect their privacy, and don’t try to force them to tell you anything, but encourage conversation by telling them about your day and asking about theirs. 

Many parents find that spending time outdoors together, perhaps on a walk, encourages more open and easy conversation. 

Teach Good Organization

Good organization is key to success in school. Encourage them to do homework every day, pack their bags the night before and keep their rooms clean and tidy. 

Give Them Space to Work

It’s hard to study in a hectic household. Make sure they’ve got a desk and a quiet space to work away from the rest of the family. 

Encouraging conversation, supporting your child, and helping them to stay fit and healthy will all help them to do well at school. If you are worried at any point, don’t be scared to check in with their teachers. Otherwise, you can search for some online math classes that could help your kid as well.

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