Essential Tips To Find A Living Accommodation While Studying In The US

By Shannon Gurnee
In College
March 26, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about tips to find a living accommodation while studying in the US.

Study abroad student living

Finally! It looks like you have received an email of joy (acceptance letter) from your dream college. Are you now worried about the accommodation in the US? Let not the joy drain away so soon! Several questions might be flooding your mind right now, such as where to stay? Which place to choose? What will be the cost? Will you be able to stay alone? It is absolutely a daunting process, and this is why we are here to help! 

Here are some essential tips that will make the idea of accommodation in the US clear as a crystal for you:

Decide A Housing Option That Suits You

Dormitory rooms in university halls, 2 bedroom apartments, paying guests, extended stay hotels, sharing rooms are some available housing options in the US. Choosing the kind of space you want is the first step. While you find the perfect one for you, you can go with convenient short-term rentals by Kasa. Kasa Living properties will fit your budget, and you can hire them as long as you want. The privacy, security, refined interiors, prime locations, and amenities like Wi-Fi, kitchen, and laundry make it suitable for anyone looking for accommodation. It is definitely a promising start for student accommodation. After all, being new to the city requires staying in safe and secure apartments.

Research The Area To Find The Best Location

What do you prefer, walking a short distance to the university or staying in the middle of the campus? Your choice determines your further expenses. For instance, living on-campus will save you commuting costs, and you have access to all college amenities. On the contrary, staying off-campus will give room to explore. Some students stay in-campus for a year and then move to apartments after they are familiar with the environment around them. You should check out the properties at if you prefer having access to good amenities. Now, it is all up to you! So, research and find what works best.

Find A Price That Suits Your Budget

Students and money never go hand in hand! It can be challenging for students to bear a heavy accommodation expense. Would you like to add more to your savings? University dorm rooms tend to be inexpensive and will save you huge rent. But it lacks privacy. Opting for catered housing is an excellent idea to save money as you get to stay along with meals – you will hopefully eat out less. It is also common in the US to share a room with other students, which is a suitable option within the price range. 

Picture Your Ideal Experience

The one you live with during your university years has a massive impact on your college life. Most likely that you might be looking for a social and fun atmosphere. For this, you need to decide how you want to spend your time, both in and out of college. Do some online research and check out student housing of your choice. How about living with other international students? Or do you prefer working after college and living with strangers? It needs to be planned ahead of time so that you have a peaceful place to study.

Gather More Information

Some places usually require you to pay some deposit money that will be refunded once you leave. Also, when you plan, look at the cost of utilities like energy, water, internet, and so on. Have you been checking for apartments? Do not forget to go for a furnished one so that you don’t have to shed on buying new furniture. Enquire about properties that are safe with security personnel and CCTVs. This will ensure your peace of mind! These accommodation tips will surely guide you to find the perfect accommodation. 

Your university website is a great platform that can help you search for housing in the US. Especially when you plan to stay on-campus, you save a lot of money and will have no effort in reaching lectures on time. Talk to your alumni as they can best guide you with the overall process. Keep your hands on websites that have information about numerous rooms and apartments from which you can get a student-friendly room without much hassle. But if you have the money to spend on your accommodation, then you may consider living in luxury apartments.

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