Your Absolute Guide For 5 Must-Haves in Your Makeup Room

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health/Beauty
February 19, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about 5 Must-Haves in Your Makeup Room.

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All the beauty and flawlessness that play along in make-up, it is absolutely necessary to have an ideal setting for your make-up room. Who doesn’t love to do make-up? And to have a perfect room to get hands on all sorts of experiments you wanted to try out after watching viral make-up tutorials. Well, you may also want to explore this enchanting bold makeup, whimsical shades define pastel goth aesthetic look here.

Here’s the absolute guide to install a make-up room of your dreams.


Any make-up application wouldn’t be possible without a mirror in the room. It’s an essential process to install a good quality mirror in your make-up room for the better application of your make-up.

There are several kinds of mirror available in the market. Most preferably, go for a full-size and broad mirror along with another small magnifying mirror that helps you in seeing your face and skin pores more clearly. If you are someone who is a fan of vintage decor, install lots of different sizes of mirrors with different kinds of lights on the walls.

Just make sure it compliments the size of your room and goes well with your dressing table and vanity. While your vanity does include an attached mirror with it, it is always fun to experiment with mirrors by fitting them in or hanging it on your walls.


If a well directed movie demands light, camera, action; a perfect make-up definitely demands LIGHT, MIRROR, ACTION. Check the best lighted make-up mirrors to elevate the game of your make-up.

Lighted mirrors are trendy, handy, offer more visibility and are absolutely beautiful in appearance. However, if you are old-school and want to keep things simpler, you can always go for lights separately. A small tip about setting it in your make-up room is it should not be installed against the mirror, otherwise lights reflect on the mirror.

Always install lights in the same direction where your mirror is placed. Suggestively, get small bulbs of warm lights or white lights as per your choice and install them around the edges of your large mirror to give it a studio kind of appearance and have the best lighting experience. You may consult a professional electrician if you need help setting up your lighting systems.

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Dressing Table

Here’s a famous proverb —“At the dressing table, every woman has a chance to be an artist, and art, as Aristotle said, completes what nature left unfinished.”

Your make-up room will not be identified as a make-up room unless it has a dressing table in it. As the proper setting of all cosmetics together compliment and complete your face make-up look. Similarly, a proper set up of a comfortable chair, dressing table, desk organizers, make-up holders, jewelry boxes, marble trays, vanity and make-up cleansers compliment each other and make your make-up room ideal for make-up just how you always wanted a studio feel at home and hassle free.

Comfortable Seating

The seating has to be comfortable and well planned because an uncomfortable seating would either make you apply make-up in haste or it would ruin your mood.

A comfortable chair that goes well with your dressing table and the size of your mirror is perfect so that you are well faced towards the mirror and able to see your make-up application well and through. You can choose the stool or chair or sofa with cushions or rugs as per the space of the room. A fair tip would be to not go for a reclined chair as it wouldn’t be possible to apply make-up unless you are sitting in an ideal posture and well aligned.

Good Ventilation and Temperature

Final must have in your make-up room is a good ventilation system and should be air conditioned to avoid unnecessary suffocation and heat. It’s quite natural for humans to sweat while working at something or concentrating too much.

Since, applying perfect make-up is an art, it is crucial to maintain the right temperature for the room. It should not be very warm or too cold but something in between or entirely according to the weather of your city and your personal preference. But make sure to consider a good air ventilation system while renovating your make-up room.

Also, it’s advisable to use floral or earthy fragrant room fresheners and scented candles to make you feel good and suppress the odor of chemical based cosmetics.

There are few other things as well like a wash basin or sink, good set up of camera for selfies and video recording, hair styling appliances and other make-up tools that you might consider if you have a required space in your room. Just don’t overwhelm your room with too many things because that can be unsettling and a mess at times. Go for the things that can be easily managed by you as your daily regime.

Ultimately, you are the artist and you have to decide and choose what would be most needed to create the best art.

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