5 Helpful Tips on How to Train Your New Puppies Effectively

By Shannon Gurnee
In Pets
November 10, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about how to train your new puppies effectively.

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Being a first-time fur parent can be very overwhelming. Puppies can be very handful, and training them while still young can be an advantage. But how should you start? What do you need to prepare? What’s the best thing for a puppy to learn first? These questions might be the first to pop up in your mind.

There can be a lot of options on how to train your puppy. You can choose whether to get your puppy to a class, hire a private trainer, or you can even do it by yourself. Of course, it has to be the basics, but at least you’re going somewhere. Usually, it can take up to 4-6 months to train a puppy. Some, even go a year! But, if you are patient enough, training them can be easy peasy lemon squeezy!

At first, it won’t be easy, and setbacks can be present, but these things are normal to fur owners. Reinforcing them with hand signs whenever they need to follow a specific command or give them treats while instructing a trick will surely learn. If you need to leave them at a dog daycare center, you may be able to ask the staff to continue training your dogs.

Let Your Puppy Choose Their Favorite Treat

As new-time puppy owners, choosing your dogs’ favorite treat can be tricky as there are a lot of choices for them to pick. For starters, you may opt to select the primary flavor of treats like beef and chicken. Once your puppies are bold enough to try something else, you can check over at Black Hawk Australia, as they offer a wide ray of treats fit for your puppies and dogs.

Once you choose the right food for your pup, you can use this as a reinforcement for your puppy. Give your new pal treats when they perform a command, or at least try to do it. Let them know that they are doing it right. A treat after the order can be very effective and may sooner let your dog recognize a task. Good behavior deserves positive reinforcement. 

Choose Your Puppy’s Name Well

Coming up with a name for your new puppy is part of all the excitement. Names can also be associated with better learning. Using a short name with a strong consonant at the end can be very effective as this helps them hear the word. Names like “Dug,” “Ginger,” or “Bailey” can be very alerting, most especially if it shows emphasis at the end.

If your new pup comes from an abusive environment, a new name can also be a fresh start for them. Dogs can be very adaptable. Once they get used to using their new name, they will obey you. Using it consistently will let your new pup respond sooner enough. Associating them with fun experiences with their names can be very effective.

Help Your Dog to Relax

When you get your puppy to your new house, they tend to get scared or uncomfortable as this is a new environment to them. Giving them a warm water bottle and a silent ticking clock can help them be more relaxed, imitating their mothers’ heartbeat and warmth. This tip can be beneficial, especially for puppies who lived in loud, busy environments or had a rough time in their early lives.

Puppies who come from a rough place can be anxious and may grow up as shy dogs. Other types of pups can grow into aggressive or territorial dogs that could disrupt your relationship with them. Introduce them to your place filled with relaxation until they become more confident.

Teach Your Puppy to Come Whenever You Call Them

The first command you should teach your pet should be to come whenever they hear their name. Kneel on their level and teach your pup to come using their names. When they do the command, be excited and give them lots of positive words and treats. Upgrading to using the “come” command whenever they are distracted with a toy or food can be your next challenge.

Always End Sessions on a Positive Note

Just like you, your new puppy has worked hard to please you through their training. Leaving your puppies with lots of love and praises and treats that they adore so much, letting them play, and giving them pets can be the best reward for them. One noticeable trait they can show is their way of wagging their tail that assures you that they enjoyed spending the day with you.

Let them end their day with fun and positive feelings so they can be conditioned to do it regularly. Owners who love their new puppies by treating them raise good puppies who obey rules. These types of puppies can grow up to be of service to others and or yourself.


Bringing home new puppies home can be fascinating as they add more meaning to your life. The challenge here is, puppies, like babies, need more time and should be cared for more closely. Your puppies can come from various places, and introducing them to somewhere new might be hard for them if they do it alone. Let your puppies feel your love, and for sure, they will let you feel theirs.

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