A New Parent’s Guide To Electrical Safety

By Shannon Gurnee
In Babies
February 15, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about A New Parent’s Guide To Electrical Safety.

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Baby proofing a home comes with a myriad of unique challenges for new parents. You start to see dangers in places you never fully expected to. Kitchen cupboards have to be locked up, edges of furniture and walls have to be softened, and your floors need to be kept immaculately clean to ensure your little one doesn’t ingest anything they’re not supposed to!

One element of your home that will rightly demand a fair amount of your attention is your home’s wiring, residential electrical installs such as electrical sockets and switches. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to outline some electrical safety measures for families below, just so you can make absolutely certain your children will be kept safe from your home’s most common electrical hazards.

Education is Key

It has to be said simply clearing up cables and turning plugs off at the wall is not enough to protect your child in the long term. The best way of ensuring your child stays safe from the dangers of electricity is through education. Electrical safety tips for children include best protocol for all the environments your child may find themselves in, ranging from your home to their classrooms. Start by informing your older children of the importance of electrical safety in their home environment before moving on to the importance of continuing their safety practices even when their parents aren’t around to supervise them. Be sure to communicate that practicing electrical safety is a big responsibility, and that by doing so, they will not only protect themselves, but also their friends, family, and classmates. 

Socket Covers Are a Must

Foreign objects in your power sockets can cause sparks and oftentimes even fires in your home, which is why socket or outlet covers are a fantastic addition to any baby proofing process. It’s recommended that you opt for seamless covers built with high-quality plastics to ensure minimal chances of the covers breaking or being successfully removed by young children. You can also install a whole house surge protector in Littleton, CO and nearby areas. You may consider getting help from an expert in whole home surge protection in Slatington, PA.

There are also different kinds of socket covers, ranging from plug covers that must be inserted into the socket, box covers that hug the entire socket plate, sliding covers, and full socket cover panels that are generally used to hide sockets that aren’t being used. This variety is a genuine asset, as children can be curious in different ways, and you can make your selection depending on what you feel will be most effective with your household in particular. Take some time to observe your child’s play behaviors and assess which cover may be trickiest for them to get around. If you have live wires out and about, you can hire professionals like residential electrician in Tenino, WA or this Antioch electrician to inspect them for you.

Cable Boxes and Cable Hiding

Babies love to chew on things. It’s one of their most indefatigable qualities, and it is a source of stress for a lot of new parents. Whilst their chewing instincts can be largely pacified with the use of baby-friendly toys, there are certainly objects in your home that you do not want your little one putting in their mouths. Cables definitely fall into the latter category. Not only does cable chewing pose risks of your baby ingesting rubber, copper, and other inedible, potentially damaging materials, but frayed cables can also put your entire family at risk of electrical damage and fires. This is why throwing out frayed cables is high up on the list that is the homeowner’s guide to electrical safety

You can install cable boxes and other cable organizers in your home to ensure that cables are kept out of your children’s reach, as well as taking cable hiding measures in your living room, home theatre space, or any other space where you may have large electronic devices that are often kept plugged in.

Your home’s electrical system plays a big role in your family’s day-to-day life. It’s only logical that your child is kept in the loop in regards to the importance of maintaining this system. Be sure to call your local electrician promptly if your household experiences any cause for concern, and don’t let your child be kept in the dark when it comes to matters of electrical safety!

You can also call your neighborhood electrician today for professional Electrician services in McKinney. And if you need electrical panel repair in Manalapan, NJ and nearby areas, you may consider hiring professional electricians from companies like electrical installation – Damyans Electric. For electrical panel replacement or electrical panel repair, you may contact an expert in electrical panel replacement in Lorain, OH or a professional Electrical Panel repair in Orlando and other surrounding areas. 


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