Bucket List: Traveling to Ireland

By Shannon Gurnee
In Ireland
January 28, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered blog post about an item on my bucket list – traveling to Ireland.

traveling to Ireland

I’m going to start off this blog post by saying I have never traveled to Ireland nor do I have any immediate plans to travel to Ireland in the near feature. However, traveling to Ireland is definitely something I would love to do someday in the future. Ever since I was little, I was told the stories about how my ancestors went through the Great Potato Famine and then migrated to the United States to raise their families. While I know that not every person in Ireland has red hair, having red hair (and having over 51% of my genetics as both British and Irish), I felt very connected to the Irish. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to visit Ireland, but I do hope to go someday with my husband.

Beautiful coastal views. I would love to see in real life the beautiful coastal views like we see in the picture above. Complete with green

Explore ancient castles. I’ve never been to Ireland, but I’ve seen lots of pictures of beautiful, ancient castles. I would love to see one in person and be able to take a picture of it (and possibly even explore it) to share and remember.

Boarding schools. It may sound weird, but boarding schools tend to have really pretty buildings. Given my career in education, I would love to be able to see how they educate in boarding schools, as well as what the interiors and exteriors look like.

The River Shannon. It only seems fitting that I would go on a boat ride on a river that has the same name as me, right? What a beautiful and relaxing experience this would be. I wonder if they would have wine and cheese on the boat ride, too?

Shopping in Ireland. Another thing I would love to do is to go shopping in Ireland, wandering through markets, malls and gift shops. Perhaps even going to a street fair if they have them. I would look for different kinds of candies, small decor items, bracelets, or even earrings (like these Simply Whispers gold plated earrings).

The Dublin Zoo. I love going to the zoo and have been to quite a few California zoos, but I would love to see how different the animals are in another country, especially in Ireland. Not only would it be cool to see and photograph the different types of animals there, but it would also be some pretty good exercise walking around.

Eat at Irish restaurants. While in Ireland, of course we would have to visit the restaurants and experience Irish food. I love to visit restaurants not only for the food, but also for how the interior looks. It’s amazing how much actually goes into building and setting up a restaurant (like EConstruct), as well as decorating it and creating a welcoming and warm environment.

Drink at an Irish Pub. We’ve checked out quite a few breweries over the years here in the United States and I would love to see how the Irish Pub is different. I would love to experience that and share about it.

What would you do if were you to visit Ireland?


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