7 Tips for Renting a House and Being a Good Tenant

By Shannon Gurnee
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January 24, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered blog post about 7 Tips for Renting a House and Being a Good Tenant.

Renting a House

I’ve rented for a long time and have acquired quite a bit of experience for being a good tenant to the landlord. If you’re renting for the first time or trying to improve your position as a tenant who rents from a landlord, then this blog post is for you. Check out these 7 tips for renting a house and being a good tenant.

1 – Your Lease – If you have a lease, be sure to read it from beginning to end. You need to know what utilities you are responsible for, what house maintenance tasks you are responsible for, details about rent, details about responsibilities of both landlord and tenant, how many people can visit, if you can have pets, and more. Reading and understanding the lease will give you the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you might have. Most good landlords will work with you on the terms of the lease. If you have a paper lease, be sure to keep a copy of it in a safe location.

2 – Paying Rent – Always pay your rent on time. If you encounter a situation where your rent check may be late or there is a problem that will affect your rent payment (i.e., you deposit a check from someone else that bounces and has a ripple effect on the rest of your outgoing expenses), be sure to let your landlord know right away. We find it helpful to have our rent payment automatically sent via a bill pay option with our bank. With this option, it ensures that our landlord receives the rent every month before it’s due on the 1st.

3 – Storage Solutions – If you have a lot of extra stuff that doesn’t fit inside the house, be sure to have good storage solutions to hold your stuff in. We like to use the plastic storage containers that are clear so I can see what is inside of them. We also make sure we put a label inside the bin so we know what’s inside (this is especially helpful if the container has paperwork inside of it). Another way to store items is to use pallets. Check out this website to see if they sell used wood pallets.

4 – Renter’s Insurance – Renter’s insurance is important for tenants to have when renting from a landlord. Your landlord may even require you to have renter’s insurance, so be sure to confirm that in your lease. We’ve used renter’s insurance before when our power went out and we lost all of our food in the freezer. It is very affordable and necessary to have when you are a renter. Learn more about other types of coverage you might want to consider getting.

5 – Rent or Own – Rent your home like you own it. By this, I mean take care of it as if it is your own property that you own. Treating the property will not only keeps you good with the landlord, but it will ensure you getting your security deposit back in the event you leave the property and also house price reduction in buying the property is also achievable in this case.

6 – Home Improvements – There are some landlords who are willing to work with you on making modifications to the home. Be sure to get permission before doing so. Landlords or property management services who know that you take good care of the property will more likely grant your request to make modifications or home improvement updates. You also need to report any immediate repair to your landlord. For instance, you need to immediately report roofing damages that require the services of a roofing company. If you need equipment to make the modifications, but can’t afford to buy it, be sure to learn more about a leasing option.

7 – Neighbors – We’ve found it a huge benefit to get to know our neighbors where we’re renting. Not only is it nice to have people to say hi to or converse with occasionally, but you’ll also have people to watch out for you (and you them). Plus, if something comes up, it’s a plus to have them reach out to you to resolve it before immediately complaining to your landlord. Be sure to provide your neighbors with your cell phone number for adequate communication.

Hopefully this blog post was helpful and gave you some tips on how to be a good tenant when you rent from a landlord.

What tips do you have?


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