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By Shannon Gurnee
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January 12, 2021
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Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post from author, Diana Sims, about creative tips for college students about writing a health essay. Diana is a stellar writer and a prominent journalist. Her research studies in writing have helped thousands of students achieve better results. She shares valuable insights on writing that resonate within the readers. Her articles at jetwriting.com garner a striking number of views, likes, and shares, and she finds this recognition as her biggest career achievement so far.

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Professors assign essays to gauge the degree of learning that is taking place and give students a chance to demonstrate their writing skills. While all academic projects are important, some can be notoriously challenging to write. Also, college level writing demands extensive research, as well as a strict adherence to the rules of formatting and citations. If you have been asked to create a health essay for your project and you have no clue how to procced, then you are in the right place. Here is a summary of the most important steps to follow if you want a paper that will impress your professor.

Understand the Instructions

The most effective way to start your health essay is by reading and making sure that you have understood the assignment requirements. Each project will have its unique set of instructions, based on the learning outcomes and the nature of the task. Make sure you know what your professor wants, including the research questions, the type of assignment, number of pages, and formatting style.

If you rush to start the work without first understanding the expectations, you risk digressing or missing some important elements of the task. If anything seems unclear, feel free to ask your instructor for clarification before you proceed. Don’t panic if you don’t have time to do the writing on your own. You can hire professionals to offer fast essay writing service online.

Choose an Interesting Topic

Choosing a good topic is an amazing way to prepare for the writing process. Some instructors assign specific essay topics to students, making this stage of essay writing simpler. When you have a topic from your professor, make sure to stick to it, organizing your arguments and evidence to build a unique and relevant argument.

When given the permission to select a topic on your own, restraint is recommended. Make sure that your essay topic addresses the assignment questions in the prompt. Also, carry out some preliminary research to see whether there will be sources to support your document. A good essay topic is unique, interesting, relevant, and narrow. Consider your audience and the indicated word count as you draft the topic.

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Brainstorm and Create an Outline

One way to create ideas for your essay is brainstorming. This involves noting down everything you can think about regarding the topic. Brainstorming allows you to come up with interesting points that you can build on through research and logical argumentation. The notes you produce at this stage will also help during the outlining process.

An outline is essentially an element of your essay that indicates the main sections of your paper. Whether or not you have been asked to create an outline, it helps to have one before you start working on the task. A good outline works by guiding the process of research and drafting. It will ensure that you don’t leave out useful information and don’t digress beyond the scope of the project.

Research Well

The quality of your academic essay depends not just on the validity of your original arguments, but also on the authenticity of the evidence you present. Professors want essays that show independent reasoning, meaning that the work should be original. However, the best essays also recognize the contributions of others through citations. You need to consult sources to find evidence that will enhance the logical validity of your text.

When conducting research, go through different types of sources. Don’t limit your research to journal articles. Instead, combine sources, gathering data from books, newspaper articles, and government publications. As you read through the sources, identify the relevant ones and take notes. Make sure to record information that will help with creating references and citations.

Produce a Thesis Statement

Sometimes, professors will ask you to include a thesis statement in your essay. Even when this request is not explicitly communicated, make sure that you dedicate the last sentence in your introduction to the thesis. This is the section of your paper that summarizes your key points, showing your stand to the readers. Before you start writing, generate a working thesis, which you can adjust as you continue with the writing task. A good thesis ought to clarify your intentions, and should be concise, arguable, and interesting.

Use the Appropriate Structure

The next stage in writing your health essay is drafting. When working on the first draft, don’t stress with issues like grammar and syntax. There is always time for editing and proofreading once you have created your paper. Your health essay should have a catchy introduction with a hook and a thesis, well-argued body paragraphs, and a clear conclusion.

Writing a quality health essay should not be too challenging if you follow these tips. Make sure to edit and proofread your text before sending it to your professor.


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