Tips on How to Pass Nursing School Exams

By Shannon Gurnee
In Education
November 23, 2020

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about Tips on How to Pass Nursing School Exams.

Nursing School Graduation

Do you feel stressed when thinking about the upcoming nursing school exams? You aren’t the only one who finds them challenging. Nursing exams are always complicated as they test the ability of students to apply their knowledge. You need to demonstrate not only the knowledge of the theory but also the ability to use it in practice. Do you find it difficult to prepare for a nursing school exam? Stop panicking, as you can always use nursing writing services provided by professional essay companies like WriteMyPaperHub. It’s a good way to get ready for any challenging test, spending minimum time and effort. Find out what recommendations experts give to students who want to get an A-grade for a nursing exam.

Develop an Effective Study Schedule

First of all, you need to organize the process of study effectively. If you want to succeed, you need to develop the right study schedule. It’s a good idea to divide big portions of information into small manageable sections. Learn each topic step by step without any hurry. Create a plan with the time limits and follow it.

Check the Questions Asked at the Previous Test

There are books with the tests that include the same type of questions that will be asked at the nursing exam. Of course, they are different questions, but it’s smart to use such practice tests as a part of your study plan. You should get acquainted with the format of questions and review those lessons you don’t remember well. Such practice tests will help you understand what topics should be revised again.  Nursing tests include three types of questions. 

The first one is just the theory you’ve learned during lessons at school. The second one is the question that includes a certain situation that requires a solution. Here, you need to apply the knowledge you’ve got in the nursing course. And finally, the third type of question. These are the most complicated questions that require careful analysis and interpretation of information. If you want to get an excellent grade, you need to show the best results dealing with all three types of test questions successfully.

Pay a Special Attention to the Key Words in the Question

Sometimes, students search for the right answer for hours while the right answer is in front of them. Most multiple-choice questions contain a statement that can help you answer the question the right way. So, be careful and reread the question twice before you put a tick close to the answer you consider the correct one. You will be given questions about the patient scenario. They may include information about the patient’s age, sex, health problems, etc. You should understand that each detail matters. 

Take Small Breaks to Relax

Unfortunately, the human brain can’t perceive too much information at a time. You need to take breaks and engage in something else to refresh your mind. Your brain activity will improve after a break. You can drink a cup of coffee. Everyone knows that caffeine helps restore energy. But you shouldn’t drink too much coffee as caffeine can cause harm to your health. Do anything that can help you relax. Listen to music, talk to your friend, or go for a 15-minutes walk to breathe fresh air.

Always Think How This Information Will Help the Patient

When you learn the theory, you need to understand that you should have a clear understanding of each process. Patients don’t need an explanation of medical terms. They want to feel better. You shouldn’t just memorize the theoretical explanations from the textbooks. You should process the information and think about how each health condition takes place, what causes it, and how it is possible to prevent the negative effects caused by the disease.

Prepare for Exams with Peers

It is a good idea to study with your peers. Studying in a group is much more effective as students feel engaged and can share their knowledge. This way of studying is more interesting than just staying at home and reading chapters of textbooks alone. It’s recommended to create a group of up to 3-4 people and study together.

Search for Credible Sources of Information

You should learn from the teacher and the textbooks you use in classes. But it would be great if you use some other additional materials. There are many official medical sites like WebMD, where you can find many valuable pieces of information. Use only educational websites and the sites designed for medical workers. Remember that there are many web resources that contain false data. Use only trusted outside sources when preparing for an exam.

Develop Your Own Strategy on How to Memorize Things

Studying at a nursing school, you need to memorize a lot. For this, you need to improve your memorization skills. Every student has his or her own strategy on how to learn new terms, memorize the explanation on how a specific health condition develops, etc. What is the most effective way to memorize things when you are preparing for an exam? There is no one learning method that works for everybody. You need to find a way that will work for you best. Some students write notes and put stickers with new information everywhere in the house. It is just one of the possible ways. 

Follow the tips above, and you’ll definitely pass nursing exams without any problems. Plus, check out custom nursing papers and Wonderlic scholastic level test for nursing.


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