Learn More About Your Dog’s DNA Story with Embark

By Shannon Gurnee
In Pets
August 28, 2019

Our dogs are part of our family and we’re sharing about how to learn more about
your dog‘s DNA story in partnership with Embark.

Dog's DNA with Embark

For a long time, we wanted to have dogs, but couldn’t have them where we were living. Now we live on a bigger property and have since added two beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs to our family. My husband and I have both done a genetics tests before and it was really cool to see the different ancestry lines and other information we got from the tests. I think it would be cool to do one for our dogs as well! That’s where Embark comes into play.

Embark is a dog DNA testing service that offers the world’s most accurate dog DNA test – revealing insights on breed, ancestry, health and traits. It’s even been featured on the Today Show and on Oprah‘s Favorite Things list. Embark’s Breed + Health Dog DNA Test looks pretty dang awesome! It provides information on breed, health, ancestry, and more just by doing a simple cheek swab.

Embark is the only canine genetics company that uses a research-grade DNA genotyping platform, which their industry-leading scientists spent years developing at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. It’s pretty amazing that they have the ability to look at over 250 breeds and more than 175 genetic health conditions and traits, plus being able to capture over 200,000 genetic markers. That’s 100 times more genetic data than Wisdom Panel!!!

Embark Dog's DNA Test

Inside the kit, you’ll receive three different items. These include (1) Swab & return label and (2) Swabbing instructions. So how does it work? Once you receive the kit, simply swab the cheek to collect your dog‘s saliva sample, and then send the kit back to Embark. Results are typically returned within 2-4 weeks. How easy is that?

This looks like a pretty awesome kit and is definitely one we would love to check out someday with our Great Pyrenees dogs! Order your Dog DNA Test today!

What do you like about the Embark Breed + Health Dog Test?


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31 Responses to “Learn More About Your Dog’s DNA Story with Embark”

  1. Amber Myers says:

    This is pretty neat! I need to do this on my cats. I’m curious. We don’t have dogs.

  2. Alli Smith says:

    I had the DNA test done and I loved learning all about my ancestry. I’d love to do the same with my dog, Max. It would be interesting to learn more about where he came from.

  3. Rena says:

    You know I wondered how long it would take a pet company to jump on the DNA testing boat. To me, that would be as fascinating as mine would!

  4. GiGi Eats says:

    I should give my sister and parents this for Christmas!! Oh and my brother too, he’s got two MIXED dogs!

  5. Erin Knight says:

    This is so interesting. I always intrigued by my dog’s ancestry and Embark looks like an awesome kit for it.

  6. Stacie says:

    I love this! I think it’s great that they use such advanced testing methods. I actually assumed all the companies did. Good to know!

  7. Jeanette says:

    Well that would be interesting to do. I have always wanted to know what all the different dog breeds that make up my pup!

  8. Tasheena says:

    This is such a cool idea. I wish I had a fur baby to get tested. I have to make sure to share this with my friends.

  9. Brandy says:

    THis is the first I’ve heard of Embark! I love that you can find out your pet’s DNA history, I bet this is quite helpful for those who have adopted a pet and not sure of their breed. I bet it’s also fun to do with purebred animals since that’s not always a DNA guarantee. I would probably do this if we had a pet that we could get the DNA test back about.

  10. Natalie says:

    I had no idea there are dog DNA tests! They are growing in popularity for us humans haha, pretty cool they have them for pets too.

  11. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    I read an article the other day about people who had discovered surprising things about their dogs from a DNA test. They need one of these for cats too!

  12. Kelly Martin says:

    It’d be great to know your dogs DNA history. This would be a great gift idea for dog lovers.

  13. Tiffany La Forge-Grau says:

    Oh my gosh that is such a cute idea. I would love to know more about my beagles’ lineage!

  14. Karen Morse says:

    This is a wonderful way to get to know your dog more and take care of him/her better since you’ll find out about their health and traits! I think it’s awesome that we have this kind of option.

  15. Ruth I says:

    This is interesting! I love the idea of knowing the dog’s DNA nad helping the owner to know what is the best for them.

  16. This is so cool. My dog has a doppelganger in Canada that we found on Instagram and have since become friendly with the owners. We follow each other and talk about our dog’s traits, it has been quite interesting. They had a DNA test done on their pup and I would love to get one done on ours and compare. So cool! I think that would make for a fun blog post, I will have to share.

  17. Cathy Mini says:

    This is such a good way to know more about our pets. I would love to do it to Bowie so I can take care more of him.

  18. Tami says:

    I’d like to have this done simply to know the true breed our dog is. My husband and I disagree on what all our dog is made of.

  19. Emily Fata says:

    We adopted our girl from the humane society and the only information we got was that she was used as a breeding dog in a puppy mill. We weren’t sure her exact age, and especially not her exact breed. This would be a great way of figuring that information out!

  20. Kathy says:

    This is really great that they have this. I don’t have any dogs, but this would be wonderful for those who do. I think it would be fun to see the true breeds for some dogs.

  21. Emman Damian says:

    Knowing my Dog’s DNA Story with Embark seems so nice. I hope I can get one so I can understand the DNA story of my puppy.

  22. Beth says:

    Two of my dogs are mutts, it would be fun to know more about their ancestry.

  23. Swathi says:

    I haven’t done any DNA test, this sounds like great product to check the ancestry of the dog.

  24. rika says:

    This is so cool! I didn’t know that they have a DNA test kit for dogs! That would be so much fun to know more about the ancestry of the dog!

  25. Katrina Kroeplin says:

    I’ve done my songs DNA and it was awesome. I love this. So cool!!

  26. Lyanna Soria says:

    That’s so cool, I didn’t know we had dog DNA tests. This would be a great present to give for my friends who has a dog.

  27. Mayuri Patel says:

    The reason I like being on this commenting group is that I learn so many new things. Have never thought of dog’s DNA test and didn’t even know such a device exists. I guess its really useful especially when one wants to make sure that their pets are healthy.

  28. PinkPeachFuzz says:

    oh Wow this is really neat. A DNA test for dogs? Who woulda thought

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  30. Shakeia Rieux says:

    I don’t have any dogs but this is pretty neat! I will be sharing this post with family and friends.

  31. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I can’t wait till you post about your own dogs . Love to see what there’s reveal . I would love to do my rescue dogs too I know she is a mix but it would be great to find out more.

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