How to Properly Find a Stretch Mark Cream

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health/Beauty
May 25, 2019

Today, on Redhead Mom we’re talking about How to Properly Find a Stretch Mark Cream as part of a sponsored guest post.

Whether your stretch marks came as a result of pregnancy, rapid weight gain/weightless, or during puberty, the truth of the matter is that they are ugly, sad, and downright unwanted. These shiny designs can suck the life out of you. They can lower your self-esteem, limit your outfit selection, make you feel unattractive, affect your sex life… you name it. Hence, no one will blame when you move mountains and valleys in search of the best stretch mark solution.

Pregnant Woman

Stretch marks are scarring of the skin as a result of excessive stretching. This stretching causes connective tissues in the dermis to break apart with the result being broken collagen, blood vessels and elastin fiber, or in simple terms stretch marks.

Thankfully, there are thousands of anti-stretch marks creams, oils, and lotions in the market today. However, finding the right one is often an impending challenge. While there’s no effective way to eliminate all stretch marks from the body, the right cream will make the situation much better. So how do you find the best one for you?

What Should You Look Out For?

People are different so are their anti-stretch mark cream preferences. Some fancy thick and greasy consistencies while others would rather go light and sheer. The bottom line is that you should go for a product that actually does a great job of moisturizing your skin.

The first thing you should realize is that whatever you put on your skin almost always gets absorbed into your bloodstream. You cannot afford to use artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals in any anti-stretch mark cream. To be safe, go for natural ingredients that enhance collagen production, amplify hydration, and retain skin moisture. To help put things in the clear, you want to find a cream that contains the following natural ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera: No need for an introduction here as Aloe’s numerous skin benefits are in the public domain already. If possible, all your anti-stretch mark products should always contain Aloe Vera as the main component.
  • Essential Oil: Essential oils such as olive, coconut, lavender, primrose, emu oil, and jojoba are skin’s best friend. Apart from making you smell amazing, they provide moisture that cuts through the deepest layers of your skin.
  • Collagen: Collagen is formed by the human body but over time, production plummets. It is the main component that gives the skin its life and glows and increases its elasticity. To have it as part of your anti cream is like hitting a bull’s eye with regards stretch mark treatment.
  • Vitamins A and E: Almost all moisturizers in the market contain vitamins A and E. The reason is that they trigger more collagen production and reduce cell oxidation resulting in a plumper, youthful skin. Beware though that vitamin A is prohibited for use in pregnancy.
  • Elastin: Elastin is yet another skin’s component that often tears during rapid weight gain and periods of hormonal imbalance. To replenish lost elastin, look for creams that contain elastin.


What Should You Avoid?

For your own safety, never purchase anything that contains mineral oil, phthalates, parabens, and petroleum. These can be deadly to your body. Not only are they carcinogenic they can harm your baby if you are expecting.

Look For Reviews If Shopping Online

Whether you shop for a best stretch mark removal cream on Amazon or any other e-commerce store, never underestimate the power of reviews. The internet is full of them—both fake and legitimate ones. It is upon you to conduct thorough research before making the order. Reading lots of reviews will help you filter the bad from the good.

Additional Tips

  • If you have dark stretch marks, a stretch ark containing Tretinoin will be of great help to you. However, it might not be effective for older, faded stretch marks.
  • Cocoa butter and a wide range of over the counter stretch mark removal creams will soften your skin but may not penetrate your skin deep enough to eliminate stretch marks.
  • Effective creams that contain collagen, emu oil, and liposomes can easily break through your skin and work on damaged skin. They are also quite safe, easy to use and affordable.


Stretch mark removal creams are designed to restore the skin’s appearance and functionality after episodes of over-stretching. Unfortunately, not all the available options in the market can do this. The more reason you should find your cream properly to make meaningful value out of your investment.


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4 Responses to “How to Properly Find a Stretch Mark Cream”

  1. Dawn M. says:

    Is it true that you cant get rid of old stretch marks? I haven’t tried to do anything abouit mine for years because nothing worked.

  2. Elena says:

    I had plenty of stretch marks on my thighs and ever considering the fact that I started the use of dermalmd stretch mark serum my marks had been slowly fading away to the point that I may want to slightly see them.

  3. Hansen says:

    Were given Dermalmd Stretch Mark Serum for stretch marks throughout pregnancy. I have few stretch marks on my breast and have used Dermalmd serum for 2 months now. Stretch marks went from a dark purple color to being barely substantive at all. I’m able to wear low cut shirts and you have to really be seeking to see them at all.I highly recommend.

  4. Audrey Dicki says:

    I had a doubt buying the organic pharmacy stretch mark oils since I have tried others before but I gave Dermalmd stretch mark removal serum a try. And it really works on my pores and skin I saw effects before I finish the bottle I apply it twice sometimes more and I truly saw a distinction within a week and that amazes me. I don’t have any complaints of the scent it does not bother me. So now my second time shopping and I’ve subscribed with dermalmd. I still have a bit left in the bottle will be waiting for the second one.

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