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By Shannon Gurnee
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May 20, 2019

Today, on Redhead Mom, we’re learning more about Veneers as part of a sponsored guest post.


Are Veneers Painful?

The thought of pain is enough to keep many people from having various types of cosmetic dental work done. Not wanting to experience pain in the dentist’s office is reasonable, but this fear commonly comes from a lack of information. Popular procedures done by cosmetic dentists, such as the attachment of veneers, have improved incredibly. This is especially true in client comfort.

What Exactly is a Veneer?

Veneers are replacement appliances for portions of smiles, made of hard and durable materials like porcelain, ceramic, and lithium. Typically sculpted to replace at least two teeth, veneers can replace the entire upper and lower rows of teeth most times. The benefits of having veneers installed are many. Some people choose veneers to enhance an already attractive smile. For other people, veneers are an excellent tool to overcome years of embarrassment caused by dental problems.

These problems include:

  • Tooth cracks and chips
  • Gum contouring problems
  • Terrible tooth discoloration
  • Unsightly tooth spacing
  • Oral maladies caused by accidents


Though the benefits of dental veneers are attractive, the fear of pain can override a desire to have a restored smile. However, you can ease much of this fear by understanding the process behind having veneers installed.

Careful Designs Behind a Simple Process

A person cleared to receive a veneer should expect a minimal amount of pain during the process. In fact, mild discomfort is the best way to describe it. Dental appliances of all sorts alter the way the mouth feels. They also require some dental preparation. Every part of the mouth is sensitive, so one should naturally expect discomfort. Experienced dentists, however, do everything possible to make getting veneers a pleasant experience. Veranda Family Dentistry – best dentist in port st lucie fl is one you can put your trust into.

First, the mold for the targeted teeth is created by using a putty that quickly forms around the teeth and gums. You may feel a dull pinch from the putty hardening, but it is temporary. This mold is then sent to a sculpting lab where the veneers get fashioned to meet the dentist’s and client’s specifications. Usually, the creation of a perfectly contoured veneer takes one or two weeks.

When the veneer is ready to be installed, a dentist will prepare the smile section. This involves removing a tiny bit of tooth surface enamel. Only a fraction of one millimeter is removed. Many patients do not require a numbing agent, but the option is always available as a precaution.

Next, an etching solution is applied to the tooth surface. This creates microscopic divots in the enamel that help the veneer’s adhesive layer hold firmly. Finally, bonding cement is used to attach the veneer to the teeth. With a curing light, the cement bonds in a few minutes.

The simplicity of having a veneer installed is a relaxing experience for most people. It is literally putting a protective “enhancement shell” over teeth and making sure the bond is secure. In most cases, getting veneers is as painless as a thorough cleaning.

Veneers Prep

To consider someone a candidate for veneers, they must first attend to existing dental problems. Sometimes, seeing to these problems can be difficult. Before the veneer creation, pain can be a factor with problems like:

  • Severe cavities and tooth decay
  • The need for gum contouring and infection treatments
  • Large tooth cracks
  • The need for a root canal
  • The need to remove impacted teeth


To ensure that clients get the most life out of their veneers, teeth and gums in the area must be healthy. If decay problems are too severe, a dentist could recommend other forms of cosmetic alterations. These include ceramic crowns, bridges, Dental Implants, or general whitening treatments.


If pain happens after a person gets a veneer, it’s through sheer lack of care. Getting a veneer means adopting a brand new oral hygiene regimen. One must pay extra attention to cleaning the veneer, the surrounding teeth, and the gums. If oral infections happen because a person does not clean properly, it can be very difficult to take care of. Fighting oral problems around a new veneer can require some painful treatments.

  • Other causes of veneer-related pain are:
  • Grinding teeth
  • Clenching the jaw
  • Taking part in dangerous sporting activities
  • Tremendous degrees of pressure and blunt force


These bad habits endanger veneers and surrounding teeth. With veneer breakage from the anchor teeth, you can expect to experience immense pain or tooth cracks.

Dentist Experience is Key

To guarantee that the correct veneer is created and installed, a person needs to find an experienced dentist, with a vast knowledge of cosmetic appliances. This means having the ability to prepare a smile all the while preventing procedural pain. It is also best if the dentist works closely with a reputable lab that offers the finest veneer options.

In larger cities, there are many periodontists and cosmetic dentists offering veneer services. Dr. Marc Lazare is one with an extensive background in cosmetic dentistry and dental technology. Through exams and sophisticated diagnosis procedures, he helps his clients understand what enhancement options are realistic for their personal goals and smile types, and teaches clients how to care for their new veneers. Working with a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Marc Lazare is the best way to curb the fear of experiencing pain during a veneer installation process. Visit Dr. Lazare’s site if you’re interested in veneers in NYC.


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