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By Shannon Gurnee
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April 16, 2019

A little over a year ago, our family moved to a bigger home with more property within the same town we were living, if only we would have had a home organizer app.


Our blog post today about the WIZT App is written in partnership with Helios.

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Even though it wasn’t a move of great distance, the same amount of stuff had to be packed and moved from one location to another. As of today, we still have boxes that need to be unpacked. I can tell you that there have been a number of times when I’ve gone out in the garage in search for a particular item and not found it. Plus, our boxes are clear, making it easy to see the items in them. You would think that would help, right? Nope! If only there was a way to know where my stuff was whenever I needed it without having to search for it! That’s where the WIZT App comes into the picture.

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WIZT is an app that is short for “Where is it?” It was created by Louis and Cheryl, a husband and wife team, after countless arguments on misplacing items around the house. How many of us honestly get frustrated when we can’t find something around the house? I’m sure it’s quite a few of us. The app was designed as a tool to allow us to find and locate our items quickly around the house. I love it because it saves the hassle and frustration of searching high and low for items. Plus, there is a sharing function for people to communicate with friends, families and roommates where items are without any miscommunications. Security with apps is also important and it’s great to know that WIZT is secure with a 2FA log in to ensure all the data stays yours.

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The Singapore-based consumer technology company, Helios Eos Pte Ltd., will be launching this revolutionizing mobile app soon this month. Not only does it work for the home, but it can also be scaled up to address enterprise-level space and inventory management issues. This very well may be the world’s first most powerful organizing and tidying up app, WIZT packs a robust augmented reality (AR) engine behind an engaging, user-friendly interface.

Screenshot of online inventory


Using the WIZT home organizer App to make a personal inventory of household or office goods is super easy! Users simply need to click pictures of the storage area (home/office/warehouse) and the items. There is even a facility to tag items packed in a box, or clothes and accessories in a closet. This would sure come in handy when I head out to our garage looking for an item I need! I think it’s great if you’re moving or packing stuff up as well. You can identify items and where they are as you place them into boxes! I wish we would have had this app when we moved a year ago!

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“WIZT tells you what is stored where,” explains Louis Lim, CEO, Helios Eos Pte Ltd., and the brain behind the app, “The app takes a virtual stock of things in your house or your office and where they are stored, making it easy for you to find them instantly when you need them. WIZT is short for ‘Where is IT?’, you see,” he quips.

If you are looking to organize your home and have better control of what is actually in your home, I highly recommend you check out WIZT home organizer app when it’s available this month. Your life will change and you will feel more in control! I’m so glad I discovered this new app and can’t wait to put it into action.

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