How to Help Support The Health of Our Dogs’ Skin, Joints, & Muscles

By Shannon Gurnee
In Dogs
February 12, 2019

This is a sponsored guest post with Innovet Pet.

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As a pet mom of two Great Pyrenees who are loaded with fur, I often worry about what’s hiding under all that fluff. While I wouldn’t trade away their fluffiness for the world, I’m all too aware of how all that extra fur brings along an increased risk for skin problems. There are bugs that love hiding, yeast infections, and hot spots to all look out for. But that’s only one of their breed specific issues I worry about for them.

Unfortunately, like many breeds, Great Pyrenees are susceptible to hip dysplasia, inflammation, and joint pain. There is also this Spongiform Leukoencephalomyelopathy (SLEM) which is a recessive hereditary disease in Border Terriers. It is commonly known as “shaking puppy syndrome”.

That’s why I was excited to give heal.protect. wag Balm by Innovet Pet a try. It offers 14 all-natural ingredients that give us a multi-solution approach to helping our dogs with everything from skin health to inflamed joints.

Great Pyrenees Innovet Pet #InnovetPet #Pets #GreatPyrenees 3ad

About Heal.Protect.Wag. Balm

Packed with 14 ingredients, heal.protect.wag. Balm takes only seconds to apply and quickly absorbs into the skin for relief within a few minutes. This makes it perfect for helping our dogs out the second we see them experiencing discomfort. Regardless if that’s relieving the itch from an allergic reaction or helping them limber up stiff joints in the morning.

heal.project.wag. Balm contains: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other compounds that are natural anti-inflammatories, antiseptics, antivirals, antifungals, and moisturizers all in a perfect balance with each other.

Key features:

  • Fast absorption for fast-acting effects. Has a consistency that spreads effortlessly and doesn’t run or make a mess.
  • Not only is it non-toxic, but your dog will still reap the benefits if they end up licking some or all of the salve.
  • A non-oral and direct way to help your dog with inflammation, allergies, and pain. Great for treating isolated discomfort, soreness, and irritated skin.


What Makes Heal.Protect.Wag Balm Different From Other Pet Topicals

Heal.protect.wag. Balm focuses on being a multipurpose solution that targets all sources of inflammation. Even better with 14 ingredients that all have a complex profile, this topical can target a single source of inflammation in multiple ways. Basically, inflammation doesn’t stand a chance!

This is so important because inflammation is associated with more major diseases than it isn’t.

Inflammation is seen playing either a role in allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, ulcers, and fever to name a few.

Great Pyrenees Innovet Pet #InnovetPet #Pets #GreatPyrenees 3ad

Skin Problems

Innovet Pet included hemp seed oil, avocado oil, and St. John’s Wort. They also included apricot kernel oil and chamomile to help moisturize dry skin and soothe itchiness. Five great ingredients that come together to help prevent and treat those dreaded hotspots.


Heal.protect.wag Balm main focus is hitting all the source of inflammation from multiple attack points or pathways. Basically, all the ingredients in this topical have research showing they help reduce inflammation in some manner.

The topical allows you to apply direct relief from inflammation, pain, and arthritis at the source. This is a big help if you notice your pup is having more issues with a particular area.

So for example, your dog might have a couple of stiff limbs, but on some days their right back leg bothers them more. Heal.protect.wag Balm can be applied as needed for additional isolated support to a specific area

How to Use Heal.Protect.Wag Balm?

Simply apply a dime-sized amount either on your hand or directly on the area you want to treat. Gently massage the cream into your dog’s skin which will absorb within minutes.

For treating skin conditions such as irritated skin or preventive skin health, it may be difficult to see the topical working in the moment. You should see improvements in their skin within a few days to weeks depending on the reason for use.

For sore, stiff, and painful muscles & joints, you should see the topical physically helping with their mobility and comfort within 30-60 minutes. Apply more as needed at any time.



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27 Responses to “How to Help Support The Health of Our Dogs’ Skin, Joints, & Muscles”

  1. Stacy says:

    It’s so good to know what’s in the balm since you can never be too careful. I had a dog for 14 years that just recently passed away in Oct 🙁 but she didn’t have any skin issues. Your dogs are very lucky to have you!

  2. Stacie says:

    I love that it’s non-toxic and actually good for them even if they lick up some of it. I have an older dog, and his joints really bother him.

  3. I’ve always been apprehensive about putting a topical ointment on dogs, strictly for the reason that if they lick the area, the chemicals could affect them. I love this for the all-natural aspect.

  4. Mitch says:

    This is great info for my sister-in-law, they just got a second dog. We no longer have a pet, but this is great info for those that do!

  5. Trina says:

    This is great info, we have a baby golden retriever, well she’s one now so not technically a baby anymore lol but I want to keep her as healthy as I can. She came home and fit right into our family.

  6. Ruth I says:

    Non toxic? That is so great! Glad to know a product like this that will surely help our pets.

  7. Theresa says:

    My boxers are 8 now and after a run around the yard show signs of discomfort in their legs. I think this would really help them relax peacefully after playtime.

  8. kristin says:

    AWE way too cute!!! I had no idea I should look for this with my old guy. He could probably use this.

  9. Lyosha says:

    that is such a useful information! My dogs really appreciate more care for them basically all the time. And the heavier weight dogs appreciate it even more.

  10. Sara Welch says:

    I should try this for our boxer’s paws. She is constantly gnawing at her front paws. We’ve changed her diet, taken her to the vet, and bathe her often and nothing seems to be working.

  11. Cindy Gordon says:

    Thankfully, I have a breed that’s not susceptible. However, I like to still stay on top of it for when older age starts rolling around.

  12. John Mulindi says:

    Good article for people with pets like dogs. I hope they will learn a lot from this post. Thanks.

  13. Alexandra Cook says:

    This looks and sounds great. I am so much more concerned with my dogs now than I used to be. So important to have this.

  14. Vanessa Delia says:

    This looks like you’ve got some great products for your pets! I used to do the same for my pooch.

  15. these are great tips. i don’t have dogs, but my mom does so I will def tell her about this.

  16. Kiwi says:

    I never knew dogs could get arthritis. Wow I’m glad their a balms for them

  17. Nina says:

    My family has a labrador retriever. They’re also prone to hip dysplasia. Plus my dog sits in a funny way that I think could also provoke it. This cream sounds like a great solution.

  18. artchee says:

    Honestly, I’ve never really paid attention to this. I guess we just paid attention to the basics of taking care of dogs. I’ll look into this more.

  19. It’s so cool that they have a special balm designed for them. It’s about time we take good care of our dogs as they are a source of joy.

  20. Diana says:

    I live any products for my pets that are non toxic and along with that help make my pets life better!

  21. Catherine says:

    Definitely going to look into this product. You have to be so careful nowadays when it comes to pet products. So important to ensure it’s nontoxic too. Thanks for sharing.

  22. never heard of this but it sounds like it’s amazing for older dogs. I love that you made sure its nontoxic

  23. Lynne B says:

    This sounds like it would be so helpful for my 14-year-old puppy.

  24. Nati says:

    Keeping our pets healthy is a priority for us! Thank you for the tips!

  25. Becca Talbot says:

    Very helpful info – I wish I’d known more about this when I had a dog. I have cats now – do you think the same applies? x

  26. natalie says:

    Oh what lovely dogs! Such an informative post, I don’t have dogs but I will be sure to pass this information on.

  27. Anna says:

    wow! these are some great tips here. Thank you it is handy for my furbabes. 🙂

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