Upgrade Your Home with the Bose Family of Smart Speakers and Soundbars at Best Buy

By Shannon Gurnee
In Electronics Review
October 21, 2018

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Bose Best Buy bosesmartspeakersatbestbuy #BestBuy #technology #home #ad

Growing up, I didn’t have a surround sound system or smart appliances. It amazes me what is available to our family today! I love having Amazon Alexa and smart appliances throughout our home! One of my favorite places to shop for new technology and smart appliances is Best Buy. Not only do they have a great variety of products, but they also have fabulous prices (not to mention they’ll match prices). In fact, I just discovered the new Bose family of smart speakers and soundbars and they look awesome!

Bose Best Buy bosesmartspeakersatbestbuy #BestBuy #technology #home #ad

Superior Bose sound with unlimited entertainment possibilities. The new Bose family of smart speakers and soundbars has built-in voice control from Amazon Alex that puts millions of songs at the tip of your tongue.ย And with Wi-Fiยฎ and Bluetoothยฎ compatibility, you can wirelessly stream whatever you want, however you want.

Bose Best Buy bosesmartspeakersatbestbuy #BestBuy #technology #home #ad

With future software updates, there will be additional new features. I love that the control goes way beyond voice. You can even enjoy one-touch access to the music you love or manage it all from the Bose Music app. Yes, you can manage it from your phone. How awesome is that??!!

Bose Best Buy bosesmartspeakersatbestbuy #BestBuy #technology #home #ad

What if you want more music in more rooms? The new Bose family of smart speakers and soundbars works together. The Bose Soundbar 700, designed to be the world’s best soundbar, delivers and unmatched combination of sophisticated design and exceptional sound. The stylish Bose Soundbar 500 has a thin profile that fits discreetly under your TV, while its powerful acoustics fill the room with sound. And the Bose Home Speaker 500 delivers the widest sound of any smart speaker. My Best Subwoofer can be a great addition to your home sound system as well!

Bose Best Buy bosesmartspeakersatbestbuy #BestBuy #technology #home #ad

What do you like about the new Bose family of smart speakers and soundbars?



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16 Responses to “Upgrade Your Home with the Bose Family of Smart Speakers and Soundbars at Best Buy”

  1. Alexandra says:

    I love this brand, and this looks like a fantastic soundbar! I have been hunting around for a while – looks like I may have found a good one through your post ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. kumamonjeng says:

    I like how slim and not bulky these sound systems are. Look very edgy too and this will make my house like a movie theater.

  3. Preet says:

    Oh wow, This is something that my boys would really love. mediatemples57@gmail.com

  4. Chad says:

    I want a Bose sound system nowwww! Especially the soundbar and the surround smart speakers, so cool!

  5. Our family is a huge fan of Bose. Our first major purchase was the radio Wave that we bought in the late 80s. We still have it and it still sounds amazing!

  6. I have been a fan of Bose since I was a teenager and their products just keep getting better and better.

  7. OOOH I’ve been thinking about getting a sound bar! I think you just made up my mind!

  8. The new Bose range looks great! I love that you can manage it from your phone – that’s super handy!

  9. stacey says:

    Haha, We did already. My hubby can’t watch TV without surround sound. lol

  10. after we move in the next month, i’ll be investing in tis. need to upgrade our entertainment center!

  11. Courtney says:

    Ooooo definitely need to bookmark this!!! My hubby would die if I bought him new speakers for Christmas!

  12. Sara Welch says:

    Bose has always been best in quality. This sound bar really looks nice!

  13. Eileen Mendoza Loya says:

    We also have Bose speakers at home and they do give us that great movie theater experience. I could easily recommend these sound bars and speakers to any friend or family member. I am sure they will be as satisfied with it as I am.

  14. Elizabeth O. says:

    Another great modern technology innovation this is look so nice and a perfect gift this christmas .

  15. Jackline A says:

    I love how sleek and modern this system looks. It’s nice to have some quality electronics that don’t clash with your decor, haha!

  16. Dandi D says:

    Wow, these sound really neat and I’ll have to think about getting some for my husband for Christmas!

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