Making Memories with Art Projects and Craft Cuts

By Shannon Gurnee
In Crafts
October 18, 2018

Today, we’re featuring our DIY Family Name Sign and DIY Happy Halloween art project in partnership with Craft Cuts.

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As a mother, I strive to provide our children with long lasting, positive memories of us together as a family. With 6 kids, that makes for a lot of memories. Whether it’s traveling somewhere, playing a game or creating something artistic, those memories will go with our kids through their lives. We recently had an art night with some of our kids and created a Family Name sign and Happy Halloween sign using items from Craft Cuts, a fully creative workshop specializing in custom letters, numbers, shapes and more for home decor made of wood, metal, and foam. Well, I got my idea after seeing Hand-Crafted Woodoworking Art Pieces that I really wanted to get for the house, but I remembered about a few materials I had stored away so I decided to make this a family moment instead.

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

We had a great time painting the letters and the big wooden pumpkin cutout we received from Craft Cuts. While we were painting, we talked about a variety of things as well, including how their day was, what they wanted to be for Halloween, and other random things. It was a lot of fun!

DIY Happy Halloween Pumpkin Sign

Craft Cuts Halloween #CraftCuts #art #artwork #decor #Halloween #ad

For our first art project, we chose to make a DIY “Happy HalloweenPumpkin sign. Our kids are very artistic and love to create things, so this project this was a lot of fun for them, especially with Halloween just around the corner. This is the perfect Halloween project for families and is definitely kid friendly!

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

For our DIY Happy Halloween art project, we chose the Plump Pumpkin shape from Craft Cuts. The pumpkin was Baltic Birch as the style, with the longest dimension of the pumpkin being 23 inches and 3/8 inches thick. The words “Happy Halloween” were made with Script Wood Letters in the font of Dessert Menu Script. The letters were 3 inches tall and 1/8 inches thick.

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

We bought basic acrylic paints from Walmart. Since our paints didn’t come with an orange color, we mixed together the paint colors to get orange, as well as added texture to the pumpkin. We mixed Red, Yellow, and added in some black for different shades of orange. For the texture of the pumpkin, we added dark brown and black mixed with brown. Then painted the letters black with dots at the top. We finished by gluing the letters onto the middle of the pumpkin. I think it turned out really cute!!! What do you think??

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

DIY Wood Family Name Sign

Craft Cuts Family #CraftCuts #art #artwork #decor #family #ad

For our second art project, we chose to make a DIY Wood Family Name sign. We used our own board as the background and then the Wood Family Name Kit from Craft Cuts. The kit (like the pumpkin and letters) were sent unpainted. The kit included letters spelling out “The Gurnee Family EST 2012,” as well as two unpainted decorative arrows. The font for the letters “The Gurnee Family” was in the font Dessert Menu Script.

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

About Craft Cuts

I am so excited that I discovered Craft Cuts and hope to create more decorative items for our home in the future! Every day, the team at Craft cuts comes to work excited to make the products their customers have come up with. They are fueled by creativity. At Craft Cuts, they can make decorative letters in any size for wall words or wreaths and door hangers. They also have a large selection of craft shapes in wood cutouts unfinished or painted, metal shapes, and stencil shapes. creates wall letters custom per order for home dΓ©cor and crafts. Your creative idea is easily made into decorative wooden letters, vinyl letters, and stencil letters in just about any font and size from small to large. Craft Cuts letters are precision cut custom to your specifications, producing unique craft supplies, and sent promptly so you can start decorating. Use their beautiful hand made wood letters for personalized wall names, monograms, or inspirational wall words you design. Vinyl wall lettering lends a hand-painted look to any flat surface. Craft stencils give limitless color options and crisp painting results.

Craft Cuts #Halloween #art #artproject #artprojects #diy #pumpkin #art #family #ad

Their letter options feature trendy fonts and original artwork inspired by breathtaking dΓ©cor found on blogs and pin boards. Creativity is encouraged by an interactive design tool on every product. The extensive personalized capabilities they offer makes all decorative wall letters shipped from their facility completely unique.

I love that each order they make is personal, coming from the heart of their customers who trust them to make their idea come to life. Custom craft letters have a special effect on any room or project. Put the finishing touches on a nursery or keepsake with custom lettering, all cut and professionally finished exactly the way you want it. Any project can be completed with exquisite personalized lettering made mostly by hand by artisans in our shop.

I really enjoyed the quality of the pumpkin and letters we received from Craft Cuts. I love that there are so many different projects I can make using Craft Cuts and hope to order from them again soon. These projects were a lot of fun for all of us and we are all thrilled with how they turned out!

What would you create for your home using Craft Cuts?


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24 Responses to “Making Memories with Art Projects and Craft Cuts”

  1. shelly peterson says:

    I love these signs. These would be fun to make.

  2. Janet W. says:

    The Happy Halloween Pumpkin Sign looks amazing! It turned out so well!!

  3. kumamonjeng says:

    I like how you making effort to provide your children with long lasting memories, such as traveling or creating something fun together. After reading your post, you have inspired me to do something like so too. Memory are the best gifts and most valuable to our children.

  4. Catherine shane says:

    Thats was a great bonding moment in a good for one together such a perfect time .

  5. Alexandra says:

    What a fantastic idea! I would love to give this a try sometime. Very special for this time of year.

  6. Vickie Couturier says:

    i used to do crafts with my kids and now the grandkids,they love making something that they can display for others to enjoy

  7. Monidipa Dutta says:

    I live them. They are so lovely and cute. I am bad at craft.

  8. We are doing Halloween crafts tomorrow, they won’t be as sophisticated as this though. Your pumpkin is beautiful.

  9. Daphne D Adams says:

    Such a great family activity. I may have to do this for my house. Thanks for the idea!

  10. This would be really fun. I love doing arts and crafts with the kids.

  11. Catherine says:

    The pumpkin came out beautiful! This is a wonderful way to get the family involved and together for the holiday.

  12. Kisha says:

    This is too cool! I love the finished product and I love the smiles on everyone’s face even more. It’s amazing how the simplest things brings families together. I have crafts for the holidays on my list of things to do with the kids as well.

  13. Cindy says:

    What a great Fall craft! It is so cute and a great way to spend time with older kids!

  14. we do crafts sometimes, but i’m not very crafty. I buy things more, lol

  15. Surekha Busa says:

    This is such a great idea for the coming days. Loved the creativity and artistic you’ve done on this.

  16. Preet says:

    This looks like a fun activity during Halloween. My kids would love this for sure.

  17. Sam says:

    What a fun family activity! I really like both signs. The lettering for β€œHappy Halloween” looks really good!

  18. Tamra Phelps says:

    Those projects look really amazing. My niece likes crafts and arts, so I bet she would love doing these, too.

  19. Liza Perry says:

    Love love every single picture! And as a mom too I so agree with building our kids lifetime memories.

  20. I love DIY projects and I adored the idea of DIY Happy Halloween Pumpkin Sign. It is such a cute looking sign πŸ™‚

  21. Chastity says:

    I think this is a great family moment together. If you can get everyone excited about family time, it’s worth it.

  22. Courtney says:

    Oooooo how fun!!! I’m all about a good ole craft night! So fun and definitely a great way to bond!

  23. NAti says:

    That is a great DIY project! It must have been so much fun to do it all together!

  24. laura says:

    So creative and beautiful! I love the apple sign.


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