5 Ways My Husband and I Bond Over Coffee

By Shannon Gurnee
In Food
September 5, 2018

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In our marriage, spending time with my husband and building our bonds together is necessary to a successful relationship. With a big family and busy schedules, it can become a challenge to find that bonding time with one another. One thing we have found ourselves bonding together over on a regular basis is our love for coffee. In fact, I’m going to share with you 5 ways my husband and I bond over coffee.

1850 Coffee #coffee #InspireYourBold #CollectiveBias #food #drink #ad

1 – While taking care of our animals. When we moved to our new home in Nipomo, we had the opportunity to add to our family two Great Pyrenees dogs, four alpacas and thirty chickens. In the mornings, we wake up and head down to the kitchen to make a fresh cup of coffee. We recently discovered the 1850™ Brand Coffee at Albertsons and love it! Not only does it smell great, but it tastes amazing as well! While our coffee is brewing, we feed our dogs. Once we’ve put together our dogs’ breakfasts, our coffee is ready. We pour it in our mugs and head out to the barn to feed our chickens and alpacas. It’s especially perfect on those cold and foggy mornings here on the Central Coast.

2 – While planning our day. During the week, we work, but on the weekends and on holidays, we like to plan out our days. Whether it’s going to the lake with our boat, going to the movies, or just having a lazy day, it’s so relaxing to sit with my husband and our hot cups of coffee, talking about what we’d like to do with our family during the day!

1850 Coffee #coffee #InspireYourBold #CollectiveBias #food #drink #ad

3 – While making breakfast. One way we bond with one another over coffee is when making breakfast. Whether it’s making eggs, bacon, pancakes or omelettes, we love to cook together and work as a team to prepare a delicious meal for our family. It’s a great way to start the day – a cup of coffee and homemade breakfast! Many people are elevating their daily cup of joe with specialty coffee like mushroom coffee and superfood coffee. This also applies to those days when we decide to venture out to a restaurant for breakfast.

4 – While working side by side. Both my husband and I are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work from home for our jobs. Believe it or not, we actually like working side by side. In the mornings, after we’ve fed the animals and taken the kids to school, it’s so nice to sit down on the couch together with our cups of coffee and work on our projects on our laptops…side by side. It’s great to have someone there to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of for my blog as well!

1850 Coffee #coffee #InspireYourBold #CollectiveBias #food #drink #ad

5 – While we travel. Both of us love our home and our family so much! When we travel (whether for work or pleasure), we miss that comfort and love we have at home. One way to feel that same good feeling is with that cup of coffee we enjoy every morning at home. It brings a happy and warm feeling and is the perfect way to start a new day in a different place!

I love that coffee has given rise to different situations where my husband and I have the opportunity to bond together. As I mentioned earlier, we discovered the 1850™ Brand Coffee at Albertsons and love the way it tastes! The 100% Arabica coffee beans are fire-roasted to help bring out that rich taste and aroma we so enjoy. I love that this unique blend of ground coffee delivers bold, yet smooth taste. Not to mention it’s evenly roasted for consistent coffee flavor with less bitterness. 

1850 Coffee #coffee #InspireYourBold #CollectiveBias #food #drink #ad

1850 Coffee #coffee #InspireYourBold #CollectiveBias #food #drink #ad

The 1850™ Brand Coffee is a new premium coffee from the makers of Folgers. Did you know that Folgers was founded during the California Gold Rush of 1850? That’s proof that great coffee can help inspire the dreams and ambitions of yesterday’s and today’s trailblazers. This new line of uniquely bold – yet smooth – coffee can help you embrace the bold! You can find the 1850™ Brand Coffee at your local grocery store. It comes in four signature blends of Ground and K-Cup coffee. It will also be available in 3 Ready to Drink flavors.

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  • 1850™ Black Gold Dark Roast Ground Coffee
  • 1850™ Black Gold Dark Roast K-Cup® pods
  • 1850™ Pioneer Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee
  • 1850™ Pioneer Blend Medium Roast K-Cup® pods
  • 1850™ Trailblazer Medium-Dark Roast Ground Coffee
  • 1850™ Trailblazer Medium-Dark Roast K-Cup® pods
  • 1850™ Lantern Glow™ Light Roast Ground Coffee
  • 1850™ Lantern Glow™ Light Roast K-Cup® pods

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We found ours in the coffee aisle at Albertsons. We even found a coupon that let us save $1.00 on our purchase of any one 1850™ Brand Coffee! This coupon is good from 8/1/18 – 9/30/18.

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We loved the smell and the taste of the 1850™ Black Gold Dark Roast Ground Coffee. With this flavor, you strike gold with a bold, yet smooth blend of 100% Arabica coffee with sweet dark cocoa notes. I not only love the smell and taste of the 1850™ Black Gold Dark Roast Ground Coffee, but I also really enjoy the look of the packaging! It’s pretty and it stands out on the shelf, making it super easy to find in the grocery store! Be sure to pick up a bag of yours and save $1.00 on the purchase of any one 1850™ Brand Coffee. Remember, the coupon is good through September 30th, 2018.

In what ways do you bond with your spouse or significant other over coffee?

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23 Responses to “5 Ways My Husband and I Bond Over Coffee”

  1. robin rue says:

    I can’t survive without coffee!! I will look for this brand when I am out shopping!

  2. Stacie says:

    I love this coffee. I have a full pot of it every morning. I, as in only me.

  3. Dana Vento says:

    1850 Coffee is great stuff! I recently discovered it, and I’ve never looked back. It’s such a nice flavor, and it’s smooth!

  4. Colleen says:

    I just switched over to this coffee. I actually bought it because they didn’t have my regular coffee. I’m so glad they were out!

  5. Our morning coffee is a great time for my husband and I to catch up, too. I haven’t tried this brand but it sounds heavenly. Definitely going to pick up some of the Dark Roast!

  6. Sarah Bailey says:

    Aww it sounds like you have a lovely time together with a cup of coffee there is nothing like sitting down for a good brew!

  7. KIM CROISANT says:

    That Pioneer Blend sounds refreshing. Got to have my 2 cups every morning! FYI – I’ve never drunk coffee from a glass cup, umm.

  8. Brianne says:

    Coffee in the morning is a must! 1850 sounds like an amazing brand of coffee. I love a smooth cup!

  9. Every morning is a great morning with coffee! My husband and I would like 1850 for something different!

  10. Marysa says:

    I can definitely relate to having a busy life! I have wanted to try this coffee for a while. It is nice that you guys take the time to share your coffee time together.

  11. Destany says:

    We don’t drink a lot of coffee, but sometimes we both need it! We are always on the lookout for new blends to try, and I think this just shot to the top of our list!

  12. Shannan P says:

    I haven’t tried this brand yet, but definitely will be on the lookout! I love that you two make time for each other like that. So great for your relationship!

  13. Rose Ann Sales says:

    Wow, it seems like you have a great relationship with your husband and it looks like a delicious taste of coffee that makes your bond together.

  14. My wife is a huge coffee drinker but me not so much. I never developed the taste except for ice coffee. But like you we have the pleasure of working together and it is the greatest thing to be able to do. Coffee is a big part of your life and the feelings it creates for you makes me want to try to develop the taste for it.

  15. Ruth I says:

    I’m not a regular coffee drinker but if I will drink, I would want to drink the best. This makes me curious and I really want to taste this.

  16. Lynne B says:

    My husband doesn’t drink coffee. We bond when he makes me a cup every morning. He’s a rockstar!

  17. Kiwi says:

    I like how you guys bond over coffee. I bond over juice and smoothies with my SO.

  18. Love You Wedding says:

    I think there is more coffee in our veins than blood. Haha. Seriously, my husband and I love our coffee. Both grumpy in the morning before that first cup. We are both work at home professionals so the coffee maker is always running!

  19. Lynndee says:

    We always have our coffee first thing in the morning and my husband and I bond over coffee while watching the early morning news.

  20. Laura says:

    I love a good coffee especially in the morning. It is a necessity and part of my system. lol! I’d love to taste this!

  21. Hubby loves his Dunkin Donuts coffee the best, which is stocked at our grocery store. We also have a DD shop only 2-3 miles away. I’m a fan of New England hazelnut coffee. I’ve never heard of this 1850 coffee. I love your routine, and how neat you both work from home! I have been since 2008, and my hubby would love to do likewise if he could ever land a decent remote job.

  22. Stephanie H says:

    My husband is not a coffee drinker; however, he will wake me up with a fresh cup every morning.

  23. Rosie says:

    I haven’t tried this coffee, it sounds great! It would be nice to have a mini-farm, and both work from home. Sure beats commuting long hours into a city and back again, hardly time to make dinner and start all over again! This is so nice, and to bond over coffee, it is a great way to stay in communication!

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