How a Layla or Puffy Mattress Can Lull You to Sleep

By Shannon Gurnee
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August 23, 2018
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This is a sponsored guest post featuring the Layla or Puffy Mattress.

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Some people say you haven’t started living until you reach 40. I say you haven’t started living until you’ve gotten yourself some good, comfy bed that’s going to last you a lifetime – now that’s living life… that’s living right!

Don’t get me wrong. Some of you think that those 2 hour lunch breaks you get when the boss isn’t around is good sleep. Hell no. Qualified medics and physicians have continually stated that an adult should have a daily sleep of not less than 6-8 hours – you would do yourself more justice if you inclined on the upper limits. Some of you stopped getting 8 hours of rest when you started watching the hot premier show, Sex and The City. Ever since then, it’s even right to say that your life has never been the same again – took a turn for the better or worse.

And this is what is killing our generation. When you hear that life expectancy is down to 50 years, that’s when you know things are thick. It’s the little things we do that either form or deform us. But as people are depriving themselves of some good hours of rest and allowing work to take over them, you don’t expect ‘zombies’ to go for that long now, do you?

Change is Inevitable

The only thing that remains constant throughout one’s entire life is change; whether you like it or not, accept it or don’t, it has to be there. Hence, to achieve that healthy lifestyle where sleep is not a challenge, some things have to be addressed.

Layla Mattress #home #sleep #sleeping #purple #nectar #health #ad

Your Bed is Important

You cannot walk on Miami’s sandy beaches barefoot when the sun is at 100°C and expect not to get burnt. Same way, you cannot go for a low-quality mattress that’ll only last you a few years and expect not to bruise your back! You’re going to be really lucky if you’re still straight by the time you reach 60.

Your bed should be able to contain your weight without any pressure created on your body. Whatever your sleeping position is, your mattress should be able to conform and support it. A Puffy review shows the different kinds of sleepers and their recommended types of beds.

Layla Mattress #home #sleep #sleeping #purple #nectar #health #ad

The back sleepers and stomach sleepers require a firmer mattress to support their spine and backs. The side sleepers need to sink into their beds making foam mattresses their go for all day every day. To get a better understanding of your sleeping positions and beds for you, go to the review of Layla and get yourself the top beds in the market.

Perfection in Construction

The key to a good bed is in its design. The top brands such as Puffy and Layla use a particularly unique design to suit an even wider clientele. Layla, for instance, is the only flippable mattress in the market with double layers of comfort. This means, once you get tired of the hard side of life, you can always flip your bed over and get to enjoy the better softer things. Life doesn’t come any better than that.

Nevertheless, some of these beds use synthetic foam which is known to cause allergic reactions to a number of people. If this isn’t your jam, don’t go for it kindly. Make sure you have a look at the build and construction make-up of your bed before you buy it. Get to know what the different layers are for. Also, you need to know if your bed will give you the cool night most people long for considering most foam beds do exactly the opposite. In the end, your comfort is what matters most and your health while you are at it.

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    This looks like a great mattress very soft I need a good one like this, I wake up with my back aching every morning

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