Keep Your Family Safe with SafetyPIN

By Shannon Gurnee
In App Review
May 22, 2018

This is a partnered post with SafetyPIN Technologies.

Have you ever watched the show, “Catfish?” It’s a reality TV show about the truths and lies of online dating. “Catfish” is about individuals who chat online, build relationships and often times find that the people they “thought” they were talking to aren’t really who they appear to be. In this day and age, we use technology for a lot of things – from making purchases to hiring a babysitter to meeting people – and if we don’t protect ourselves and our families, it could be a very dangerous place to be. That’s where SafetyPIN comes into play!

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SafetyPIN was created to make the internet a safer place for all of us. Whether you’re hiring a sitter, selling a couch, renting your place, or even dating…whatever sites or apps you use…asking for a SafetyPIN is the best way to know if you can trust someone you met online BEFORE you meet them in real life! And assure them that you are, too. A SafetyPIN™ is like a ‘Trust Badge’ for the internet age.

How does SafetyPIN work? SafetyPIN uses this really cool proprietary 4-pronged process that goes beyond the standard background check. They do a background check, but also screens someone’s criminal, financial, and personal history. They take that information and combine it with a behavioral profile If you meet their criteria, you’re awarded a unique SafetyPIN you can share with people on sites like, TaskRabbit,, Airbnb, CouchSurfing, and your favorite dating sites…anywhere. Founder and CEO of SafetyPIN Technologies, Jenny Thompson, shares about how she wished SafetyPIN had existed when she hired Sarah off Craigslist to watch her dogs and then how the sitter faked her death…read HERE!!!

SafetyPIN Technologies #SafetyPIN #safety #family #ad

I love SafetyPIN and feel confident that a person with a SafetyPIN is safe to be around my family and me. SafetyPIN has access to over 10,000 data sources and works with expert advisors who have over 60 years’ experience in criminal profiling and clinical psychology. And the whole process is really simple and painless.

You simply provide some basic information and answer a few short questions. The application literally takes only about 5 minutes to complete. Then, once someone’s approved (usually within 24 hours), they can share your SafetyPIN with anyone on any website. And SafetyPIN isn’t just concerned about keeping you safe. They keep your data safe, too. Your data and your privacy are protected using up-to-the-minute encryption and security technologies, as well as best practices. Plus, people can ONLY see your SafetyPIN ID – never your personal information. Plus, you control who can even see that!

SafetyPIN Technologies #SafetyPIN #safety #family #ad

SafetyPIN was definitely something we needed in this age of technology and I’m so glad it’s here! It definitely makes me feel so much safer when it comes to hiring a handyman, renting a VRBO when traveling or pretty much having anyone who’s going to be around me and my family. Starting today, I’m going to ask for (and verify!) a SafetyPIN before we hire anyone new. And you should, too! Get more information on how to get started by visiting SafetyPIN today!

Have you ever had a situation where you wish you would have used SafetyPIN?



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28 Responses to “Keep Your Family Safe with SafetyPIN”

  1. I need SafetyPin everyday it sounds like a great service to keep us all safe. I have to tell my whole family and the kids who are on the internet every day.

  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    I have to admit I’ve not heard of SafetyPin before but it sounds like a wonderful service for people who are looking for someone really trustworthy and good.

  3. This is the new wave of online security! I love that SafetyPin keeps all data saved and protected. There’s just so many positives to this.

  4. Brandy says:

    I really love this name for online security. It’s perfect and rather catchy. I hadn’t heard of them before though, so Now I am off to check it out in more detail 🙂

  5. Theresa says:

    SafetyPin sounds like a must have resource for our ever growing digital world. You never know who can be lurking on the other side of the screen, so extra safety precautions are always a plus.

  6. Kelly Reci says:

    SafetyPin sounds like a super beneficial service for all families. Definitely something I’ll have to consider with my husband.

  7. It’s always good to added extra layers of security! Loved reading your post! Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Amy says:

    I love that this is an extra layer of protection! It is much needed in today’s world!

  9. I love hearing about safer ways to use the internet like this! Makes you wish it was around a long time ago!

  10. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    This is really awesome. I am sometimes hesitant to purchase stuff online because I am always fearful of being hacked or my personal information being made known to unscrupulous individuals. I think if you run an online business, this would be fantastic to earn the trust of customers. Totally great for families too. Thanks for the info. I will be checking this out.

  11. Kiwi says:

    Thanks for sharing this technology! I think we can all use SafetyPIN!

  12. Lisa Favre says:

    SafetyPin seems amazing and a great way to keep the family safe with the use of technology. I should look into this further!

  13. Maureen says:

    SafetyPin looks like a great tool for parents to have for online security. It’s important to keep our family safe online, and with technology being in the kids life from day one (nearly) it’s great to know they’ll be safe!

  14. Kim says:

    Sounds like something tht ever parent needs. It’s great to know companies like this cares enough about consumers to watch out for us.

  15. Kristi says:

    This is this first I have heard of this but sounds like a great tool for all of us. So many things out there, we all need to be safe online.

  16. Brianne says:

    I haven’t heard of this before. Security is super important, this is great info and thank you for sharing!

  17. Marysa says:

    What a cool concept. It is so important to have tools like this, and to use technology in good ways like this to protect ourselves. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to look into using this.

  18. Vyjay Rao says:

    The internet is a real jungle out there and there are unknown predators lurking behind avatars and false names. Security is of paramount importance. The Safety PIN seems to be a step in this direction.

  19. Esther Irish says:

    Oh my goodness. So many times! I’m going to look more into this. I want my family to be safe.

  20. Ruth I. says:

    This sounds amazing! We really need to have this because almost everything is dangerous. We need to be sure who we are trusting and dealing with.

  21. Amy h says:

    This is the first time I have ever heard about Safetypin. It sounds like a life saver for some people.

  22. This is such a great resource to have for the family. You can never be too careful with some safety features.

  23. Heather says:

    This sounds wonderful. Identify theft and catfishing is only getting more complicated as technology advances. This is a great way to help us identify who we might be able to trust.

  24. I personally use Care, Rover and Air Bnb and this is definitely a great feat for our family to utilize. Especially with a growing 6 month old, we can never be too careful. I can’t wait to share about Safety Pin to my hubby and loved ones.

  25. With everything going on online, I think it’s really important that we take all the precautions that we can. This SafetyPin is really going to help us determine when it’s safe and when it’s not.

  26. Heather says:

    It’s amazing how far technology has come. I need to check this out. Safety is so important.

  27. Keeping my family safe is my number one priority. This sounds really awesome!

  28. Kiwi says:

    Im learning more and more about Safety Pin. Great technology to keep our information safe!

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