4 Ways to Save During the Holidays

By Shannon Gurnee
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December 23, 2017
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It’s hard to believe that the holidays are already here, isn’t it? With our family of 8, it definitely takes some planning and budgeting to make sure it’s a memorable and awesome time of year! “Save” is a great word for the holidays, isn’t it? Check out these 4 Ways to Save During the Holidays.

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Save money.

When it comes to holiday shopping, it can add up pretty dang fast! Our trick is to space the spending out and shop for the best deals possible. We love to shop at stores that offer a price matching guarantee. This means that if you find another store or brand that sells for less, that store will match that low price. You may also want to make sure you save money by budgeting through the year and setting aside money each month for this special time of the year.

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Save time.

With the holidays comes a lot of wrapping of presents, baking of goodies and prepping of meals. All of these take time and the best way to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones is to save time. The best way to save time is to plan and prep ahead. For example, start wrapping gifts as you get them or even a few days before the big day. Or start prepping for the big holiday meal by making dishes ahead of time. These are some great ways to save time.

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Save memories.

With the holidays come a lot of memories. Some of my best memories from my childhood are during the holiday season. So be sure to save those memories and preserve them over the years. A great way to do this is by taking pictures or videos. I love to share mine on social media channels and then revisit our family memories each year. If you’re a blogger like I am, sharing those memories on your blog is also another great way to save memories.

And the most important way to save during this holiday season:

Did I get your attention? Just like you were probably caught off guard by this video and my twist, you can be caught off guard by surprises on the road if you’re not paying attention.

Save lives.

While you’re saving money, time and memories this season, make sure you’re saving lives as well. This is in fact the most important way to save this holiday season. This holiday road trip season, choose to keep your loved ones safe and protect others by putting your phone away while driving. Don’t drive distracted. It Can Wait

AT&T’s It Can Wait is an awesome campaign and in 2017, it reached a milestone of 20 million pledges to not drive distracted. Were you one of them? If not, take the pledge today and resolve to not drive distracted in the new year!

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Everything Can Wait

People believe what’s happening on their phone is urgent and needs their attention now – which is based on the background that 69% of drivers continue to excuse their behavior by claiming “it’s an emergency.” They believe the world can’t go on without them, or that the world will pass them by. With that in mind, shed light on this stat in your blog post. Although what’s happening on the phone may feel urgent…in fact it’s not. Everything can wait.

AT&T DriveMode App

AT&T DriveMode is a free app available to customers of all wireless carriers for iPhone and Android users that helps people curb the urge to text and drive. It is also available in Spanish. It can silence incoming alerts and phone calls so you stay focused while driving. Its auto mode feature automatically turns on the app when you reach 15 MPH and turns it off after you stop. AT&T DriveMode can help keep young drivers safe by sending a message to a parent if the app is turned off.

Remember to save lives this holiday season. It Can Wait. Take the pledge HERE.

How do you save lives this holiday season?
Did you take the pledge?

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  1. ellen beck says:

    I dont use a cellphone but see so many who do. It frankly is scary to me and i has been shown that distracted driving is as bad as drunk driving if not worse.

    Another way to save money? Let your kids make handmade gifts- such memories, and many of us love it!

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