Make Taking Medicine Easier for Children with MediMixer

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
January 24, 2017


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You’ve heard it before – one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs is that of being a parent. I believe it’s totally true too! As a parent, I want the very best for my children. When they’re sick, I give them medicine and sometimes it gets to the point where they need to go to the doctor (who may also prescribe a medicine). Do you remember taking medicine as a child? I do and it WASN’T fun a lot of the time! What if I told you there was a way our kids could take their medicine and it wasn’t that dreaded process? Let me introduce you to the MediMixer.

#MediMixer #Kids #Family #Health #ad

Benefits of Using the MediMixer

The MediMixer is the first ever interactive children‘s medicine mixer and dispenser with a reward system attached! This gadget i a fun and innovative way to motivate your kids to take their medicine while taking their mind off the taste of medicine! It’s designed to make giving medicine – in pill or liquid form – easier for moms and dads. The MediMixer uses an interactive approach for your child to get excited about taking their medicine. The MediMixer can also be used for a daily vitamin.

  • Pour in Medicine or Crush Tablet with Grinder.
  • Pour in Favorite Drink.
  • Turn Mixing Wheel
  • Flip 2 Minute Sand-Timer.
  • Dispense into Cup.
  • Drink the Medicine.
  • Get a Reward Ticket.
#MediMixer #Kids #Family #Health #ad

How Do You Use the MediMixer?

1 – Measure. Simply measure their medicine dosage according to your doctor‘s prescription or OTC.

2 – Pour. Let your child pour the liquid medicine into the top of the MediMixer or drop a tablet in the grinder. Select a favorite drink or juice to pour down the spout. Measure and let your child pour it into the MediMixer.

3 – Gears and Cranks. Using the gears and cranks, your child can stir and mix their own medicine before dispensing the newly mixed medicine into a cup and drinking.

4 – Crush. MediMixer also grinds up pills and tablets into a powder so it can be combined with the juice or mixer of your choice. This is a great option for children who cannot chew or swallow pills that are prescribed by doctors.

5 – Reward. Reward your child with tickets for taking their medicine before the sand-timer runs out and making the experience of being sick just a little bit easier. The tickets are valued by the child‘s parent or caretaker. It could be a trip to a toy store or an ice cream shop or maybe even a monetary value so your child can save up for something bigger.

#MediMixer #Kids #Family #Health #ad

Frequently Asked Questions 

What medicines can be used with the MediMixer?

With all medicines you must consult with your doctor and pharmacist before mixing any medicine in the MediMixer.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, the MediMixer is designed to be easily taken apart and cleaned.

Do I need to clean the MediMixer each time we use it.

Yes, the MediMixer should be cleaned before each use to avoid cross contamination.

Can I use the MediMixer for liquid or tablets?

Yes, the MediMixer is designed to crush tablets through the pill crusher or you can use it to pour in liquid medicine.

Should I consult with my child‘s doctor, my child‘s pediatrician and pharmacist before mixing and or grinding anything in the MediMixer?

Yes, you should consult with your child‘s doctor, your child‘s pediatrician and your pharmacist before mixing and or grinding anything in the MediMixer.

Is adult supervision required when my child is using the MediMixer?

Yes, Adult supervision is required when using the MediMixer.

Can all medicines be crushed or blended together with a flavored beverages?

In some circumstances there are some time release medicines that can not be used in the MediMixer. There are also certain drinks with high acidity levels that can not be mixed with medicine. BEFORE using the MediMixer to grind or mix any medications with a liquid, you MUST consult with your child‘s Doctor, your child‘s pediatrician and your pharmacist.

Does the pill crusher turn the pill to powder?

Yes, the pill is completely pulverized and turned in to a powder.

What is the value of the reward tickets?

The value of the reward tickets is determined by you. Make it something that is encouraging to your child. You can make it a dollar value or maybe a trip to a favorite candy or ice cream shop. It can be anything that you and your child feel is a value. Have fun with it.

#MediMixer #Kids #Family #Health #ad

Order Yours Today

The MediMixer will be available on February 6th. You can pre-order yours now and save 50%!!!

What features do you like the most about the MediMixer?

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25 Responses to “Make Taking Medicine Easier for Children with MediMixer”

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  2. Sapana V says:

    This Medimixer is great. I think, it will help moms like me, whose kids hate medicines.

  3. Alice says:

    Nifty little device … might have to try it out to see if it works for me!

  4. Well, that’s freaking awesome. Where the heck was this when my kids were young and impossible to give medications to? I would have KILLED for one of those.

  5. Eloise says:

    The things they come up with these days is amazing! Glad that there’s hope for those parents who have kids who hate taking meds and make it hard! I’ll have to share this post with a couple people I know : )

  6. Roch says:

    I remember my dad using spoon and other hard utensils to crush down medicines to powder when we were little. Then he will put the bitter meds with honey and water to hide away the unappealing flavor. This is a nice one that answers many parents’ problem.

  7. Ha, this could have been fun to drink meds wqhen I was a kid as liquid meds before is not common and tablets were gross.

  8. My Teen Guide says:

    This medicine mixer will be helpful, my kids really hates medicine, I’m sure they will surely love this brilliant idea.

  9. This is such a great idea! My daughter fought me so hard to take her meds her whole life, this would have been awesome!

  10. This is a creative way to keep medicine interesting for the kids! Sometimes you got to do what you gotta do!

  11. Vicky says:

    This is genius! Anytime my kids have to take antibiotics it it such a battle, but this seems like something they would ask to do. I wish they had this when I was a kid.

  12. Echo says:

    This is so AMAZING! I wish this would have been available when my son first started taking his meds! What a great idea!

  13. maria han says:

    How cool is this, it looks so much fun for the kids and encourage them to take their medicine.

  14. Kathy Myers says:

    This is awesome, might make medicine time a little easier if it looks fun!

  15. What a completely fun way to get kids to take their medicine! The only issue I see is that kids could get confused and/or overdose. But it’s still cute.

  16. Stephanie Jeannot says:

    Actually I live the idea of that. I do remember taking medicine now and even until today, I hate it. Great product here.

  17. Gabriel says:

    Looks like a great way to get those kids that don’t like medicine to take it. I’ve been really lucky to not have too much trouble in that regard with our kids. They give us fits in other places instead.

  18. HilLesha says:

    This is my first time hearing about the MediMixer, but it sounds pretty nifty! I could certainly use something like this since my kids hate, hate taking medicine.

  19. E H says:

    Wow, this medical dispenser looks awesome! We rarely have a need in this type of a device ourselves as our kids are older, and don’t take daily medications that could be used with this device, but I can see how for some kids who are on daily medications for prolonged periods this device can be super useful, helpful, and in fact possibly almost mandatory to have – younger kids are sometimes hard to convince to take medications, and this is such a fun way to do it!

  20. This is the cutest idea and I know the kids would love it. I’ll have to check this out because Abby is the worst at not wanting to take her medicine.

  21. rika says:

    Very cute tool and sounds pretty useful…. Love the idea. I am sure kids will love this interactive Medimixer.

  22. What a fun idea for the little ones. My twin granddaughters would have fun taking their meds with this.

  23. Lisa Heath says:

    Where the heck as this when I was a kid?! My mom used to hold me down and pinch my nose so I couldn’t spit medicine out!

  24. Lynndee says:

    That is awesome! Wish I had that when my son was little. Giving him his medicine would have been a breeze!

  25. Regina Elliott says:

    What a great idea !! Really it is !! My granddaughter Luci is almost 2 and she will spit it out ,scream and cry until I give up lol I’m buying this for my mental health lol

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