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By Shannon Gurnee
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December 23, 2016


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Let’s face it – we are always buying something. Whether it’s food, clothes, makeup, or gifts, there is always the spending of money. It’s amazing how quickly multiple little purchases can add up to a lot of money, so we love being able to save money any chance we get! Whether it’s using paper or digital coupons or finding deal codes online – saving money on our purchases just feels like a win. 

What if I told you there was a way to share about how you save money and make money doing it? That’s right! Let me introduce you to Dealspotr. Dealspotr is a more reliable, faster deal site that pays you to share deals. Think of Dealspotr as the Wikipedia of deals, with a rewards system for editors. This is really resonating with people which is why they’ve grown so quickly to over 30,000 active contributors who have saved shoppers over $15MM in less than a year. People love the fact that they have the latest, most current deal for anything or any store, anytime. Plus, by sharing deals on Dealspotr, you earn rewards, so it’s a great way to earn some extra cash for the holidays.

Personal Deal Feed

Your feed is your tool for tracking deals for the things you’re interested in. You can subscribe to anything on Dealspotr, whether they are brands, topical interests, or community members. Just click the Subscribe button and you’ll be able to choose whether you want to see all deals or just Hot / On Fire deals for that brand or interest. For people, you’ll just see the deals that they “repost” or share on their feeds. You can also choose to receive email notifications for any individual item from your feed, and toggle those on or off from your feed.

Reposting deals. Think of reposting as similar to retweeting. You can repost any deal (not just ones that you’ve added, but any deal), by pressing the Repost button, and you’ll share it with your subscribers on your feed. This is a great way to let your friends and followers know about great deals you find on Dealspotr.

#dealspotr #deals #holiday #shopping #ad

Posting and Validating Deals

Posting deals. Posting deals is the primary way you can help other people save money on Dealspotr. The database of deals is created, edited, and maintained by our community. To add a deal, simply hit the “Post a deal” button which is available across the site. The deal posting tool will guide you through the information you need to provide in order to help shoppers successfully redeem your deal. You earn points on Dealspotr for posting deals.

Validating deals. On Dealspotr, the member community filters and edits the deals you see. Any member on Dealspotr has the power to validate deals, which means to edit each deal’s information, and verify whether it is working. Members are expected to test the deal (try it out on the retailer’s website), and provide a screenshot and a text tip helping shoppers understand how to use that deal. Some deals have exclusions, rules, exceptions, and other quirks which can make them difficult to use successfully, and validations are your way of helping fellow shoppers out by providing guidance and real-world usage examples for that particular deal. To validate a deal, click the validate button on any deal and follow the instructions provided. You earn points on Dealspotr for validating deals.

Accuracy Score. Your Accuracy Score determines how many points you earn for posting and validating deals on Dealspotr, as well as how many edits you can make per day. Your Accuracy Score goes up or down based on the accuracy of the information you provide in your deal posts and validations, determined by feedback from the community and from our moderators. New members begin with an Accuracy Score of 0, which entails a limit of 3 edits per day. Edits include deal posts and deal validations, so for example, you can share 1 new deal plus validate 2 deals per day as a new user. At first, your activity will be closely monitored, and provided you provide accurate information in your posts and validations, your Accuracy Score will quickly increase. As your Accuracy Score goes up, you’ll be able to make more edits per day, and your points earned for each action will increase. You will find that Accuracy Score has a huge impact on your points earned per action. A user with an Accuracy Score of 80 will earn many times the points of a user with an Accuracy Score of 20 for a single action. There is no more important factor than you Accuracy Score on Dealspotr when it comes to posting and validating deals.

Adding deals for Shopper Requested Brands. You can earn bonus points for adding coupon codes for Shopper Requested Brands. These are stores which shoppers on Dealspotr are searching for, but for which we currently do not have many valid promo codes. Some of these brands do not offer promo codes often, so they are a bit of a challenge to find codes for, but you can earn a nice bonus for finding a working code for one of these stores, plus you’re helping shoppers find a deal they probably would not be able to find elsewhere on the web.

#dealspotr #deals #holiday #shopping #ad

Spotting deals

Spotting deals is a fun feature on Dealspotr which lets you try to guess which deals will become Hot or On Fire in the community. Just hit the Spot button on any deal on Dealspotr to place your vote. You have a limited number of spots to give each day, so vote carefully. If you vote correctly and a deal you vote on goes Hot or On Fire, you’ll earn points. If you spot a high percentage of deals that go Hot, your daily spot limit will increase. Conversely, if you vote on too many deals which do not go Hot, then your daily spot limit will decrease.

Earning points and gift cards

On Dealspotr, you earn points for taking various actions that help shoppers save money. This includes posting deals, validating deals, spotting deals, completing your daily checklist (something I personally love), and referring new members. You can exchange your points for gift cards every time you reach a 10,000 ($10 value) point threshold. Whenever you redeem a gift card, our moderators will review your recent point earning activity, and provided that you’ve been following our guidelines, your gift card will be sent out to you via email within 1 to 3 days.


On Dealspotr, Interests are areas of topical interest where members share specific types of deals. You can subscribe to any interest, and deals posted to that interest will appear on your feed. You can also share any deal on Dealspotr to an interest by navigating to that deal’s detail page, and entering in the interests. You can create interests, as well as manage our interest category tree by going to that interest’s page and clicking on “Manage.” You can rename an interest, select parent and child interests (categorize it), and edit the main image of an interest.

#dealspotr #deals #holiday #shopping #ad

Like Google for deals

Google is amazingly good at finding you the web page you want. Dealspotr’s goal is to bring you that same experience, but for deals. There are tons of deals posted on the internet everyday, but they are disorganized, posted on thousands of sites, they expire quickly, have fine print and exclusions – the bottom line is it’s hard to find the exact deal for something, when you want it. With Dealspotr, they’re tackling the ambitious goal of creating a complete and up-to-date database of all the best deals online, everyday. This means Dealspotr contains and organizes information about tens of thousands of new deals everyday, and they keep that information updated in real-time.

Crowdsourced and community-based

The engine behind Dealspotr is our community. We’re a crowdsourcing platform, so like Wikipedia, Reddit, or Airbnb, anyone can post, edit, and curate the deals you see on our site. Our members are deal hunters, couponers, frugal lifestyle bloggers, and shoppers just like you. We all work together to make Dealspotr the best place to find deals, so we can help more people save more money.

#dealspotr #deals #holiday #shopping #ad

Be sure to check out Dealspotr and see how you can save today!  Sign up HERE and use access code – mLUFtVeQ.

What’s your favorite deal you discovered on Dealspotr?

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