Baby Trend Elite Convertible Car Seat + Giveaway

By Shannon Gurnee
In Baby Products
July 12, 2016


When it comes to our children, we only want the best for them. Keeping them safe becomes a priority and our purchases become based more on quality than cost alone. One of those big purchases we make for our children is their car seat. Whether it’s an infant car seat, a convertible car seat or a booster seat, we want to ensure we are buying a reliable product that will keep our child safe while driving in the car. Baby Trend is one of those brands that is reliable when it comes to car seats.

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Thanks to Baby Trend, we received the Elite Convertible Seat in Sweet Pea. It is a good looking and durable car seat! I feel safe having our kids use it or my nieces in it when we’re driving around or going on long drives. Here are some of the features of the Elite Convertible Car Seat:

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  • Real Sizing ensures your child will be safe, comfortable, and happy much longer.
  • EZ Off-N-Wash pad snaps off and is washable.
  • Patented side impact head control is tested to the strictest International Standards.
  • No-rethread harness system reduces misuse.
  • 5-Point safety harness
  • One-hand front harness adjuster
  • Padded harness covers
  • Patented quick install LATCH connectors with storage
  • Contoured headrest is removable for proper installation into smaller vehicles.
  • Lower insert with removable side inserts
  • Pad snaps off and is washable
  • 4-Position shoulder belt height adjustment.
  • Integrated 5-position recline base.
  • Dual bubble level indicators.
  • Integrated 2-position “Push and Click” crotch position.
  • Removable cup holder

Here are just a few of the things I love about our Baby Trend Elite Car Seat. First and foremost, I love its safety and durability. It feels and looks like a safe car seat. Second, I love how comfortable it is – with all the padding in the seat. Third, I love the 5 point safety harness, making me feel extra confident that my child is safe when in the car seat. Fourth, I have to be honest here people…I love the removable cup holder! I mean, I wish I had the option to ride in a car seat with a cup holder when I was a kid! Don’t you?

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Baby Trend is a name that’s been around for awhile. After 28 years, Baby Trend has revamped their logo to match the modern lifestyle and diverse sets of families around the U.S. For years, Baby Trend has remained committed to delivering its customers the best, safest, and most contemporary products on the market at an affordable price. The new look and feel of the Baby Trend brand will bring a fresh perspective to new generations of parents while maintaining a commitment to quality. By incorporating the latest trends in textiles and patterns, the company’s future has a bright trajectory and is excited to receive positive consumer feedback.

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“Baby Trend is particularly enthusiastic about the rebrand as it sets the tone for how the company will develop throughout the future,” said Bradley Mattarocci, General Manager of Baby Trend. “We are looking forward to seeing how consumers react to the modernized look and feel of our products — arguably the biggest aspect of this rebrand.”

With upcoming product launches that incorporate the new brand and updated product designs, Baby Trend will fill the gaps in its already robust selection. Most notably and for the first time, the company has developed a Convertible Car Seat with its PROtect Car Seat Seriesβ„’. In the near future, a selection of Baby Trend products will also be trademarked with the company’s Snap Techβ„’ technology, which makes the products compatible with one another for improved versatility and convenience.

#BabyTrend #babies #baby #safety #car #ad

Along with the rebrand, Baby Trend has entered into a strategic acquisition with Alpha Group, a premier animation, toy and entertainment group in China. Once finalized, the acquisition will substantially grow Baby Trend’s manufacturing and distribution resources in new juvenile product categories and across the globe.

“We are eager to begin this new chapter with Alpha Group so we can continue to grow our company and enhance our brand image at home and abroad. It will be business as usual, only bigger, better and faster,” said Mattarocci.

Baby Trend will continue to develop its North American presence and remain the global distributor of MUV Baby, while making advances to bring the brand to emerging international markets. Existing management teams and relationships will remain the same.

To learn more about Baby Trend and their products, visit Be sure to follow Baby Trend on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for upcoming promotions and more information.


1 lucky reader will win a Baby Trend Elite Convertible Car Seat!!!

What features do you like about the Baby Trend Elite Convertible Car Seat?

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137 Responses to “Baby Trend Elite Convertible Car Seat + Giveaway”

  1. Addrienne mertens says:

    I love the design and the safety features. The easy cleaning is perfect. Now i hear children have to be rear facing to age 2? Comfort for long rides is the key to a happy trip..

  2. Ashley C says:

    I love that it has the washable snap off pad!

  3. Heather w says:

    I love the no rethread system & 5 position recline base!

  4. Fiona N says:

    I love that it has 5-Point safety harness
    Thank You for the chance

  5. Richard Hicks says:

    I like it has side impact head control and quick install LATCH connectors

  6. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I love the Patented quick install LATCH connectors with storage.

  7. Morgan Hood says:

    I love that the pad is washable and has an easy snap off system!

  8. Mami2jcn says:

    I like the removable cupholder.

  9. Ellie Wright says:

    I like the 5-Point safety harness. It’s all about the sagety.

  10. McKim says:

    I like the EZ Off-N-Wash pad snaps off and is washable.

  11. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I like the patented quick install LATCH connectors with storage.

  12. Natalie says:

    I love that it has a No-rethread harness system and that the pad snaps off and can be washed.

  13. Sarah Hayes says:

    i like that the pad snaps off and can be washed

  14. Vanessa says:

    I like the design and the features it have.

  15. Julia Barnes says:

    I like that the pad can be washed in case of baby messes.

  16. Nilly Benson says:

    This is exactly the seat my baby needs! It’s safe, comfortable, easy to wash pads and it is a good looking for!

  17. Kimberly Molina says:

    I like 5 point harness keeps them well secured. And I love that color too.

  18. Christina Miller says:

    I love how this will last for a long time without needing to move to a different seat!

  19. Steve Weber says:

    I like it has side impact head control!

  20. Will G says:

    I like the safety harness.

  21. Julie says:

    Love the no-rethread harness system.

  22. Rachel says:

    I like the EZ Off-N-Wash pad snaps off and is washable..

  23. Isabella M says:

    We were just in a head on collision with my babies just a month ago. We need a replacement seat for one of my daughters.

  24. lori says:

    I love how the snap pad is washable and easy to take off.

  25. Ande says:

    I’ve been using Baby Trend since my oldest was a baby! I trust this brand πŸ™‚

  26. Gracie Chavez-edens says:

    Love the colors!

  27. Joey Wright says:

    I love the One-hand front harness adjuster

  28. Jillian Too says:

    I like that the EZ Off-N-Wash pad snaps off to be washed and that the car seat has side impact protection.

  29. Daisy Navarrete says:

    All the features are amazing! I love that it can recline. And the removable washable pads. Good luck everyone!

  30. Josh Dillard says:

    I currently have a baby trend car seat that came with the ez rude 5 set up and it is super secure and easy to set up safely so I love this even better new generation

  31. Kaeli Burdette says:

    I love that my newborn (due in Jan) will be able to use it from the day she is born until she doesn’t need it anymore! πŸ™‚

  32. Regina Wright says:

    No-rethread harness system reduces misuse.

  33. Lyndsey D. says:

    I like that’s it’s got machine washable pads.

  34. beca s says:

    Very cute car seat. Baby trend is a great brand would love to try this car seat out

  35. Brittney House says:

    The removable cup holder is totally cool.

  36. Bre R says:

    5 point harness for maximum safety.

  37. Lindsay says:

    We love all of our baby trend products so far! I like that this seat is easy to clean up!

  38. Brittney Cesena says:

    Amazing features! And in a wonderful gender neutral color! I would feel very confident putting one of my children in this. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  39. Jess stone says:

    I love the safety features! 5 point harness.

  40. Christa Mathews says:

    I love how the head rest comes off so that the seat can recline more for the smaller babies without worry of hitting the seat in front as easily.

  41. Clarisse Schroeder says:

    I love the removable cup holders!

  42. Ashley Krum says:

    I love that any of my three children could fit into this. And the way it can be converted into a compact design while rear-facing helps if my child has to ride with a family member that has a smaller car.

  43. Michele T says:

    5 point harneses are stamdard.
    I like no rethread from what you have listed the most.
    I’d like to know what the linits of the seat is thought.

  44. Kota Anderson says:

    I’ve been wanting this for my daughter she’s growing out of her pumpkin seat and my fiance just lost his job

  45. Erin Hodge Poggi says:

    The easy installation and that it seems pretty easy to clean grabbed my attention straight off. But the 5pt harness and one hand adjust is right up there too.

  46. Angela Rhodes Ingles says:

    I love that it has pieces you can remove easily to wash – that is EPIC!

  47. Sarah Sobocinski says:

    I like the no rethread harness.

  48. Emily spinner says:

    I like that the seat is easy to convert as the child grows.

  49. Anna McBride says:

    I like the 5 point safety harness. Thanks for the chance:)

  50. Mrentro says:

    Love the comfort of this seat

  51. Andrea Campbell says:

    I love one of the safety feature_4-Position shoulder belt height adjustment, and that it’s washable and have a cup holder.

  52. Andrea Campbell says:

    I love one of the safety features, and that it’s washable and have a cup holder.

  53. Tabitha says:

    I love the removable pads and cup holder. My son tends to spit up alot.

  54. Sonja nipper says:

    Evwrything Baby Trend makes is wonderful! I kmow my child are safe using their products! The Baby Trrnd Elite convertible carseat is not only safe but stylish!! Wonderful carseat!

  55. Kristyn Anderson says:

    I love that it has the washable snap off pad!

  56. Amy Howard says:

    Love the snap off washable pads!!! Mom of soon to be six here!

  57. Malia s. says:

    Nice site

  58. I love the real sizing feature and side impact head control! Looks like it’s built to be very safe! Would love to have this for my son!


    The washable pad has me swooning!

  60. Keri says:

    I would love to try this car seat…Will grow with my daughter..I read reviews seems like one of the safest out there!!

  61. Linda H. says:

    I love the easy “clean up” of cover!

  62. Jennifer Ricci says:

    I love that the pads are easy on/off and washable. I also love the no rethread harness – that’s a big plus in my book!

  63. Trisha Burgess says:

    I love the real sizing! I love that baby can comfortably ride for as long as possible!

  64. Austin Baroudi says:

    I like the integrated 5-position recline base!

  65. Kimberly says:

    Such a great sounding product

  66. Alissa Rae says:

    The easy wash feature is a hue selling point for me! Spills happen ? My little one hates his current car seat because it isn’t growing with him and fights to get in it daily, would love something that will last and keep him comfortable and safe!

  67. Liz bullock says:

    I love the safty features. Would be perfect for my ERF family!

  68. Jasmine Multani says:

    Easy snap system and its so cushioned and washable so all those features are great.

  69. Jessica Ross says:

    Love the recline option and the fact that it has a cup holder! Not to mention it just looks cool too! Would love to win this seat for my son.

  70. Em Mahr says:

    My favorite feature is the No-rethread harness system

  71. Angie Noffsinger says:

    Love the 5 point harness

  72. Micaela Allen says:

    I love the design and safety features as well. I absolutely love baby trend car seats and have used them will all of my kids.

  73. Daniel M says:

    Patented side impact head control is tested to the strictest International Standards.

  74. Kimberly B says:

    I love all the Baby Trend products! My son is 5 months old and we currently have an infant car seat, snap n go, jogging stroller, and high chair all from Baby Trend! I love that this new car seat is super easy to wash and that you never have to rethread the straps. I recommend all their products and will be recommending this new car seat to friends?

  75. Kayla Sheehan says:

    Love the 5 point harness and the snap off cushions!

  76. Cheryl Cole says:

    I love the EZ Off-N-Wash cover and no-rethread harness.

  77. Michelle says:

    I love all the baby trend car seats. They are easy to use and I love that they are easy to wash!

  78. Brittainy R says:

    I would absolutely love this! We have used baby trend infant car seats for both of our children! I was so sad when they outgrew them!

  79. Brenda J says:

    I like that in addition to all the safety features, it has washable pads!

  80. Katie Gusey says:

    Love the washable snap off pads!

  81. I love the removable headrest.

  82. Dandi D says:

    I really like that the contoured headrest is removable for proper installation into smaller vehicles.

  83. Cheri Poggensee says:

    It looks safe and modern which are key in car seats.

  84. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I like the Contoured headrest is removable for proper installation into smaller vehicles feature

  85. Megan Martina says:

    I love how easy to pad is to remove for washing and the easy latch connectors!

  86. toshie kennedy says:

    Love everything about it πŸ™‚

  87. Andrea Buretta says:

    Quick latch connectors. I move my seat a lot back and forth between vehicles. It’s such a pain

  88. Ann Kieswetter says:

    The 5 point safety harNess is a great feature!

  89. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I love that this is safe and that it is easy on and off.

  90. Beth says:

    I love the real sizing and ez wash feature.

  91. kelley foulk says:

    I lIke That it has a 5 point harness for extra saftey and i love that i can wash it!!!

  92. Christina C. says:

    I like the quick install LATCH. It’ll make moving the car seat so much easier!

  93. Rochel S says:

    I like the Integrated 2-position β€œPush and Click” crotch position

  94. Kyl Neusch says:

    has the washable snap off pad

  95. Jennifer Sparks says:

    I love the easy off washable pad this would definitely make life easier.

  96. Jeni says:

    I love baby trend!

  97. I love the 5 point harness love this extra safety

  98. Kim H says:

    I love the EZ Off-N-Wash pads!

  99. Julianna says:

    I LOVE that the headreast removes for smaller vehicles and that the cover easily removes for wash!

  100. vera says:

    I like the EZ Off-N-Wash removable seat pad snaps off the car seat shell in 10 seconds and can be cleaned and snapped back on. Having fought with car seat covers in the pass with a little one who often got car sick, this appeals to me.

  101. Erin says:

    Love the front adjuster option!

  102. Amy Chapko says:

    This seat would be perfect for my little munchkin thqts due in 10 weeks! We currently have a baby trends infant seat, but if he’s as big as I think he’s going to be the infant seat will get pretty heavy pretty fast! I also love the colors ! Baby trends is probably my tab baby brand!

  103. Ashley C says:

    I like the one hand front harness adjuster


  104. Brooke Hagler says:

    Love the color!

  105. Kelly says:

    Everything sounds good

  106. Chelsea M says:

    I love that this is a convertible car seat and the EZ off N wash pad too.

  107. Jessica says:

    I love that it has EZ Off-N-Wash pad snaps off and is washable.

  108. Jeanine Jones says:

    The 5 point harness is extremely important! And I love that it will be easy to clean!

  109. Amanda Boerst says:

    The EZ Off-N-Wash pad sounds awesome and the whole seat looks super comfy!

  110. Soha Molina says:

    I like One-hand front harness adjuster.

  111. Nicole Sender says:

    I like the 5-Point safety harness with the one-hand front harness adjuster.

  112. Melissa C says:

    I really like the 5 point harness system!

  113. Lindsay Christie says:

    I love that there are washable parts!! My kids are messy!!!

  114. Amanda B says:

    The cup holders and colors are perfection! Does this come in my size?! πŸ™‚

  115. Tiffany Cartino says:

    I love the easy wash option and removable cup holder. We have a small vehicle and now 3 littles in the back. We need all the space we can get!

  116. Elisabeth says:

    I like that the cover is easily washable!

  117. Annmarie W. says:

    I like that the Contoured headrest is removable for proper installation into smaller vehicles!

  118. yararoset rodriguez says:

    Love the safety features and easy cleaning!!

  119. Shannon F. says:

    While reading about the baby trend elite convertible car seat, there was nothing I didn’t like about it! I love the sleek look and my favorite feature is the EZ Off-N-Wash pad that snaps off and is washable!

  120. Angie says:

    I love that it has Patented side impact head control that is tested to the strictest International Standards.

  121. Kelly D says:

    I like the 5-Point safety harness.

  122. Stephanie Liske says:

    I like that it will grow with them.

  123. Erica B. says:

    I like that you don’t have to rethread the harness…that’s usually the most confusing part.

  124. Danielle Oyen says:

    I love the 5-Point safety harness

  125. erin m says:

    i really like the dual level indicators so i know im getting it installed right!

  126. Katie Usher says:

    I like the length, the safety harness and the over all ease of use. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

  127. susan smoaks says:

    The 5 point safety harness is my favorite feature of this seat. Safety comes first.

  128. JoAnn F says:

    I love the safety harness feature

  129. MARIA SIMON says:


  130. nickie says:

    I like the 5-Point safety harness

  131. Aaron says:

    I like the 5-point safety harness of the Baby Trend Elite Convertible Car Seat.

  132. Lisa V. says:

    I like the five point safety harness.

  133. Richard Hicks says:

    instagram id is gmrich22

  134. Lily Kwan says:

    I like the removable cup holder.

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