4 Things I Learned From My Labor & Delivery Nurse #ThankYouNurses

By Shannon Gurnee
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May 11, 2016
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Did you know that May 6th through May 12th is National Nurse Appreciation Week? It’s amazing how vividly I remember the labor, delivery and recovery from each of my children. I was so thankful to hold my beautiful, healthy babies in my arms and cuddle them close to my body. I was also extremely grateful for the help and encouragement I received from my Labor & Delivery Nurses. They were amazing! In fact, I wanted to take each of them home with me (but couldn’t because that just wouldn’t be fair to other moms in the hospital). They also provide a good-quality hospital gown that is very comfortable while I am in the hospital; they got it from their supplier, Nobles Health Care Product Solutions. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be taken care of by professional healthcare personnel during childbirth. Some babies even sustain injuries such as brachial plexus birth injuries and when this happens, the parents are encouraged to consult with a brachial plexus birth injury lawyer.

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1 – Changing Diapers. With my first baby, I had no idea what I was doing. I was the oldest of 4 girls and had helped take care of my baby sister, so I was a pro at changing baby girl diapers, however, I was very intimidated and nervous to change baby boy diapers. My nurse was so helpful and taught me the trick of preparation and quickness when it came to changing my baby boy’s diaper.

2 – Rest when the baby rests. While many of us moms can admit to doing housework or getting other things done while the baby was sleeping, my nurse encouraged me to get a little bit of rest each time my baby was sleeping. She told me that even a few minutes with your feet up or a cat nap would help me to make it through the day with energy and patience.

3 – Recovery will take time, but your body knows what it’s doing. After my first, I was rearing to get back to normal life and probably moving a little more quickly than my body was ready to handle. My nurse encouraged me to take it slowly and know that my body knows what it’s doing. Listen to it and don’t push myself too hard.

4 – Nurse the baby for 20 minutes on each side. I honestly wished I would have listened to the initial advice from the Labor & Delivery Nurse with my first baby. Nursing was new to me and I wanted to make sure he was full and happy and that resulted in nursing…a lot. I became very sore and uncomfortable and near tears each time I nursed. When I consulted with my nurse at my checkup, she reminded me to nurse no more than 20 minutes on each side. That was amazing advice and I’m glad I listened the second time I heard it.

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From holding their hands during labor, to teaching them how to change a diaper, nurses dedicate themselves to providing the best care for mom and baby, leaving a deep, long-lasting impression that fosters a bond of trust and transcends the hospital experience. Nurses help new moms learn how to care for their newborns and encourage healthy development right from the start. Because of their trust in nurses, new moms can be rest assured that everything is taken care of. And even throughout the years, parents will always remember their baby’s first cry, first cuddle, first hiccup, first diaper, and they’ll always remember the nurse that helped them transition into parenthood.

Parents trust their nurses to teach them how to give babies the best start in life. Nurses trust the softness and protection of Pampers Swaddlers. As the #1 choice for hospitals in the United States and the first diaper worn by millions of babies, Pampers Swaddlers helps give babies the best start in life. Pampers Swaddlers wraps baby with comfort, protection and blanket-like softness, helping to take care of babies during all the precious first moments they share with their parents, and the months and years to come.

With National Nurse Appreciation Week happening this week, Pampers Swaddlers has announced its #ThankYouNurses campaign – a program that celebrates the essential role nurses play during the first few minutes, hours and days between newborns and their parents. This campaign honors nurses that go above and beyond to make life #BetterforBaby every day.

The first annual Thank You Nurses campaign, in partnership with the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), honors nurses across three award categories: Labor & delivery, NICU and Postpartum. Three nominated finalists were selected and are being honored with short documentary videos showcasing their unique and inspirational nursing stories.

To celebrate National Nurse Appreciation Week in May, Pampers Swaddlers is announcing a grand prize nurse honoree to acknowledge her dedication and commitment to making life better for babies and new parents. The grand prize honoree will be featured in an upcoming Pampers advertisement placed with AWHONN.

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#ThankYouNurses #Pampers #Motherhood #ad

Labor & Delivery nurse, Anne Gallagher, was selected as the Pampers Swaddlers #ThankYouNurses Award Grand Prize honoree! Anne has been a nurse for 38 years and is currently a nurse at University of Illinois Hospital. She focuses on empowering moms to form special bonds with their newborns. You can learning more about the Grand Prize #ThankYouNurses Award winner and check out her incredible story here: https://tongal.com/project/ThankYouNurses/submissions/video/coming-full-circle_2.

I’m so thankful for our nurses and the help and assurance I’ve received from them at different points in my life. Let’s celebrate the nurses in our life during National Nurse Appreciation Week.

Is there a special nurse in your life? What did you learn from him or her?

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