4 Ways to Help Your Young Athlete Succeed

By Shannon Gurnee
In Family
March 25, 2016

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When our boys were younger, they loved to participate in soccer. As an active soccer mom, I loved to help with their games and practice with them for fun. I was a team mom a few times (organizing snacks, planning parties, and calling parents with announcements) and attended their games to cheer them on and show how much I loved them! Now that they’re older, they enjoy playing basketball at school and practicing judo with their local judo team….and I still support and cheer them on!

In every young athlete, there is potential. As moms and coaches, we can help fuel our athlete‘s potential by making sure they have everything they need to do their best. These include, but are not limited to, pregame meals, driving the carpool, or making sure the team is hydrated. As moms, we help carry the team!

#Parenting #JustAKidFrom #sports #ad

4 Ways to Help Your Young Athlete Succeed

1 – Encourage him to practice. As your young athlete practices, he will get more confident in his skills and will excel over time. You may give them high-quality sports equipment like Custom Pickleball Paddles to motivate them to practice more. You can encourage practicing by practicing with him or staying and watching while he practices with his team. Just knowing you’re there helps build their confidence. I’ve seen it with my boys and also heard how they felt when I wasn’t there.

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2 – Encourage him to not give up, but don’t force. As we learn things, there is a period of time when frustration may kick in because we haven’t excelled at what we are doing. Just as in school and life, the same goes with sports. As parents, we can encourage our young athletes to not give up on sports by giving them praise and offering to help them practice. If the sport is absolutely something he does not want to do, be sure to listen to him and don’t force him to continue the sport. Forcing him to continue may have a negative impact on him and we want the best for them, not to have a lasting, negative impact.

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3 – Cheer him on! As parents, we can help our young athletes succeed by cheering them on! Whether it’s attending practice, helping plan activities or cheering them and the team on at the game, our support goes a long way! Our boys love it when we are there to support and cheer them on. Not only does it help with their self-confidence and performance, but it helps our relationships with them.

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4 –  Make sure your athlete is fed, rested and hydrated. It’s especially important to make sure our young athletes take care of their bodies, especially when they’re participating in sports. Eating good foods and getting the proper of amount of rest can help them with their performance in practices and games or competitions. Staying hydrated is also extremely important, as it can become very dangerous if they become dehydrated.

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How do you encourage your young athlete?



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16 Responses to “4 Ways to Help Your Young Athlete Succeed”

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  2. Rosey says:

    I love that all of the proceeds go to the club. It’s fun to see the ‘then and now’pictures of your boys.

  3. These are great tips. Even the most committed kid needs a parent to push them a little when they start to feel like they’re not getting anywhere.

  4. MJ. L says:

    Great tips!! We love Powerade here in our home!

  5. Crystal says:

    My kids are pretty active with their individual sports. It’s hard finding the balance between pushing them to do their best and taking things to seriously. They’re just kids, and this is just a game.

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    My little black belt loves his Powerade. He always brings a bottle to class.

  7. I just became a soccer mom this spring! While my athlete’s job is to remember his soccer ball, I’m in charge of hydration. Sometimes I’ll prep it in the fridge just to grab in the morning!

  8. Liz Mays says:

    These are really good ideas. We made sure to go to all of our kids’ games to cheer them on.

  9. Pam says:

    I remember when my kids took karate. It was so important to support them and cheer them on….and keep them hydrated of course.

  10. Marcie W. says:

    These are all great examples on how to encourage and support young athletes. I feel it is very important to get kids involved in sports, as they can really offer a positive life experience.

  11. Thanks for the helpful tips and good-looking product.
    I will have to share this with my sister for her 7yr old daughter.

  12. Theresa says:

    My daughter just started back up with track. These are great tips! I’ll have to grab some Powerade for her practice bag.

  13. Nicole Escat says:

    It is really important to support kids at their very young age. Our support gives them more strength to fight and to love their talent, skills or wants even more.

  14. Encouragement is so important. It’s sad that so many parents seem to be living through their kids when they should be playing more of a supportive role.

  15. Powerade is a fantastic way to keep kids hydrated. My Son was a Basketball fanatic. He would get up early to practice almost every morning. He ended up playing for his school all the way to college.

  16. You have a lot of little athletes there. Very nice. Powerade is great for keeping them hydrated. I use it myself.

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