Exploring Magic Ice in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

By Shannon Gurnee
In Caribbean
January 12, 2016

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

In August of 2015, Frank and I decided to take a well-needed cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Lines. Our destination was to head for the Caribbean via Puerto Rico. I’d never been to either Puerto Rico or the Caribbean and neither had he, so we were both very excited. One of the ports our cruise ship stopped at was St. Thomas – one of the US Virgin Islands. While there, we discovered Magic Ice, deemed as the World’s Largest Ice Bar & Gallery. It was pretty cool and unlike anything I’ve ever visited before.

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

We took a taxi from the Cruise Terminal and told the driver we wanted to go to Magic Ice. He knew exactly where to take us. When we walked through the door, we looked around and then paid the cashier for two admissions. If you are on a Carnival Cruise, you can pay with your Ship Card (the ID card they give you upon boarding the ship) and it will be charged to your Carnival account, but we decided to pay with cash. Adults are $21.99 each (including a coupon for a sample of rum) and $13.99 for kids.

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

Once we paid, we were offered to wear the following: a heavy jacket, a pair of pants, a pair of warm shoes and a pair of gloves. I mean after all, how many of us visiting St. Thomas are going to be dressed for the icy cold temperatures, right? We took them up on the offer of warm clothes.

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

Now, I am usually a stickler for getting the clearest pictures possible, but that was really a hard thing to get with the lighting inside of the Magic Ice Bar. It had low lighting, but was still beautiful. The different ice sculptures were accentuated by different colors of light.

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas


Magic Ice is a permanent ice gallery that presents the history of the Caribbean islands. Magic Ice is located in a 10,000 square feet old warehouse, with walls and sculptures made of transparent ice. Large parts of the exhibition emphasize the rich history of the Caribbean, which provides a glimpse into the 18th century lifestyle. You will find sculptures from the β€œGolden Age of Piracy”, with shipwrecks, lighthouses and animal life, among many other beautiful and historical sculptures made of ice.

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

At Magic Ice, 16 artists from different parts of the world have created “art below zero.” These are famous artists, not only within the field of ice carving, but also painting, and sculpting in sand and stone. In fact, they’ve taken part in many ice art competitions around the world, receiving several awards. Within Magic Ice, there was a huge ice bar which looked like a shipwreck. It sat in the center of the ice gallery. Music and the glow of candlelight help create the unique magical atmosphere. 

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

At the end of the bar, you’ll find a small slide made of ice. It was pretty crazy crawling up into it to slide down it. Man do you go pretty fast on ice – even if it is for a short distance!  Before leaving Magic Ice, Frank and I decided to both buy shot glasses so we would remember this unique experience.

#MagicIce #Cruising #travel #StThomas

Have you ever visited Magic Ice in St. Thomas?

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28 Responses to “Exploring Magic Ice in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands”

  1. Helen Swarts says:

    Wow!!! That magic ice looks so cool!!! how interesting, great post.

  2. […] post Exploring Magic Ice in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands appeared first on The […]

  3. Terra Heck says:

    That looks like it’d be an interesting place to visit. I’m in awe of the skill of those who make the ice sculptures.

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Oh how I love St. Thomas. I had no idea this was there. If I get back, I would LOVE to check this out.

  5. That sounds like so much fun! I love anything to do with ice. It’s amazing how colors and light can be skewed when you view them through ice.

  6. This looks absolutely amazing! And what a funky little spin on warm climate and ice cold bar!(literally!) You are never too old to have fun on a slide!

  7. This like such a funky outing! I love the idea of visiting such a unique spot! Love the flip flops with the Magic Ice warm jackets! lol

  8. Jeanette says:

    Have been to St. Thomas a few times, I had no idea they had this there. Next time I go there I’m going to check this place out it looks really cool.

  9. Melissa says:

    Wow I have never even heard of this before, sounds like such a fun place to visit. I bet my husband would like to see this!

  10. You guys are the cutest! I love following your cruise ship and excursion adventures! This place looks like fun. Someday I am going to have to join you!

  11. Miles L. says:

    This seems to be a great place to explore. I love their ice sculptures. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. This is awesome! I have never seen anything like this! I would love to see this on our next vacation.

  13. That was so cool! I’d love to go there too! I love the light effects and everything! This has got to earn a spot in my bucket list.

  14. Wow, that looks so much . I’d like to see those, I am not sure if I could survive the cold though.

  15. Christie says:

    We have something similar in Orlando during the holidays, but this would be super fun when on vacation! Love the pictures, what a fun memory

  16. I would love to check out Magic Ice. I love these photos. I have always wanted to go on a Carnival Cruise.

  17. Ha! Frank reminds me of myself … wearing flipflops to an ice bar! I would SO do that! (That slide sounds awesome!)

  18. What an awesome experience! I think an ice bar would be something so fun to check out. Living in Michigan these last few years I have had my fair share of ice sculptures, but this puts a new spin on that.

  19. Wow…that looked very interesting. I love cruising and St Thomas is my favorite port, but the last time I was there was in 2001. I didn’t know that this ice bar was open, or maybe it wasn’t back then.

  20. This place looks so cool! I need to find a place like this near me so I can bring the kids.

  21. Dogvills says:

    What a fun experience. I wish we lived closer, so I can bring the kids there.

  22. Ron Leyba says:

    What a truly awesome experience. So awesome to visit such place.

  23. Christa says:

    We have ICE here in Florida. It’s the only place in Florida where you put on a parka haha! Looks like it was a lot of fun. πŸ˜‰

  24. HilLesha says:

    Oh, how fun and exciting! I know this is something that my family and I’d enjoy. πŸ™‚

  25. Michele D says:

    I never visited but it looks like a super fun place to grab a drink. We have a few Ice Bars here in Orlando. So fun!

  26. Kiwi says:

    This is a Carnival experience?! Love it…This look like a ball thanks for the reca!

  27. rika says:

    I’ve never been there but would love to visit. Sounds like a very interesting place, my kids will love St Thomas

  28. Wow! What an amazing experience and place to visit. My kids would absolutely love it for sure!

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